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Saigo no Koi (Last Love)


Rate: 7.0
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS July-Sep 1997
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
Themesong: "Tsutaetai Koto ga Arunda" by Oda Kazumasa

Synopsis: One summer night, sixth-year medical student Natsume Toru is propositioned by Shinozaki Aki. He coldly brushes her off and tells her to look for someone with money. Several days later, while on duty at Keiyu University Hospital, Toru comes across Aki once more. It turns out that she is the sister of Shinozaki Jun, Toru's first official patient. Jun is waiting for a costly operation and in order to pay for it, Aki has been forced to sell herself on the streets. Toru falls in love with Aki, but will he be able to take her off the streets and more importantly, convince her that she deserves his love?

Acting performances:

Masahiro Nakai as Natsume Toru
His acting is good here! But, its so obviously, he's not used yet acting in a romantic drama...hehe...=P He just lacks something here^^

Takako Tokiwa as Aki Shinozaki
Like always, I think she's a good actress...but, I dont really like her character here...and more over, althou they look compatible, but Nakai and Tokiwa lacks chemistry x)

First sight: Well...since Nakai's in it and my friend have, why not borrow? Just curious...=P

Comments: It's just a so-so love story to me...nothing superb about this drama. There are some memorable, cute and sweet scenes!! But, not that much...and I felt the story is dragged. Oh well...just so-so for me...can't comment much x)

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: ??

Dislikes: some boring scenes, dragged plot, themesong




Rate: 8.8
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS July-September 2000
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Tago Akihiro
Themesong: Miero by Tina

Synopsis: A string of mysterious deaths has occurred, leaving all of the victims with a purple butterfly-shaped bruise. According to investigators, the victims have all died from a hypnotic suggestion. The police bring in renowned psychiatrist Toshiya Saga, who specializes in hypnotic cures, to help with the investigation. He is determined to solve the mystery, but is caught off-guard when the woman he is attracted to, Yuka, becomes a suspect in the investigation.

Acting performances:

Goro Inagaki as Toshiya Saga
Although he looks more kakkoi in Saimin-movie, he put on an excellent performance in this series!!! He really suits the type of guy that wanted to protect the one he loves and a sensitive guy!

Asaka Seto as Yuka Aoi
Wahh!!! Superb performance from Asaka Seto!!! I really like her ever since I watched Narita Rikon(dislike her when I see her for the 1st time in PS Genki desu Shunpei >_<). Why do I say superb? Watch this 'til the end, and you'll know what I'm talking about!!^_~

First sight: Interested ever since I read the review! Coz the reviewer said it's even better than Ice World! So, I gotta watch this!^_~

Comments: Sugoooooiiii!!!!!!^O^ Suki, kono dorama ga!!!! The story have lots of twists!^O^ I'm quite shocked when lots of new things that I didn't expect revealed in the last episodes of this dorama! You'll think people in this dorama are strangers to the other, but turns out they have quite strong connection in the past!!
What I love the most from this dorama is Saga and Yuka's scenes! Coz Goro and Seto have an excellent chemistry!!!^O^ Love to see them together! They really suits each other! I was sooooo dissapointed when I know that their sweet & happy moments are only as far as 2 episodes!!!>_< While the rest, it's just so sad for them, although there's another sweet scenes once in a while later.
My most favorite scene has GOT TO be the one where Saga and Yuka is having a trip to Hokkaido. Wahh...they seems so happy there, and some funny things occur here, love to watch it over and over!!^^ This moment, perhaps, the only happy moments Yuka had in her WHOLE life!! So sad, ne?
I love the themesong!! I probably wouldn't love this song that much, if only it didn't suits the scenes and the ending sequence perfectly!!!^O^ How I looooooove the ending sequence, b'coz it's all Saga & Yuka here!! Sugoi!^^
Overall, a great mystery/suspense thriller dorama!! Don't worry, it does not have the horror sense like in the movie, this more of an Ice World/Sleeping Forest type!!! However, I gotta rate this dorama slightly lower from those doramas, coz I think Saimin miss something that IceWorld/SleepingForest have, but I can't seem to put my finger on it =P

Watched: twice, bought the VCD

Likes: Seto as Yuka, Goro & Seto's great chemistry, themesong & ending sequence, the twists of story

Dislikes: The way Saga whisper in his monologue >_<

Seikimatsu no Uta(The Last Song)

Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: NTV Oct-Dec 1998
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Shinji Nojima
Themesong: Stand By Me by John Lennon

Synopsis: Just when about to commit suicide after being deserted by his bride-to-be during the wedding, a man meets a university professor who is also at the point of killing himself. A woman nearby intervenes, one thing leads to another, and the three lost souls move in together. Each episode is a distinct story about the sometimes painful, sometimes warm romances between them and the people they meet while sharing a small house in a village.

Acting performances:

Yutaka Takenouchi as Wataru Noa
Another brilliant performance by Takenouchi-san!! He acted so realistic here. This is the second time I watched his role as a childish man, but different than his role in Risou no Kekkon, of course. His character grew mature throughout the story. And his looks sooo naive with that glasses!! He looks sooo young!^_^
I know it's suppose to be a sad scene, but I can't help it...when Wataru cries like a little boy...I just burst out laughing, his looks is just soooooo funny!! You have to watch it yourself!^^ I also love it whenever he sticks out his tongue....soooo cute!!^^ Oh yes, there are LOTS of girls falling for Wataru here!!^^ Six in total =P
Playing the role in this dorama, Takenouchi won "Best Actor of The Year 1998" award from TV Pia.

