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Perfect Love

Rate: 7.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV July-September 1999
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: Koko Dewanai Dokoka E by GLAY

Synopsis: The drama revolves around Chigusa's love for Taketo, a playboy dentist. However, Taketo's love for his ex-girlfriend, Aya(she formerly broke up with Taketo for her modelling carreer in France), is still very strong.

Acting performances:

Fukuyama Masaharu as Taketo Kusunoki
Pretty good in acting as the playboy dentist. But, nothing superb. And...I don't know...Masha just don't have that cool & charming aura, unlike Kimura or Takenouchi =P Perhaps, b'coz he also looks quite skinny here. Although I don't really like Taketo's character, but Masha acted great as Taketo.

Yoshino Kimura as Chigusa
I like her ever since I watched BROTHERS(co-starred Masahiro Nakai of SMAP). Her character is very cute there. Not far from her role in this drama, but perhaps...instead of cute, Chigusa is more of a cheerful type and a girl with lots of optimisms. I really like her, throughout the first half of the drama, but as for the last half, she becomes indesicive and looks confused. Not knowing what to do to Taketo. But, anyway...Yoshino is great as Chigusa!!^^

First sight: Broadcasted on my local TV, how can I just pass the chance to watch a J-drama for free??^___^

Comments: Perfect Love is just soooooo average, standard, regular ^_^ It's funny, sometimes, but most of the time...boring! Because the theme of the story itself is pretty popular, the cheerful heroine likes the hero, but the hero is in love with another woman from his past, and the heroine keeps supporting him to get the woman he loves, and so on. Not much of a difference with Long Vacation, Love Generation, PS Genki desu or even Tokyo Love Story, eh??^_~
Moreover, the development of the story is not done very well, and there's not much of a memorable scenes, either. I can easily guess where the story headed. Plus, Taketo's love for Aya seems too strong, even up 'til episode 9, he admit he still can't forget Aya. So, his love for Chigusa felt like, out of the blue. From almost every aspects, this drama is just standard. It doesn't really has things you can hate and it doesn't really has things you can really like ^_^

Watched: once(only 10 eps, missed 2 of 'em), on local TV(Indosiar)

Likes: Yoshino as Chigusa, the atmosphere, the themesong

Dislikes: Taketo's character, the story

PS Genki desu, Shunpei


Rate: 6.5
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS July-Sep 1999
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: Naze by Hysteric Blue

Synopsis: Even though he failed his entrance examination, Shunpei scouts out the entrance ceremony of Waseda University and determines in his mind that he will devote the next year studying to get into the university. As he is leaving the campus, Momoko, an energetic freshman, suddenly drafts Shunpei against his will to help her sell school maps to fellow freshmen. Although annoyed by her overbearing persistence, Shunpei eventually befriends Momoko; but her doctor-boyfriend and his hang-ups about his former high school sweetheart keep them from getting any closer.

Acting performances:

Koichi Dohmoto as Shunpei
Never watched his other dramas...but, I don't really like his character...and, maybe that's what made me don't really like Koichi himself >_< Koichi's fans! Pls, don't kill me!! It's a subjective opinion! So, I guess..his acting

Asaka Seto as Momoko
Actually, I like her character in the beginning!! So cheerful! But, she became soo irritating for me, towards the ending >_< As for Seto herself, I like her as an actress, especially in Narita Rikon^^ I also like her action scenes in Bullets of Love(co-starred Leon Lai), she's very cool!!!^^

First sight: Rush decision in the store! Coz, the cashier girl said, I will get 30% off if I buy one more, I randomly picked it =P I guess I shouldn't do that, eh?^^ This drama didn't attract me even from the first episode!>_<

Comments: A college love's okay, but don't like the couple >_< I dunno...Koichi and Seto just don't have the chemistry...and doesn't really match with each other either =(

Watched: once(fast-forwarded some eps^^), bought the VCD boxset

Likes: the themesong, few funny scenes

Dislikes: most of them? >_<

Risou no Kekkon~Wedding Story~ (Ideal Marriage)

Rate: 8.0
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS Jan-March 1997
Duration: 10 episodes
Themesong: Kimi ni Aitakunattara by ZARD

Synopsis: Although a couple may enter into a marriage expecting love to conquer all, the reality rarely meets this fantasy. Abandoned by her boyfriend and fired from her job for resisting her supervisor's advances, Mari meets Tsutomu, who has been jilted by his fiancee. When their commiseration quickly turns to love, their families see only more trouble on the horizon. Is a happy union in store for this star-crossed young couple? Whatever happens, their journey in this romantic comedy is sure to be a hilarious examination of love and marriage.

