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Jinsei wa Joujoda (Friends in Need)   

Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS Oct-Dec 1995
Duration: 11 episodes
Themesong: Oretachi ni Asu wa Aru by SMAP

Synopsis: A drama starring Takuya Kimura and Masatoshi Hamada (Downtown). This is a story about a friendship between 2 outlaws. Hachi(Masatoshi Hamada) is working for consumer finance company. Kazuma(Takuya Kimura) borrowed money from the company and is running away from him. Finally, they cooparate and try to cheat money from females. On the other hand, Hachi has to correct money from a violinist(Yuriko Ishida) but he loves her. Kazuma used to have a girlfriend who has killed herself so he dropped out from his doctor course. But a girl who is a daughter of a director of a hospital loves him. How can they succeed in their life? Also, starring Naoko Iijima.

Acting performances:

Masatoshi Hamada as Hachi
Hmm...I've never seen him act b4...I guess, good?

Takuya Kimura as Kazuma
He give a good performance. But his charm is still not there yet...he's still too young =P Or, perhaps bcos there are 2 leads...he dont get enough spotlight. And mind you....Kimura is still sooooo skinny here!!! x)

First sight: My friend recommended this and I'm interested, either...

Comments: Not bad at all! I enjoyed the funny scenes and whenever Kazuma and Hachi bicker with each other!!^_^ But, the last half, became more serious...its not fun anymore...

Watched: once, collected the VCD

Likes: the funny scenes

Dislikes: ???

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 1(The Files of Kindaichi 1)

Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: NTV July-Sep 1995
Duration: 8 episodes
Themesong: Hitorijanai by Tsuyoshi Dohmoto

Synopsis: A young man who showed little promise while a high school student becomes a master detective, just like his grandfather.

Acting performances:

Tsuyoshi Dohmoto as Hajime Kindaichi
Quite good, almost similar with the Kindaichi in the manga!! And he can be very funny!^_^

Rie Tomosaka as Miyuki
Well...quite different from the manga-Miyuki which is sweet-tempered. Tomosaka's Miyuki is more ditsy^^ But, I still like her!

First sight: After watching Dohmoto in Summer Snow, got the feeling to watch his other drama =P

Comments: A great drama! It suceed liven up the exciting and intense scenes of the manga!! Lots of scenes are cut, to fit in the 45 mins episode, and felt like fast-paced but it is still good!
It also suceed brought up the touching scenes! There are, at least, 2 episodes with endings which made me shed tears. So touching! The last 2 episodes, which are the finales are VERY appropriate to be the climax of Kindaichi Part 1, coz it is sure the most intenseful case among the other cases in this Part 1!!
I'm amazed with the actors!! There are different actors in every case, but each of the actors can really play their roles excellently(especially, the actors who played as the murderers)!!! Bravo!
If I've never read the manga, I'd give it a 9, but since I noticed many changes and some dissapointment coz the deviated things from the manga and the drama turned to a 'dark' atmosphere(it didn't feel that dark when I read the manga =P), so I can only give it a 7.5 ^_^

Watched: once, bought the VCD

Likes: funny scenes, the intenseful scenes

Dislikes: dark atmosphere, the fast-paced story

Koi wa Aserazu (Can't Hurry Love)   

Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV April-June 1998
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: "Shake it UP!" by Oda Yuuji

Synopsis: Oda plays a credulous fool from Okinawa who believes that all women fall for him, while Katori swindles him out of all his money. Basically, it's about a guy(Oda) from an island who is a bartender, a con artist and good soba cook(Katori), a girl who follows her friend to Tokyo(Anju Suzuki) and a beatiful model.

Acting performances:

Oda Yuuji as Akira
Yeah, he's good. Its just that his character which annoys me!! Ughh....can't stand him -_-

Shingo Katori as Ryo
Cute! And yet...what a jerk! Haha...he only meet his girlfriend whenever he needs money! So, I wonder if he ever love the girl...but, in the end, Ryo appreciate his girlfriend more and it looks like that he really love her^^ Shingo and Oda hit it off quite well, but I can't say...their chemistry is superb...