Tsutomu Yamazaki as Prof. Momose
I didn't expect the professor to be such a SUKEBE(PERVERT)!!!>_< He has porn magazines...once took advantages of a beautiful young nurse by grabbing her bottom >_< But, I guess that's the funny part!!^___^ His acting is just fabulous here! He is a veteran actor, afterall!!^^

Maki Sakai as Mia
God knows what she really is!O_O Throughout the dorama, it isn't explain who she really is...but looking at to all of her weird attitudes, she CAN'T be a human!>_< Taking a glimpse, she looks like retarded, childish too...but, she also acts like a pet(?)...she eats LOTS(I think she eats different kind of foods in every episode, and throughout that episode she eats the same foods in almost EVERY scene! How fat can Ms. Sakai be after shooting this drama?!?). She sleep inside a carton box. She RARELY talks, too. The weirdest thing is...she once did it with a cat, and then got the last episode..she give birth to a baby cat....(?!?!?!?) Some said, she's a death angel...but she could be the good angel too, coz she gives Wataru and that boy(in the last episode who's just about to hang himself) a 2nd chance to live. Her twin in episode 9, Nao, COULD be the death angel instead ^_^ Soooo mysterious isn't it?? Perhaps, the most factor that kept my eyes glued to the TV is this character's presence. I'm soooo curious about her!!!^^
Maki Sakai really did impress me with her acting talent!! I think this would be her hardest role to play. I've only seen her in Big Wing and Hatsu Taiken, her roles there are both plain, calm and nice. But, her performance here is magnificent!

First sight: Not really interested in it at first, coz it seems like a boring drama...but Takenouchi's in it, so I JUST have to watch this...heheh...

Comments: I know Shinji Nojima wrote the script. I didn't like his SOS(I didn't even finish SOS, coz I really don't like it and got bored =P). So, I'm ready with his weird story and since Takenouchi's in it...I'll try to put up with it ^___^
Turns's not too bad!!^^ Although...yeah, it's such a weird, weird story...but sets in a village far from Tokyo, some things here can still attract me to watch it 'til the end!! Every episode starts with ridiculous and hillarious scenes, I laughed a lot! But, starting in the middle...the atmosphere starts to get dark, and it always ends soooo sad >_< I enjoyed the funny scenes, though!!^^ My fave episode is the lightest story one, the one where there's this magic bread...everytime two people eats from the same bread, those two will fall in love^^ Wataru and Prof. Momose accidentally eats the same bread...and they unstopably kissed!!>_< After, they realized what they're doing...they throw up terribly...everytime they see each other again, they feel like throwing up again...haha!!^__^ This episode's ending is not sad, either^^
Although, I don't really get it myself...coz this is the kind of drama which will makes you goes, "Huh?"...but, more or so, this drama tells about love...precisely, 'ai no katachi'...shapes of love. Love between lovers, father and child, between friends, even between human and ghost! True-false, real-illusion, conditional-unconditional, the effects of love and all the honest wonderful crazy things people do for love.
The most good thing of this drama is...the drama have LOTS of guest stars here!! Ryoko Hirosue in episode 1, Risa Junna in episode 5, even Joey Wong, the famous Hongkong actress in the last episode!!!^O^
The ending is...hmmm, sucks...but, it's understandable^^ Although someone dies...but at least Wataru finds what he's been looking for all this time. And although it's an unhappy ending for Wataru and Satomi(Yoshino Kimura), the ending scene would just make you smile ^_^
Overall, if you're a MEGA-fan of Takenouchi or can stand weird stories...then go ahead watch this one^^ But, if you're the one who only take things lightly...then don't watch it, you'll get bored!!^^

Watched: once, borrowed the video tapes from a friend(thx to Yoji!^^)

Likes: Takenouchi as Wataru, Sakai as Mia, the ridiculous and funny scenes

Dislikes: the dark atmosphere in the end of every episode, too many unexplainable dialogues >_<

Semi Double

Rate: 6.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV April-June 1999
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: Love Since 1999 by Tsunku & Ayumi Hamasaki

Synopsis: Ki-ichi Nakai acts university professor Jinguji studying psychology. For his heartless character, the university students are afraid of him. One day, Jinguji saves fashion model Misaki (Izumi Inamori) at a station. Then, a love story between the cold professor and the model starts. Later, a doctor informs Misaki of cancer, and removes her nipples. Sharan Q vocalist Tsunku acts a supply teacher of the university, and Shinobu Ohtake acts a woman professor named Tsuzuki.

Acting performances:

Izumi Inamori as Misaki
Pretty good! I can't comment much on her character, since I didn't pay that much attention to the drama itself =P

Kiichi Nakai as Jinguji
He played the cold-hearted professor. And his acting is good...but I'd rather see him play a funny character like in Uso no Koi. I feel like he over-did the cool expressions sometimes >_<

First sight: Not interested, but a friend recommended this dorama so much!^^

Comments: What can I say...I nearly doze off at the first episode. And, I end up fast-forwarding the rest of the dorama, only stop on few interesting scenes!!
Kiichi and Inamori's pairing didn't attract me at all. Kiichi is just too old and not a good-looking guy, his rival which played by Tsunku is also old ~_~ So, I really don't take interest at all at the love triangle conflict >_<
The cute and funny element of this drama, is the love story between Jinguji's younger half-sister(Vivian Hsu) and Misaki's younger brother. I had NO IDEA they'd end up together!! Soooo cute!^_^
The themesong is wonderful, Love Since 1999 by Tsunku & Ayumi Hamasaki! Matched perfectly with the opening sequence^^
Overall, the main storyline boring....boring....boring....boring....boring....@_@

Watched: once(is more than enough! =P), borrowed from a friend(gomen ne, thee...tried to like it, but can't >_<)

Likes: opening themesong, the younger siblings love story^^

Dislikes: other than my likes...

