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Cat's Eye

Production Year: 1997
Rate: 6.0

Synopsis: It stars Norika Fujiwara, Izumi Inamori, and Yuki Uchida. These three sisters make up Cat's Eye, who are notorious art thieves. But, they're not evil though. They're trying to find their missing father by stealing back his artworks in the hope of finding some clue to his whereabouts. They also happen to run a cafe named Cat's Eye. And to complicate things the detective assigned to catching them happens to hang out at Cat's Eye all the time because he's dating the middle sister, Hitomi(Inamori). But, he has no idea that she's one of the girls that he's trying to arrest.

Acting performances:

Norika Fujiwara as
Don't have anything much to say...I guess, she's good?

Izumi Inamori as Hitomi
Her role here reminds me of Momoko of Long Vacation^^ Cute and funny!

Yuki Uchida as Ai
She acted the tomboy character very good. It's quite odd to see her character always address herself as 'boku' ^_^

First sight: I've read the manga before, so just curious with the movie adaptation...

Comments: What a corny action movie!!>_< Don't like it, I have nothing more to say, coz I pretty much just fast-forward the movie =P But perhaps, for guys, you definitely can enjoy the sexy babes in action!!^_~

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD

Likes: ...none?...

Dislikes: ...none, either?...(told ya, not interested at all after the first 15 minutes =P)

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