First sight: Ehehehe....Shingo dakara......;P

Comments: A nice story about 2 bestfriends! Reminds me of Kimura's Jinsei wa Joujoda!
Akira went to Tokyo and meet Ryo who seems very nice, but turns out he tricked Akira and got himself 7 million yen from Akira's bag!! x) Their first met is quite funny, and of course...they're enemies, at first....but, slowly, they become friends. And end up living together in 1 apartment, together face this tough world!
They keep changing jobs from bartenders, soba cook, works in the construction building and eventually, become young executives for a night club business!! Ha!! This is what I didn't expect at all! Overall, its a nice story!!^_^

Watched: once, collected the tapes

Likes: Shingo as Ryo, opening sequence and themesong, Akira & Ryo as bestfriend, the funny scenes

Dislikes: Akira's character, sometimes boring scenes

Konya wa Eigyouchu

Rate: 7.0
Broadcasted in Japan: NTV September, 18th 1999
Duration: 1 episode special

Synopsis: Muragi is a TV show director, who tries his best to make his TV show a success, including trying to invite Kimura Takuya of SMAP ^_^

Acting performances:

Takuya Kimura as Muragi and as himself
Like always, great!^^ Coz he has to play 2 roles on this drama. But, of course, one of them wouldn't be too hard coz he had only to act as himself ^_^

Guest stars:

Takako Matsu as the time recorder
A surprise for me, coz never had I thought she only show up in 2 scenes in this drama >_< The first one, is the elevator scene, where Muragi tried to ask her out on a date, but she refuse(at least, I think so^^). And second, is the last scene when they begin the show, she's counting down the time.
What can I say, from her mini role...well, pretty good!^^

Makiko Esumi
Only show up in 4-5 scenes or so. She acted very good and pretty funny. She plays as one of the station TV crew, a secretary, perhaps? But not really sure >_<

First sight: Kimura and Matsu is in it! Of course, I'm interested!

Comments: This is the MOST twisted dorama I ever watched!! Moreover, there's only chinese subtitle on this VCD which I don't understand at all, so I can only guess what's happening throughout the story. With my little knowledge of Nihongo, I usually can guess quite well the global story of a drama, but in this one....confusions are written all over my face. Seriously, this one-episode drama is FULL of surprises! It's one of a kind, coz it has a mixed-types of show! Not even very clear anymore, whether this is a dorama or not =P
Ridiculous and funny scenes only happens once in a while, indeed. But, once it happens, it can really cracked me because of it's craziness!!^^
This dorama is a mixed types of drama, talk show, candid camera, parody with slapstick humor and comical humors(which oftens doesn't make any sense =P).
Overall, I think this one is a good dorama, if only they didn't mixed things up like that, which made me really confused >_<

Watched: once, bought the VCD

Likes: Kimura, the funny & ridiculous scenes

Dislikes: The plotline(confusing >_<)

Koori no Sekai(Ice World)


Rate: 9.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV October-December 1999
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Hisashi Nozawa
Themesong: Diamond Dust by Himuro Kyosuke

Synopsis: Hirokawa Eiki during an insurance investigation on the death of a school teacher, meets the ice cold mysterious Egi Tohko, who's had three fiances die in the past 5 on her trail is Ujou Takeshi, an ambitious career minded police detective intent on bringing her down....but is Egi Tohko really a murderer....

Acting performances:

Yutaka Takenouchi as Eiki Hirokawa
Wow!!! Takenouchi looked really good here!! Hontou kakkoooi! Not just that...his acting was great too!! Although Eiki is not really a solid character, but Takenouchi's acting was great and soooo cool! I love him in this dorama!!^_^ And just complete the various roles he has ever acted!