Shiroi Kage (White Shadow)

Rate: 9.0
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS Jan-March 2001
Duration: 10 episodes + 1 special
Scriptwriter: Junichi Watabe
Themesong: "Mayonaka no Nightingale" by Mariya Takeuchi

Synopsis: Noriko Shimura is on duty for the first time at Gyoda Hospital. The duty doctor is Yusuke Naoe. After 9PM Jiro Toda, a childhood friend of Noriko's, is brought in with a cut to his forehead from a fight. But Naoe has gone out for a drink, and can' t be found. Both Toda and the ambulance crew become angry and demand to know where the doctor is. Naoe returns and seeing the commotion, he orders Toda be locked in a toilet until he calms down. Noriko is horrified by Naoe's attitude but is later impressed with his ability as a surgeon when treating Toda' s injury. This is their first fateful meeting...

Acting performances:

Masahiro Nakai as Yusuke Naoe (Naoe-sensei)
I was stunned!!!O_O This...IS Nakai?!? Usoooooo......!! It's not possible! The very quiet and cold-hearted Naoe-sensei acted by Nakai?! Sugooooiii!!!!! Nakai's acting really improved a lot, a lot!! I can't see him at all as Nakai in this drama! He's simply just...Naoe-sensei! A very kakkoi Naoe-sensei! Maji de!
Nakai's acting is SUPERB in this drama!!!!! Bravo!! And he said, he almost turn down this role? Thank goodness, he didn't do that! I cannot picture Naoe-sensei being acted by actor other than Nakai!! x) He's just superb here!! Suteki!!^_^

Yuko Takeuchi as Noriko Shimura
I think this is her first "real" drama! If I'm not mistaken...this is her very first time getting the leading female role. And yet, she really acted the character very good and can really match up Nakai in such a beautiful love story!!^_^ I salute her!

First sight: I'm very interested after reading all the reviews...!

Comments: Sugooooooiiii!!!!!!^O^ I looove this drama!! Very, very beautiful! I even love this better than Beautiful Life!! Shiroi Kage is definitely a masterpiece!!! The characters are very-well created and the casts who acted them did fabulous jobs!! The story is also intriguing..althou it paced a bit slow...but, it made us stick to the TV coz of Naoe's sickness!! We'd be very curious on his sickness....that's why we'll keep on watching till the end!!^^
Not to mention, Naoe and Noriko's sweeeet scenes!!! Very, very sweet and touching....coz all this time, we only see a cold-hearted Naoe who dont speak often. But, when he's with Noriko, we can see his warm and nice side. I love the episode, where they celebrate Noriko's birthday!! Naoe is being soooo sweet and nice, but still in that cold attitude! x) I just love the scenes!!
I really love the way the director make every memorable scenes as beautiful and as esthetically as possible!! Just pure beautiful....accompanied with beautiful musics...just perfect!!!^O^
I really love the themesong and BGMs too!! I even owned the soundtrack cd now! There are such lovely, lovely songs in this drama!! I love it!
Seriously.....recommended for all J-drama fans!!!!!^O^ Oh, right....Shiroi Kage is Best Drama in 2001 #2, right next to HERO!^_~

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: Nakai as Naoe, Naoe and Noriko's scenes, the story, themesong, BGMs, beautiful & memorable scenes

Dislikes: some boring parts

Shota no Sushi


Rate: 6.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV April-September 1996
Duration: 17 episodes
Themesong: Bokura ga Tabi ni Deru riyu by Kenji Ozawa

Synopsis: A comic-based comedy about the young and talented Shota (Kashiwabara) who set a goal of becoming the no. 1 sushi chef in Japan to save his father's sushi shop. To learn the art of making sushi, he became an apprentice at the famous Otori Sushi. Each episode sees him picking up a new skill, and going a step towards his goal. However, many obstacles stood in his way, including a harsh and cold senior who was jealous of his talent.

Acting performances:

Takashi Kashiwabara as Shota
I like him very much here!! I mean, if you watch Itazura and Shota no Sushi back to back you will realize what a great actor he is!!!^^

First sight: I was really into Kassy by that time and really wanted to see his other dramas after I watched Itazura! And, since I heard this is a manga-based dorama, I thought it'd be as hillarious as Itazura...but, I was wrong >_<

Comments: Oh, my god!! This drama didn't attract me at all!! I nearly doze-off watching it, so I fast-forwarded it, and only interested in Shota and Sayuri's scenes!!^^ Coz, I think they make a great couple! Too bad, they didn't end up together in the end >_< And, I guess I'm just not into cooking that much =P

Watched: once(fast-forwarded most of the eps!), bought the VCD boxset

Likes: Kassy as Shota, Yoshino Kimura as Sayuri, Shota and Sayuri's scenes together

Dislikes: the themesong, the story, the atmosphere, Kumiko Watanabe!!>_<

Sono Toki, Haato wa Nusumareta
~When The Heart Was Stolen~


Rate: 6.5
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV November-December 1992
Duration: 5 episodes
Scriptwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
Themesong: Fuyu no Owari by Yumi Matsutoya

Synopsis: A five-parts serial drama about a high school girl's growing pains. Hiroko(Sae Ishiki) is painfully aware of her own childishness and finds it difficult to approach the boy she has crush for, Katase(Takuya Kimura), who is two years her senior at school. One of her classmate, Saki(Yuki Uchida), is a girl who seems far more grown-up and experienced. Hiroko first resents her, but then gradually realized that the person she falls for is not Katase anymore, but it's Saki! Then she also finds out that Katase had always been in love with this girl, too. As Saki's antics get wilder, a strange kind of pax develops between Hiroko and Katase, through a shared concern for Saki.

Acting performances:

Sae Ishiki as Hiroko Shiina
She's a very very cute girl!! Ishiki is actually 15 years old here! A typical cheerful highschool girl, who has a huge crush on his -2 yrs older- senpai. Good performance from Ishiki, considering she's still very young in this dorama!!^^

Yuki Uchida as Saki Aso
I don't like her character at all, AT ALL! She acts cool, acts like she's Miss -Know It All-, and very ignorant to others. Uchida's performance is only so-so. She's 17 yrs old in this dorama.