Acting performances:

Takako Tokiwa as Mari Yamada
She has done a good job here as a straight-forward girl, pretty funny too! And her Kansai(Osaka?) dialect is really believable!!^^ But, I dunno...I like her character better in BL ^___^

Yutaka Takenouchi as Tsutomu Ohtaki
Sooooo cute!! You won't believe this is the actor who also played Hata-san in With Love or Eiki in Ice World! His image was totally different here! He is this mommy's boy, innocent, kind-hearted, obedient, polite, but indesicive guy. I love Takenouchi's character here(then again, I love almost all of his roles =P)...especially, with that hairstyle...he really looks like a nerd!!^^
After watching Tokiwa paired with Kimura, now I get to see Tokiwa paired with Takenouchi...and they're pretty suitable, too!!^_^(I guess Tokiwa suits all handsome guys, anyway =P) Tsutomu and Mari is such a funny and cute couple whenever they're together, more or so similar to 'Yuuichiro & Sakura' couple in 'Mukodono(Son In Law)'.

First sight: Well...I AM hunting all Takenouchi's dramas since few months ago...moreover, it's a romantic comedy!^^

Comments: This is a very comical drama!!^O^ Soooo funny! Especially, whenever the mothers starts quarelling...Tsutomu's mother played by Yoko Nogiwa and I'm impressed!! She can really act...since the other drama I saw her in Big Wing as a boss^^ But now...wahhaha...she's a mean old lady, try to look elegant in front of people but always loose her manners at home, I can't believe it! She's so funny!!^^
While, Mari's mother is HILLARIOUS!! She's a kind mother yet very traditional. And often embarrasing Mari with her humiliating attitudes! I also like Tsutomu and Mari's younger siblings, Shin and Megumi, they're both cute^^ Not to mention, Tsutomu and Mari themselves is a cute couple ^___^ Although it looks like a light-hearted comedy, this drama actually have depth too...It reveals what kind of marriage people are actually going after nowadays: social status, wealth, looks, the person's "usefulness". Does love still top the list?
The background musics are pretty good, one of them have "When You Wish Upon A Star" tune^^ But, I don't really like the themesong by ZARD >_< And, just curious...where's Tsutomu in the opening sequence, why there's only Mari there???O_O
Overall, a light comedy drama and can really make you laugh! Although, didn't left me much impression...but very enjoyable!!^^

Watched: once, bought the VCD boxset

Likes: Takenouchi as Tsutomu, the musics, the hillarious scenes

Dislikes: the opening themesong


Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: NTV April-June 2001
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: Jyounetsu by Kinki Kids

Synopsis: The only thing the rookie detective has going for him is the fact that he is a nice guy.
Makoto Aida (23,) is a first year detective...a rookie.
Thinking that he can beat the recession by becoming a civil servant, Makoto takes all kinds of employment exams. The only one he passes though is to become a police officer. After becoming a policeman, Makoto gets assigned to work as a cop in rural, Okutama, and begins to look forward to the easy life. He somehow winds up helping out in the apprehension of a suspect of a brutal crime, and gets awarded a letter of recommendation, which incidentally is to become a detective. Being that Makoto doesn't like to get involved in other people's quarrels, he is relieved to find out that he will be assigned to work public safety issues instead of criminal investigations.

Acting performances:

Koichi Dohmoto as Makoto Aida
He acts quite funny in this dorama^^ And I really appreciate him for not being embarrased to be dressed as a woman in one of the episode!!^^ Very funny!

Rina Uchiyama as Kaori Sato
I think she acts well and cute here^^

First sight: Lots of reviews states that this one is funny and a good, I watch!^^

Comments: A good funny police drama!!^_^ But, however it didn't attract me that much...I laughed at some scenes....but the way the story goes and the way the comedic scenes are seems old stuff for me...=P This type of drama is often found, I guess^^ Oh well, it's a good and nice one, althou I didn't enjoy it that much ^_~

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: the comedic scenes(?)

Dislikes: ..not sure...I do have some dislikes from this drama =P

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