Nanako Matsushima as Tohko Egi
Matsushima is.....BRILLIANT!!! Tohko's character is VERY interesting with her dark past and all!! Yet, she still try to live a normal life, and face it firmly. Her dark past also had turned her heart as cold as an ice. People surrounds her accused her as a dangerous lady, but no one ever really knows what's really inside her heart. And, apparently...the first person who finds out her real face and feelings is Eiki.
I think this is the BEST performance Matsushima ever did!! Pulling out a cold expression throughout the story, even when she cries, she tried her best not to look like a weak lady. Excellent!! She suceed in making the Tohko Egi's character as my most favorite dorama character next to Onizuka =P She can also sometimes pull out a cynical smile, which made me suspicious all over she the killer or not?! I think Matsushima deserves the 'Dorama Queen' title!!^_^
In terms of looks, she indeed, is very compatible with Takenouchi! But, too bad...not in terms of 'chemistry'...however, some of their touching scenes, really touched me!^^

Toru Nakamura as Takeshi Ujou
Another cool man in this dorama!^^ He plays the police who suspected Tohko Egi. And, he really did a great job!! I like him, especially his angry scenes! So cool! I was also touched to see how much he loves his wife, although they're in the process of a divorce. Oh, yeah...I think his pair up with Takenouchi as some kind of a partner is a great idea!! They look good together....and really have the chemistry, as a partner AND also as a foe =P

First sight: Not really interested at first, coz I'm not much of a suspense thriller fan. So, just curious...coz a lot of reviews tells that this is a very good dorama. When I knew my friend bought it, I borrowed it from him. Just to see what the fuss is about. And, favorite actor play in this one together with Matsushima. So, if the story isn't that good, at least I'm sure their acting wouldn't be dissapointed ^_^

Comments: Obviously, it turns out....I agree with all those reviews!!! This is a VERY VERY cool, great, excellent, superb drama!! In my opinion, a mystery drama, can only turns out two ways....a total flop...or a total success!! And this one is definitely a total success one! The story can really entice you from the beginning, the intense keeps going on from episode 1 to the last episode, almost no boring scenes. Moreover, the climax in the last episode, would really satisfy you! I admire Nozawa Hisashi's script!! Nozawa-sensei is really a true mystery stories writer ^_^
Even more perfect, the drama was supported with professional actors and actresses who really did such a great job!! Really made the story alive. The directing is great, too, they brought up the 'icy' atmosphere successfully. The choice of songs are really perfect for the scenes, and can really carry emotions away^^ This may not be my favorite drama, coz it's not the type you can watch over and over since it's a mystery, also I'm more of a romantic comedy fan, but this is one of the BEST drama I ever watched, indeed!!^_^ The drama carry a heavy depth, though, so if you're looking for something light...then, perhaps this one's not for you. But, if you're a Takenouchi/Matsushima/Nakamura's fan and a suspense thriller fan, then I think you really SHOULD watch this one!!! I suggest rent or borrow it, coz a mystery story wouldn't be so exciting anymore, when you already know the story ^______^

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: MOST of the actors' portrayal esp. Takenouchi as Eiki-Matsushima as Tohko-Nakamura as Ujou, the chemistry between the characters, the intenseful and cool scenes, touching scenes, the story, the atmosphere, the background songs, the themesong

Dislikes: .....I think, none.....wait, wait...2 of the background musics that really annoys me.....mmh...yup! That's it!^_^

Long Vacation


Rate: 9.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV Apr-June 1996
Duration: 11 Episodes + 1 Special
Scriptwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
Themesong: Lalala Love Song by Toshinobu Kubota

Synopsis: Sena(Kimura) is a college graduate who dreams of becoming a world class pianist. He teaches piano at a local piano school. Minami(Yamaguchi) is an out of work model. On her wedding day, she gets dumped by her fiancee, and loses all of her savings, which she gave to her fiancee. Her fiancee turns out to be Sena's former roommate. She rushes to Sena's apartment and finds out that her fiancee has skipped town. With no money, and no where to go she moves in with Sena. Sena likes Ryoko(Matsu) who is a sophomore in college. He likes her a lot but just doesn't have the courage to ask her out. Momoko(Inamori) is Minami's best friend and is also a model. She provides much of the comedic relief in this show. Shinji(Takenouchi) is Minami's younger brother who just happens to be better than Sena at piano. He opens a bar/nite club. Rumiko(Ryou) plays Shinji's girlfriend. Sasaki(Morimoto) is Sena's professor at college and is always encouraging Sena to perform at the next piano competition. Long Vacation is about Sena Hidetoshi(Kimura Takuya), a pianist who can't express his feelings, and Minami(Yamaguchi Tomoko), a model who isn't really popular.