Takuya Kimura as Masayuki Katase
Daisukiiiii, Katase-san no koto!!! At first...I was quite shocked with Kimura's hairstyle in this dorama...haha, kakko waruiii!!^^ But, I got used to it later...and maybe b'coz I looooooove his character here so much!!
Katase is only a normal boy, not too cool and not too sweet. But, what made me loooove him so much, is because he is sooooo kind-hearted and soooo nice to girls!! Such a gentlemen!
It's also very interesting to see Kimura being so young...but, then again, his -20 yrs of age- face doesn't really much differ with his -30 yrs of age- face!!O_O Sugoooooiiii!!! How can Kimura maintain the same looks for 10 years?!? I would never know!

First sight: Kimura as a highschool boy?! This is, of course, a not-to-be missed dorama for me!!!^O^

Comments: I like the first 2 eps!! The first scene is probably the most hillarious moment in this dorama! Hiroko and her friend were late, their classmates from the window's class on the 3rd floor told them to just throw the bag up and one of them will catch the bag. Hiroko's friend goes first, and someone successfully catch her bag on the 3rd floor. She told Hiroko to hurry throw her bag too, while Hiroko is quite nervous, coz Katase is also looking from the window of the 2nd floor together with his classmates. Katase also supporting her, saying, "Hayaku, hayaku...". Hiroko then throw the bag up! Whaddyaknow...her bag landed right on Kimura's face, and he automatically falls back to the floor!!*LOL* Kimura in a comical scene!!!^O^ I also love Katase & Hiroko's date scenes which is arranged by her friend. Sugoi funny!!^_^
Everything is okay...until Hiroko realized she falls for Saki!>_< That just screwed everything up! From then on, I only enjoyed scenes which has Kimura in it!! Besides the 'lesbian' factor(which made me goes 'yuck'), this dorama is quite slow-paced, and I feel 'nothing happens' in this dorama.
I'm really rooting for Katase and Hiroko to get together!! Coz, they shared a good chemistry together and suits each other! I wish Hiroko can turn back to Katase. I mean starting episode 3, as much as I love their sweet and fun scenes together, I can't help but dissapointed to know their closeness are only as friends =(
The ending is quite a surprise for me, to know Saki's real feelings..something I've always don't want to happen. But, another thing in the ending made me glad and satisfied ^_^ I love the very ending scene: Hiroko, Saki and Katase playing basketball together near the christmas tree and suddenly snow is falling^^ Overall, a so-so dorama for me! Enjoyed it, b'coz of Kimura's performance ^_~

Watched: once(all episodes), bought the vcd

Likes: Kimura as Katase, Katase & Hiroko's scenes together

Dislikes: the lesbian factor, Saki's character, the slow-paced story

Sorakara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi   
~Billion Stars in The Sky~

Rate: 8.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV April-June 2002
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Eriko Kitagawa
Themesong: SMILE by Elvis Costello

Synopsis: Kanzo Dojima (Sanma Akashiya) is a shabby-looking cop. He's thinking of retiring and maybe starting a noodle shop.
Ryo Katase (Takuya Kimura) is a mysterious man. Nobody understands what's going through his mind.
One day, these two men bump into each other. Focusing on a murder case, the story unfolds in an unexpected way.

Maybe it was a mistake that the two men met...

And there's Kanzo's sister, Yuko (Eri Fukatsu). She seems to have some connection with Ryo...

Acting performances:

Takuya Kimura as Ryo Katase
Usually the leading role is a protagonist, but its a different case in this drama. Ryo is the leading role, yet he is the bad guy. And, I really mean it....he is such a baaaad guy! x) Kimura-kun is really convincing as Ryo, great performance! He made me feels like slapping him in the beginning of the drama...then feels kawaii sou for him later in the last episodes =( Ryo is a really complex character and hard to'll never know when does he tell lies and when does he tells the truth. And all these, are all caused by his miserable past. Kimura really acted the role perfectly and made me see him as "Ryo"...not Takuya Kimura...

Eri Fukatsu as Yuko Doujima
She's really cute acting as Yuko!^^ One of the actress that looks really compatible with Kimura and they have good chemistry ^-^ She acted her role as excellent as Kimura. Esp. in the last episode.....T-T U have to watch it yourself, to feel Yuko's pain!

Sanma Akashiya as Kanzo Doujima
I've only seen him in variety shows before, especially in Sanma & SMAP annually shows!!^^; He is such a comedian...a very, very funny ojiisan!! Haha....I dont know that he can act serious! x) Its a bit weird to see him acting so serious at first, but I'm getting used to it later.....and he also gets better!!^_~

Comments: Hmm....lets see, wat can I say abt this suspense thriller mystery drama. Ok, first of all....for me, the first 6 episodes are not going anywhere, the story just stay put and develop into nothing...yet, the last 4 episodes are really superb!!*_* I was watching it really slow with the first 6 eps, but finished the last 4 eps in one night!!!^^ Its really getting interesting, once Ryo's past and his relationship with Yuko and Kanzo in the past starts to reveal!
Oh, Kou Shibasaki(the leading actress in Kimura's GOOD LUCK), is also acting in this Ryo's lover!^^ She put on a great performance too....I look down on her in the beginning, but feels 'kawaii sou' and also respect her in the end =P
I loooooove the music in this drama!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!^o^ I'm looking for the soundtrack evrywhere here! Help!!>_< Love the themesong, SMILE by Elvis Costello! And also the sub-themesong, Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi wo by Kyu Sakamoto(a Japanese 60s singer)!!! Daisukiiii~~!! Miagete Goran is also released in another arrangement by Ken Hirai, and made it as in a duet with Kyu Sakamoto, and it is such a VERY, very beautiful version!!!*o* Althou Ken Hirai's version is not included as Sorakara's soundtrack...but, Sorakara's beautiful scenes(esp. Ryo and Yuko's) are always flashing in my head evrytime I listen to the song!! ;) and sometimes it made me in tears x) Sugoi yo!
Storywise, I would give this drama a 7.0 to 7.5, but the excellent performances by the casts and the beautiful musics made this drama worth an 8.0! ;) That's just my opinion, thou! I'm sure lots of Kimura's fans out there would disagree with me, coz most of them would think this drama deserves a 9 or even a 10...hehee....^-^ Well, for me...I looooooooove Sleeping Forest and Naoki(Kimura's char in SF) much better than Sorakara, yoh!!!^____^v

