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Water Boys


Production Year: 2001
Rate: 8.0
Scriptwriter: Shinobu Yaguchi

Synopsis: High school senior, Suzuki(Satoshi Tsumabuki), is the last remaining member of the lackluster swim team, which risks being wiped from the program. The arrival of a cute female instructor prompts a sudden boost in interest, but when she reveals her dream of coaching a synchronized swimming team the numbers plummet again, leaving only five boys.
When the coach's pregnancy takes her out of the picture, the boys are left to train themselves and develop their own routine for the school carnival. On the eve of the festival, the performance is threatened by one last catastrophe. Will the Waterboys' hard work be wasted, or can they paddle their way to the success and recognition they've worked so hard to win?

Acting performances:

I can't give opinions to each individuals of the actors, because it seems the movie didn't put a lot of focus on the acting section. This movie is only meant to entertain the audience!!^^ But, the actors indeed did a great job in making us laugh!!^_____^
Oh, a mention for Satoshi Tsumabuki, he looks soooo kawaii here...a lot more kawaii than he is in Dekichatta Kekkon!^_~

First sight: There are lots of reviews tells this one is hillarious! So, I just have to get it!!!^O^

Comments: Haha! What a hillarious movie!! I laughed a lot! There are just soooo many funny scenes, I can't even remember each of them anymore now!!^O^
Just like Messengers, the idea of the story is so fresh and not many people would think synchronized swimming as a theme for a movie!!^_~ I looooove the synchronized swimming show which is showed in the last scene of the movie sooooo much!! Coz, it's the most interesting & hillarious scenes and moments in the movie!
However, I felt the movie has no depth, or perhaps only a bit depth....I think the director focused everything on how to make hillarious scenes more hillarious than it looks!!^^ IMHO, Waterboys have the same type with Hongkong comedy movies, Waterboys is still better from certain angles, though ^_^
Such an enjoyable movie!! If you're in a down mood or tired, put this movie on even if you already watch it for several times!!!^______^ Definitely recommended for everyone!

Watched: once, collected the VCD

Likes: the hillarious scenes and the synchronized swimming show!!*lol*

Dislikes: sometimes...there are scenes that meant to be funny...but it goes unfunny instead...=P

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