Acting performances:

Takuya Kimura as Sena
This is the 2nd time, I ever watched Kimura's dorama(the very 1st one is Asunaro). I'm soooo dissapointed he didn't sport his -Toride- hairstyle anymore here!>_< I also don't really like his character here =P Perhaps, I just got too caught with his memorable -innocent, cute and sweeeet 'image'- portrayal as Toride in Asunaro Hakusho. However, in acting terms...yes, he has done a great job!!^^

Tomoko Yamaguchi as Minami
Once I get used to her annoying way of babbling and laughing...I begin to like her!!^_~ Especially, when I realized how pathetic Minami's life is...anyway, Yamaguchi is great here!

Takako Matsu as Ryoko
Don't like her at first sight!! Surprised? Hehe...but, it's true! At first, I don't like her, perhaps coz of her melancholic face....turns out she's very pretty when she smiles! Oh, well...LV is not the drama that made her as my favorite actress =P Moreover, it's not too hard playing the quiet and soft Ryoko, not to mention Matsu can really play piano, too!!^_~ So...her acting, in this dorama...

Yutaka Takenouchi as Shinji
Man!! Gotta hate him here! Such a jerk >_< Perhaps, this is the only Takenouchi's role I hate =P I guess Takenouchi suceed in acting the role, isn't it? 'Animal' Shinji! =P Acting in this drama, he actually won the Best Supporting Actor award in The 9th Television Drama Academy Award.
I think Shinji made a great pair with Ryoko...too bad they broke up =(

Izumi Inamori as Momoko
Like her character here!!^_^ Inamori is a very talented actress!

Ryo as Ru
Mmhh...not too bad? 'Nuff said...

Ryoko Hirosue as Takako(Sena's student)
I don't like her character here, too stubborn and upseting(to Sena, that is^^)...yet, now...she's my favorite actress, too ^_~ Oh, did you notice?! She exchange front names with Takako Matsu!!^_~ Get it? Takako M ---> Ryoko O and Ryoko H ---> Takako S

First sight: The first episodes are just kind of boring...not too interested...but, starting episode 4(where Minami realizes her feelings for Sena, and Sena confesses his love to Ryoko) it gets better and better!!!^_^

Comments: One of the best drama of the decade! How can I not love this one?? But, for me...there are some things missing. It's a great story, alright! Reeaaally love the opening credits(matched very well with the COOL themesong! Which is one of my favorite DORAMA themesong), love the cheerful & bright atmosphere, and the relationship between the characters are just great. It's just Kimura and Yamaguchi lack on chemistry...their love story is just blur(i dunno how to describe), but it just don't hit you, y'know! Oh, well...still like it, anyway!^_^
Oh, one bizarre thing, my favorite actors & actresses(Takenouchi, Kimura, Matsu, and Hirosue) are all in this dorama!! But, somehow...I don't like their characters for certain reasons >_< And, this is not the dorama which made them as my favorites!!^_~ Talk about ironic, huh?

Watched: twice(all eps), on local TV(Indosiar), bought the copied VCDs(ep. 1-5)

Likes: the themesong, the storyline, the atmosphere, the relationship between characters

Dislikes: Sena and Minami's love story(Kimura and Yamaguchi lack chemistry)

Love Generation


Rate: 9.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV Oct-Dec 1997
Duration: 11 episodes + 1 special
Scriptwriter: Taeko Asano and Masaya Ozaki
Themesong: Shiawase na Ketsumatsu by Eiichi Ohtaki

Synopsis: Katagiri Teppei (Kimura) is a promising creative agent, but whose attitude gets him transferred to the sales department. He has to learn to adapt to the new working environment, which includes cutting his precious locks of hair to create a neater and more appropriate image. Helping him along the way is Uesugi Riko (Matsu), whom he tried to pick up along the street earlier but was tricked by her instead. Riko does not have a good impression of him at first, but falls for him gradually. However, Teppei runs into his ex-girlfriend Mizuhara Sanae (Juuna) who is now the girlfriend of his brother Soichiro (Uchino). Consoling him is Riko, whom Teppei likes gradually. Just when Teppei and Riko start dating, Sanae realises that she still likes Teppei...