Below are my opinion and my favorite scenes that contains SPOILERS! Block the paragraphs in white fonts, if you want to read:
Ryo and Yuko falls in love with each other and dates each other, and they've done intimate relationship, at least, twice...when Ryo suddenly found out the truth....that Yuko is actually his BIRTH sister!! is revealed that Kanzo is the one who caused Ryo and Yuko's father's death and their house in fire...feeling guilty, Kanzo adopted Yuko as his sister....he cannot find Ryo by that time, coz Ryo left the hospital one day.
I read the spoiler first before I watched the drama, so I felt...EWW!! YUCK!....when I found out about Ryo and Yuko are birth sibs!! x) But, it really felt different if you watch the drama....I feel really kawaii sou for Ryo and Yuko....and sympathy. one can be blamed here, coz both of them are 3 and 5 yrs old when the accident happened, so they really dont know anything.
I started to feel excited watching the drama...on the scene where Ryo and Yuko sets a date...but, Kanzo already know about Ryo's bad intentions with women, he usually just use those women, so he really against Ryo and Yuko's relationship. Ryo was just a few meters away from Yuko, who's waiting in front of the theatre entrance, all he has to do is just to cross the street....but when he's crossing the street...suddenly, Kanzo passing him by and stab him with a knife!!! I was like, "Ehhhhh???? Yadaaa...!!". Yuko kawaii sou *_* Ryo mo... x)
I also like the scene, where this woman mock Ryo how is it felt to do it with his own sister...then, out of nowhere...BANG!!! The woman's dead by Ryo's gun! x) I really didnt see that coming...Ryo have no expression either when he shot her...haha, sugoi! I even have to watch the scene thrice, to make sure what has happened =P

Star no Koi

Rate: 8.5
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV October-December 2001
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Miho Nakasono
Themesong: Stop! In The Name of Love by GLOBE

Synopsis: Sousuke Nakata (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi), is just your everyday salaried worker. There is really nothing special that stands out about Nakata. He is a serious guy, whose life mostly consists of going back and forth to the office each day.
Suddenly one day though, Nakata just happens to meet a certain woman by coincidence-top star, Hikaruko Kirishima (Norika Fujiwara). Just by talking to her, Nakata is left standing feeling like he has just seen a dream.
Several days later, Kirishima calls an emergency press conference.
And there she announces..."I am now dating a gentleman by the name of Sosuke Nakata, a salaried worker, whom I intend to marry."
An announcement about their "relationship," out of the blue! More than that, this top star's boyfriend is just your typical salaried worker!! What does Kirishima have up her sleeve as she hides behind her intrepid smile?!
Nakata obviously has no idea about what happened at the press conference. He also doesn't know what lies ahead for him at work, and about Hikaruko's true intentions.
This story, a somewhat funny, but romantic love story, follows the footsteps of a man and woman from very different worlds, as they experience the painful and sometimes remarkable ups and downs of love.

Acting performances:

Norika Fujiwara as Hikaruko Kirishima
EXCELLENT!! This is the first drama where Norika can really amaze me with her acting skill!! I always thought, she can only play those sexy types characters...but she is very different here!!
She portrayed the innocent(as a new-born baby) and a nice superstar, Hikaruko Kirishima, perfectly!! Really love her's just soo anime-alike character, that's what made her so funny and cute, too! Hikaruko is just so innocent and childish too, she always smile, even when she is hurt...kawaii^^

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi as Sousuke Nakata
Well...he portrayed a character not far from his usual-self, so it's not a surprise anymore!^^ Sousuke is a VERY kind-hearted man, love to help people sincerely not expecting anything in return. Just suit Tsuyoshi perfectly! But, I don't really like his melancholic face...=P

First sight: Read the synopsis on FujiTV's page October ago, and it really intrigued me! Tsuyoshi-Norika pairing also intrigued me, and it's a comedy! What more can I ask for!!^_^

Comments: A great romantic comedy drama!! I LOVE IT!!! Well...just by reading the two main characters I described, you can already imagine what kind of love relationship will occur, right?? It's just soooo sweet, cute and touching! Not to mention, watching this drama feels like watching a fairytale story in the digital era^^ The main factors are the Cinderella-alike music background and how they treated Hikaruko just like a princess instead of a star ^_^
This is the most UNREAL dorama I ever watched! It's just sooo fantasy^^ Some things doesn't make sense, but that's what made this dorama interesting and funny^^ Oh, the finale episode, another member of SMAP appear as a guest star and he's my favorite...can you guess who??^^
Another thing, is how the camera shoot, how they make the scenes, and the dialogues really reminds me a lot of HERO, perhaps it has the same director?!O_O

Watched: twice(all eps), bought the VCD

Likes: Background music, Hikaruko's character, Hikaruko and Sousuke's cute scenes!

Dislikes: Themesong, opening credits, and some exaggerated scenes =P

Summer Snow


Rate: 9.0
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS July-September 2000
Duration: 11 episodes
Scriptwriter: Eriko Komatsu
Themesong: Summer Snow by Sissel, Natsu no Ousama by Kinki Kids

Synopsis: A love story between a young man who has been forced to grow up too quickly, and a young woman with an ailment that has placed restrictions on her life. Natsuo (Domoto Tsuyoshi) has been looking after his younger brother and sister since the death of their parents. He has also been running the family bicycle shop. Yuki (Hirosue Ryoko) becomes the only person in the world in whom he can confide. For Yuki, Natsuo becomes the catalyst that has her trying to break out of her cocoon.

