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Love Letter

Production Year/Released: January 1st, 1995
Rate: 8.0

Synopsis: 3 years after her fiancÚ Fujii Itsuki died in a snow mountain hiking accident, Hiroko visits his house after paying her respects at his grave. In his room, she finds his school yearbook. Because she cannot forget him in her heart, she writes a letter to 'him' to his old address. Little did she know that she had copied the address of a girl who had the same name, Fujii Itsuki & happens to be in the same class as him as well. This misunderstanding was soon cleared but both has started corresponding to each other so that Hiroko can find out more about the school life her dead fiancÚ has lead. This gave her great relief & comfort...

Acting performances:

Miho Nakayama as Hiroko Watanabe & female-Itsuki Fujii
A great actress she is! I love the way she acted Hiroko & Itsuki differently, yet not really an opposite^^

First sight: This one is a very well-known movie...really interested to watch! Afterall, Kassy's in it^^

Comments: A good movie! I love the flashback stories! So...although, the plot is not moving any forward and nothing really "happens" in this movie, but it's exciting to reveal what has happened in the past!!!^_^

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD

Likes: the junior highschool flashbacks!^^

Dislikes: the stay-put plot...



Production Year: 1999
Rate: 9.0

Synopsis: Naomi(Naoko Iijima) plays a PR of a well-known boutique who enjoys high standard of living. However, unluckily, her company went bankrupt and everything was taken away from her. At the same moment, she knocked down someone. He is a partner of Suzuki(Tsuyoshi Kusanagi). Both of them set up a small company helping companies to deliver documents using bicycles instead of motorcycles. That guy agreed to settle out of court if Naomi is willing to replace him as the messenger until he recovers. Naomi, down and out has no choice but to agree. She hated the job and thought that it is an utter disgrace to her.....however as time goes by, she begins to develop feelings for the job and also Suzuki...

Acting performances:

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi as Suzuki
He really cracks me up with those stupid expressions, alright!!*LOL* I like him here!!

Naoko Iijima as Naomi Shimizu
Despite the fact her character is such an annoying woman, she has lighten up the air!!^^ I like her when she has to go through all the suffer as a messenger! She indeed creates most of the funny scenes!!!^____^ Naoko is a great actress!

First sight: I read reviews on this hillarious movie so I'm curious...the first 10 minutes I was not so interested, of course. But, when Naomi's career starts to doom, that's when I start to enjoy the movie!!^_~

Comments: A great movie!! Fresh idea of story and lots of funny scenes!!!! You'll laugh your brains out!

Watched: 4 times, bought the VCD

Likes: the casts, the themesong, the funny scenes, the ending credits ^_~

Dislikes: I guess...none...


Production Year: June 8th, 2002
Rate: 9.0
Original Novel by: Miyuki Miyabe

Synopsis: In a park, a woman's severed right arm with a shoulder bag is discovered by a young boy walking his dog.

The game begins.

The police conduct an investigation of the female abductions and murders that are occurring one after another. A television commentary program (wide show) receives a call from the culprit himself, and with the use of a voice changer, it is declared that the world's first live murder will be broadcasted over various forms of mass communication, including cellular phone. When an investigation of a fatal car accident killing both driver and passenger uncovers a body in the trunk, the two are thought of to be the mysterious culprits who conducted the serial murders. Case closed.

Or is it?

Acting performances:

Masahiro Nakai as Koichi Amikawa (Peace)
After his performance in Shiroi Kage, of course I have no doubt with his in this movie!! Sugoku kakkoooiiii!!!! He acted as this intelligent and cold-blooded murderer!! Just plain cool!
It is said he almost refuse this role, coz he's not comfortable with serious roles...but, the director keep asking him, saying he can't picture any other actor to play Peace's role. really pays off....Nakai is definitely perfect for Peace's role!!!

First sight: It's a record-breaking selling movie!! And Nakai's in it! Of course, I have to see this!

Comments: Sugooooooiiiii!!!!!! This is the type of a mind-boggling, if you're not a fan of this kind of movie, you might go sleep^^; But, if you love this'll definitely enjoy this very much, like I do!!!
There are so many depths and symbolic things in the movie. And it even still left so many puzzles even after the movie ended!! The timelines are also quite mixed up. You have to watch the movie at least, twice!
I love the way they show these serial incidents....then after 40 minutes of the movie, all the serial incidents are re-showed again, but this time...also showed what actually happened in the backstage(what the real culprits has done)!
I'm also amazed on how the main character does not show up until the 43rd minute!! x) And we were introduced to Peace's character by showing us his masterpieces, his original criminal works...rather than showing us a lot of Peace's scenes himself!^_~
Anyway, just like Nakai said in the pers conference, "Do watch this when you're in a good and healthy condition," ^_____^

Watched: twice, collected the VCD

Likes: Nakai as Peace, the story, the depths, the puzzles, the BGMs

Dislikes: I dont think there's any...

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