Acting performances:

Takuya Kimura as Teppei
I LOVE HIM here!!! At first, I thought his character would be Shinji-alike with that long hair(soooo glad Riko cut it off =P), turns out his character is soooo different than what I expected! He seems uncaring and always ignores Riko, alright, with those expressions but he manage to show that he actually care and love Riko so much with attitudes and actions!!^^ Sooooo sweet! A great performance from Kimura!

Takako Matsu as Riko
One word : EXCELLENT!!! After watching her as Ryoko in LV, I didn't expected her character would be far from that...but, she really shows what a talented actress she is!! Riko is a A TOTAL OPPOSITE of Ryoko!! I almost cannot believe it's the same actress who played Ryoko! Riko is an annoying, cheerful, childish woman...also do things as she wish, even sometimes you just don't understand why she does such things!!^_^ I REALLY LIKE HER HERE!!! This is where I became a crazed fan of Kimura and Matsu!! Oh, have I mention that Kimura have such a PERFECT on-screen chemistry with Matsu here?!?^_^ Well...THEY HAVE!!

Risa Junna as Sanae
Not a very like-able character, but I think her acting performance is good! Subjectively, since I never watch her other doramas...

First sight: I hear rumors of this dorama will be broadcasting on my local TV. So, when I saw the VCD in a store, I hesitated to buy it. But, my brother insist coz he thinks that the dorama's quality will not be good on local TV since it will be, we bought it!! And, didn't really expect Love Generation to be my most favorite dorama even until now!!

Comments: Could it BE a more beautiful love story?? This is like, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY EVER!! And one of the BEST romantic comedy dorama, indeed! I LOVE IT! Kimura and Matsu is just the BEST couple! They shared a perfect on-screen chemistry!!!^_______^ I just love how they made every precious moments looks beautiful, y'know with the combination of beautiful background musics, beautiful and deep meaningful dialogues, and of course they did a great job in the acting section!!^^ This is my most favorite dorama! However, the supporting characters' story is weak =( Soichiro and Sanae's love story is just too lame and boring....oh, well, every drama has it's own laxity!!^^

Watched: +7-8 times(all eps), bought the VCD boxset

Likes: Riko's character, Teppei and Riko's love story, Kimura and Matsu's on-screen chemistry, the touching and memorable scenes, the funny scenes!!

Dislikes: The themesong(actually, it kinda grew on me, so its not a bother anymore to me =P), Soichiro and Sanae's boring love story, the ending(not too satisfying in my opinion >_<)

Love Revolution


Rate: 8.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV April-June 2001
Duration: 12 episodes
Scriptwriter: Yuki Fujimoto
Themesong: Kiss of Life by Ken Hirai

Synopsis: Makiko Esumi stars as Kyoko Asaoka, a 32-year-old heart surgeon working at a hospital in Tokyo. Men tend to shy away from the tall, well-educated and well-paid Kyoko because they see her as a woman that can do things on her own. The truth of the matter is that Kyoko is just unlucky in love. She is also old-fashioned, and wants to fall in love just like anyone else, but has a hard time showing her real self to men.

Acting performances:

Makiko Esumi as Kyoko Asaoka
Great performance from Esumi-san! But, sometimes...I can't stand her deep voice =P

Naohito Fujiki as Eichiiro Suga
Another great performance and cool appearance from Fujiki. Aside, that Suga is a lovable character...he seems a bit blur. I think it's the script's fault, there are no indications whatsoever that he's TRULY in love with Kyoko, not his expressions or attitudes. His attitudes towards Kyoko feels like he only 'toy' her. That's why...I'm a little confused at first^^

Manabu Oshio as Yabuki
A cute character at first. But, I dislike him in the last half of the drama!! >_< Yuck!

Ryoko Yonekura as Mariko
A good friend for Kyoko. Fair performance from Yonekura-san.