Acting performances:

Tsuyoshi Dohmoto as Natsuo Shinoda
The Man of The Story!! Such a good big brother...yet the clown of the drama!^^ Most of the funny and hillarious scenes comes from this guy ^__^ This is the first time I watch Tsuyoshi Dohmoto's drama, so I don't know if he usually act this role or not. But I can tell his acting here is SUPERB!!! He's really believable as the respected big brother, as the guy you can really falls in love with, and even as a polite trustable future son in law ^___^
Frankly, his looks doesn't look really good here...but his character is just lovable ^_^ And since he rarely looks sad...that's why when he cries, I cried, too!!>_< Great performance from Dohmoto!^^

Ryoko Hirosue as Yuki Katase
Wow...what happens to Ryoko's voice here?? It turns so soft and so small =P I think Ryoko did a great job here, too, as the sweet, soft and calm girl...she can balance Dohmoto's performance^^ Not dissapointing at all! I love it everytime she does that "Achi muite hoi!" ^_^

Shun Oguri as Jun Shinoda
I can't believe he's the boy who played Noboru in GTO!!O_o Or is he? He's grown sooo tall here!! He gave a terrific performance as Natsuo's mute brother, too. If I hadn't seen him in GTO, I can actually believe he's hearing-impaired with that perfect slurred speech^^

Chizuru Ikewaki as Chika Shinoda
Such a cute sister! I love it everytime he quarrels with Hiroto. But, I think her acting is only fair.

Tsubasa Imai as Hiroto Suetsugu
Chika's boyfriend. He always cuts classes. Involved in juvenille crime, but that's only because his parents never pay attention to him. He respects and afraid of Natsuo very much, he's even afraid of him more than his own father. But, later...he learns lots of things from Natsuo and matured in the end.
Fair performance from Tsubasa Imai^^

First sight: Lots of people love this drama, some even said it's better than Beautiful Life^^ So I'm curious...

Comments: Step back Itazura! Coz you're going to be kick out from my TOP 3 fave drama list, since this dorama has replace you!!!^O^ I DO like it better than Beautiful Life!!!^O^ I enjoyed EVERY episode of this drama! Usually, at some parts of the drama...the story looses it's attraction, but this one's not! Every episodes are EQUALLY interesting!
I love few scenes which are small but so funny, interesting, and unique ^_^ I think Eriko Komatsu can really be my favorite writer =P Coz, I've read a manga which script, written by her and I like it, too!
And, somehow the theme of story...summer snow, gives you a soothing feeling. I just love the blue sea =P Natsuo, Jun, Chika and Hiroto's relationship as one family is also heart-warming. I also love Natsuo and Yuki's starts soooo sweet ^____^
If you pay attention, this drama have lots of ironies or risking her life, Yuki is happy, but others worry....Seiji's the doctor, but Natsuo's the savior.....Natsuo(Summer without an 'o') & Yuki(Snow) can't possibly be together, yet miracles put them together.....Natsuo and Yuki meets because of a kid riding a bicycle, they're apart because a kid riding a bicycle too.
However, the ending sucks!! Could've been a happy ending! But, nooo....Komatsu didn't things get away that easily, eh? It's just, I felt the ending didn't go smoothly...something's just not right about it. The motorcycle scene is just not convincing enough >_<
The opening themesong, Summer Snow by Sissel, is just PERFECT!!^^ I'm also crazy about the ending themesong, Natsu no Ousama by Kinki Kids, such a cool song! Love the slow version of this song, too!
Such a beautiful drama! Touching, sweet, funny....very light-hearted romance family comedy drama! It could've been a 9.5, if only the ending didn't go that way! =P Recommended for ALL J-drama fans!^O^ A must-watch!

Watched: twice(and still counting =P), bought the VCD boxset

Likes: Dohmoto as Natsuo, the family gathering scenes, the hillarious scenes(mostly from Natsuo), the themesongs, the light atmosphere

Dislikes: the ending(it's not suppose to be that way!!!>_<)



Rate: 8.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV Oct-Dec 1999
Duration: 11 episodes
Themesong: Kaze no Muku Mama by CANNA

Synopsis: Kazami(Kusanagi) was sent to train under policeman Tanba(Nishimura) who was inclined to use violence. Together, they investigated juvenile crimes in each episode, while trying to accomodate to their different opinions. Slowly, Tanba began to recognise that Kazami indeed had a talent in dealing with youths, while Kazami learnt how to deal with criminals from Tanba.

Acting performances:

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi as Yusuke Kazami
Tsuyoshi gives a good performance here!!^^ And quite funny in some scenes too!^_~ I love how we can hear what Kazami thinks about people he just met or his opinions on people's attitude or even his feelings to women!!^^ But, why oh he so thin?!?

Masahiko Nishimura as Hajime Tanba
I guess he's a veteran actor? I can say, he's a great actor because he's totally different here than his character in Furuhata vs Smap!! But why the character is so rough?? He often grab Kazami's collar or even throw him down -in a judo way- forcefully!!>_<
Tanba have a very bad-temper, I only love his temper when it comes regarding Kazami & Tsuzuru's closeness!!'s so funny how he tries to separate these two!!

Miki Mizuno as Tsuzuru Tanba
Kawaii na onna!!! Tsuzuru is Tanba's younger sister who works at the same office as the office lady. Always love how Mizuno acts! And, she's sooo kawaii here! I'm telling you, Mizuno's's a MUST-WATCH for you!!!

First sight: Interested, b'coz a friend keep saying this is a good one. And also, kinda curious what Tsuyoshi & Mizuno pairing will turn out to be =P

Comments: I like this series!!! It has the same type as HERO and it's FujiTV's!! How come I never heard about this before??? It's actually very good!!
There are quite numbers of funny scenes, esp. involving Kazami's office mates! The relationship between another is so funny! I sooooo love Kazami & Tsuzuru's scenes together, coz when they have a scene together, there are always very funny, kawaii or sweet scenes occur. Even when Kazami still have a girlfriend, Kiori(who works at the same building different office), so Kazami & Tsuzuru not involved in anything romantic yet, but still they're soooo funny together!!^_~
My favorite scene is when Kazami is in a 'down' mood, and Tsuzuru tries to cheer him up. But, Kazami ignore her. So she called him through cellphone. Kazami was irritated at first, coz they're only 2 metres away!! Haha! But they end up talking on the cellphones, anyway, even though they are that close! Kawaiii!!!^_____^
Compared to HERO, actually HERO is funnier and number of hillarious scenes is more than TEAM's. But, TEAM's cases are more interesting, I'm not that bored to follow the cases. While, I got bored mostly on HERO's cases >_<
Opening tunes and ending song are not as memorable as HERO!!^_^ Overall, a good police detective dorama!! Watch this if you like HERO!!!!
Oh, if you're watching this, make sure you also get the SPECIAL episodes!!!^O^ I love the 1st special episode(produced in 2000) the MOST!! Because the ending definitely satisfied my curiousness about Kazami & Tsuzuru's relationship!! Wah, I love to re-watch the ending part of this special episode over and over again!!!^^ Oh, Kyoko Fukada also appear in this special episode.
The 2nd special episode(2001) is also very funny regarding Kazami & Tsuzuru & Kiori!! You just have to watch this yourself!!!^^ And, I love the case here better than the one in the 1st special.
The 3rd special was just showed September 20th, 2002 ago. Can't wait to watch that, too!!!!!^O^

Watched: once, borrowed the tapes

Likes: the funny scenes, Kazami & Tsuzuru's scenes, several interesting cases

Dislikes: Sometimes some scenes can be boring...=P

The Storehouse of Dreams

Rate: 7.0
Broadcasted in Japan: NHK 1995
Duration: 6 episodes
Genre: Not sure if it's a Taiga or modern, coz it sets on the, you decide >_<

Synopsis: A story of the Tanouchi family. Izo Tanouchi is the head of the family. Izo's wife had already pregnant for 8 times. But, all of the babies, either died before birth, or died after birth. But in one stormy night, a baby-girl was born and alive, they name her Retsu which means 'the mighty'. Retsu is quite naughty and spoiled in her childhood. Until, someday, she feels her visions isn't clear enough in the dark and at night. After her parents bring her to the doctor, he said it's a glaucoma, there's nothing he can do, Retsu's eyes will get worse and worse, and eventually blind someday. Retsu's parents are shock, they blame each other for this. Later, Retsu's mother decided to go to the 12 Temples to beg the Gods mercy for Retsu, but she died on the journey. So, now...Retsu's aunt replacing her mother's place, taking care of Retsu. But, Izo do not want to take her as his wife, although her mother insist him to.
He took a young wife(formerly a geisha >_<), instead. Retsu really hate her stepmother, she has made Retsu's life miserable. At 13, at last...Retsu's eyes don't function anymore, she's blind. She's very scared at first, but get used to it later. Meanwhile, her stepmother give birth to a baby-boy, and her father is really happy, coz this means, now the Tanouchi family has a heir. But, at the age of 4, the little boy died, he falls down from a tree.
Two yrs later, Retsu is now a beautiful-looking lady(of course, played by Takako Matsu^^). She determined to open the sake brewery once again and continue the Tanouchi's business. Her father said no at first, because she's only a blind-girl, but she insist. At last, her father gave up and together with Retsu, they visit the fishermen village, to ask the former head of the sake brewery to, once again, work for the Tanouchi family.
One day, Retsu visit a wedding reception and a man attracted to her, few days later, his father come to the Tanouchi household proposing Retsu. Meanwhile, Retsu finds herself attracted to Ryota, a sake worker who works for her, whom she met before when she was in the fishermen village.

Acting performances:

Takako Matsu as Retsu Tanouchi
This is her very first drama, or at least....the very first time she played as the main character. She's suppose to be 18 when she played in this drama.
She plays a polite, sweet, yet firm and blind 15 years old girl. Quite a change there, because Retsu as a child is a little selfish and spoiled. Her acting in the blind part is good!^^ But, Retsu's character is not very solid, so there's really nothing interesting in her acting as Retsu.

First sight: I remember people telling about this drama when Long Vacation was broadcasted. "Ryoko in LongV played as a blind girl in a drama on ANTeve,". But, I'm not a fan by that time, so I just ignore it!^^ Then, after I'm crazed over Love Generation and became Takako Matsu's fan, luckily that TV station broadcasted the rerun of the drama ^_~ So, of course I wouldn't miss it!

Comments: The first 3 episodes are very interesting to watch. Especially how the Tanouchi family keeps getting bad luck. I thought when Matsu showed up, the story would be more exciting. But what happened is the other way around. It gets boring at times. Even her love story with Ryota, a fisherman also a sake worker, is just so predictable. But it's a -not too bad- drama, nonetheless^^ It's interesting to see Matsu played as a blind girl and how she acted as a firm girl.

Watched: once(all eps), on local TV(ANTeve)

Likes: Takako Matsu, some interesting parts of the story

Dislikes: The atmosphere, the story for the last 3 eps, background musics

To Heart

Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: TBS July-Sep 1999
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: To Heart by Kinki Kids

Synopsis: Yuji[Tsuyoshi Dohmoto] is a 20 years old boxer who makes ends meet by working part-time at a flower shop. Although he works besides her everyday, he hides a deep affection for Kaori[Hara Sachie], the manager of the shop. Tohko[Kyoko Fukada] is a sincere and active young woman that works at a local crepe shop. Her initial meeting with Yuji in a video store ends quickly with both ridiculing the other's video selections. However, Tohko notices him training in the park and falls in love with him instantly after seeing this serious and determined side of Yuji. Her persistence brings her to his debut-boxing match, but as she cheers for him she soon realizes his heart belongs to Kaori.