First sight: Not so interested, but a friend recommend this to me, so I watch!^^

Comments: A Long Vacation wanna-be. Hehe...dunno why, I like to use that phrase for this dorama. The heroine is quite older from the hero, the big number of characters and their complexity of love stories, and the R&B kinda songs^^ Actually, it has a good idea of storyline! I love it! It's just, I don't feel like I'm cheering on ANY of the couples >_< Esumi & Fujiki lacks chemistry, moreover Suga character looks like he's not in love with Kyoko at all throughout the story. Yabuki and Mariko is such a boring couple. And, it seems I hardly find memorable moments in this dorama. I only found one, which I like to re-watch over and over, the scene where Kyoko & Suga first met in the hospital corridor, accompanied with the song Kiss of Life by Ken Hirai, the scene is PERFECT!!! LOVE IT!!!^_~
I love how every episode starts with symbolic things happens daily to describe the main problem for the episode. Love is like waiting a taxi... ^_^
One thing made my eyes stick to the TV, even though there's not enough memorable moments. It's the unexpected rapid development of Suga and Kyoko's relationship!! Wah! I didn't expect it to be that fast =P Episode 1 to 8 are quite exciting episodes, but I don't like episode 9-12....drag...drag....drag....especially, the story how Yabuki keep trying to hit on Kyoko....urgh!>_<
This dorama have GREAT & FABULOUS endings, though!!^_^ I'm very satisfied with the ending! Love Suga & Kyoko's ending, it feels peaceful...and unusual ending for modern love story^^ Didn't expected at all Mariko will end up with...ehem... And, another cute couple with cute ending...the daughter of the minister and that guy(forgot the names, gomen -_-).
Such a cool and magnificent themesong! I'm not tired to play it over and over^^ But, then again, I love most of Ken Hirai's song!
Overall, a -worth to watch- drama, but still...didn't leave me much impression as much as Long Vacation!!!^____^

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: The fabulous themesong, Kiss of Life by Ken Hirai! Few romantic scenes and the satisfying endings, IMHO^^

Dislikes: Too many love angles which neither here nor there, Fujiki & Esumi lack chemistry, Yabuki & Mariko's story

Love Story   

Rate: 8.0
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS April-June 2001
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
Themesong: HARUKA by Spitz

Synopsis: Etsushi Toyokawa plays Ko Nagase, a quirky, cranky, highly successful writer in his mid-30s who is in the midst of a maddening 2-year long case of writer's block. Into his life plummets Misaki (Miho Nakayama). She has struggled to find a place in the publishing world for a decade and now, at 30, is about to have her one-year contract dropped if she can not coax Nagase into writing again. The supporting cast includes Shingo Katori of SMAP as Nagase's neighbor across the hall. He is a successful DJ who dreams of becoming a professional illustrator. Yuka plays his girlfriend from the countryside.

Acting performances:

Etsushi Toyokawa as Ko Nagase
Great performance!! I didn't know Etsushi can be playful and quite funny!^^

Miho Nakayama as Misaki
She's really great as Misaki....good chemistry with Etsushi, too!

Shingo Katori as Kyoji Nabetomo
Such a cute and sweet playboy!!^^ Really love him here! He's just plain cute!

Yuka as Kano-chan
She's also very cute and what a match with Shingo!! Their chemistry is great!

First sight: Not really interested with this one, at first. But ever since, I became a Shingo fan, of course I'll watch this-laa...=P

Comments: Not bad! Not bad at all!!! But it seems Nagase and Misaki's relationship progress is too slow......while Kyoji and Kano's relationship is soooooo cute and funny!!! Love this couple more!!!^_~
However, Nagase and Misaki's relationship ends satisfying and interesting....while Kyoji and Kano's story didn't end that's a happy ending, sure! But, feels like the story didn't go smooth....for the ending.
I looooove the themesong!!!! And, the atmosphere really reminds me of Long Vacation!!^_~ Maybe, Kitagawa tries to make another story, with the same type with LongV....they even also use Cagnet's songs for the BGMs!!^^
Overall, it's a really nice love story!!! Very cute, sweet and romantic!

Watched: twice, collected the VCD

Likes: Shingo as Kyoji, Yuka as Kano, Shingo and Yuka's chemistry, the story, the themesongs, the atmosphere

Dislikes: sometimes, it goes slow-paced

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