Acting performances:

Tsuyoshi Dohmoto as Yuji Tokieda
Everyone was like, "Tsuyoshi is cho kakkoi & very good-looking in To Heart!". So, when I watched this, I was expecting a hontou-kakkoi Tsuyoshi! But, turns out....naaah, not as kakkoi as I think! ;p Didn't make me wants to drool either, just 'futsu' ^_^ I think his face didn't progress much either, from his first dorama I watched, Summer Snow =P A sweet guy he is, here!! I love his acting! His character is the kind of guy who don't have the heart to break women's heart. I guess, this is a character specially made for future idols!! With this kind of character, no wonder Tsuyoshi shoots to stardom rapidly, and gathered many fans ^_^

Kyoko Fukada as Tohko Miura
Irritating!! That's all I can say, to describe her character! Her 'ne ne ne ne ne' sounds very annoying, and when she said she's willing to die to prove her love to Yuji, I lost all my respect to Tohko!! Nani sore? Willing to die just for love?! Your mother having so much trouble to give you birth and you want to end your life just like that?! How bout your family? Won't they be sad if you're dead? But then again, does she has a family in this dorama, I wonder...=P
As for Fukada herself..I find myself, don't really like her as an actress. Her acting is only fair, not that great. Sometimes, I find her expressions were so fake. Gomen ne...Fukada's fans!! But, she does look cute here!

First sight: Have been hearing this is a good romantic comedy dorama, you know how much I'm fond of this genre!^^

Comments: Turns out, I didn't find myself laugh as much as I expected. But the story is quite good! And although, the theme of the story is rather popular...y'know, a cheerful girl after a cool guy, but the guy is still in love with his first love, etc, etc, etc. But, the plot is not as predictable as I thought!! Quite fun to follow!
The themesong, To Heart by Kinki Kids...blows me away! Such a beautiful song, and I felt goosebumps everytime I listen to it...tee-hee...Kinki Kids does produce great songs, ne? Overall, it's a good dorama, not great though ^_^

Watched: once(all eps), borrowed the VCD

Likes: Yuji character, the story

Dislikes: Tohko's irritating habits!!

Tokyo Daigaku Monogatari (Tokyo University Story)   

Rate: 7.5
Broadcasted in Japan: TV Asahi Oct-Dec 1994
Duration: 10 episodes
Themesong: Drive Me Crazy by Yamashita Kumiko

Synopsis: Naoki Murakami, a 3rd grader in highschool, a straight-A student, positioned as striker in the soccer club, and a love interest for many girls in the school. His aim is to pass the test to Tokyo University!! Everything was okay and things goes the way he wants.....until he meets Haruka, the tennis club star of his school......

Acting performances:

Goro Inagaki as Naoki Murakami
Its cute to see Goro looking very young and act as a highschool boy. Rare sights^^ He's actually very good!! I love it when he starts to act ridiculous!^_^ Its just that....towards the end....I thought he's just a complete jerk >_<

Asaka Seto as Haruka Mizuno
Looking very young, too!!!^^ I love her character! Very cheerful, genki and lots of patient....and she really loves Naoki very much and trust him with all her hearts! That's why, I like her character ^_~

Yutaka Takenouchi as Asakura
Haha...well, he's not actually have that many roles here....its just, interesting to see Takenouchi, act as a highschool boy and such minor role, too x) He acted as Haruka's close friend and at one time is Naoki's rival! ^_^

First sight: A friend gave this drama to me...^^

Comments: I enjoyed it very much!!! I loooove the first 7 episodes!^O^ I was chotto surprised myself, to find this drama is that irresistable to me! I keep on putting on one disc after another...^^
It's just interesting to me, coz its a highschool love story, lots of silly and ridiculous things happen(just like a comic story^^)......and I looove Naoki and Haruka's sweet-sweet scenes!!! Goro and Seto have superb chemistry here!!! No wonder, they been paired continously in Boku ga Boku and Saimin!^_~
I'm about to give this drama an 8, but after watching the last 3 eps.....I was quite down and was not that enticed anymore with the story.....coz, Naoki is being such a completely jerk!! I always love his character from the beginning(althou sometimes, annoying =P), bcoz it seems he love Haruka so much and really want to spend the rest of his life with her.....but then, "that" happened...urghh, feel like strangling him ~_~ I can't believe, Haruka can still give him another chance, after what he done! But, it IS rational, since Haruka's character is easily forgiving.
Dont worry, its should be a happy ending....its just me, I cannot enjoy the drama anymore, after Naoki did "that" >=(

Watched: once, collected the VCD

Likes: the cute and sweet plot and scenes, Goro and Seto's chemistry

Dislikes: the last 3 eps!!!!

Tokyo Love Story

Rate: 9.0
Broadcasted in Japan: FujiTV Jan-March 1991
Duration: 12 episodes
Themesong: "Love Story wa Totsuzen ni" by Oda Kazumasa

Synopsis: New kid in town finds love in a spunky co-worker, But his old flame gets in the way. This is a must see classic and made Suzuki Honami a household name in Japan. Big hit in Asia among college kids and 20-somethings. It is a one of a most popular drama. Rika and Kanchi work together. Rika is outgoing type and loves Kanchi from the beginning. Kanchi is always wondering and twisted around by Rika. Rika wants him to love her and Kanchi once loves her but because they are too different they can't live along. Rika is too energetic but in fact she is always lonely.

Acting performances:

Oda Yuuji as Kanji Nagao
He's a good actor!^^

Honami Suzuki as Rika Akana
Very good!! I really like her as Rika! And, I pity Rika so much, since he love Kanji very much and didn't get her love return....=(

First sight: Wow! This is the VERY first Japan drama I ever watched! And it was back in January 1995, aired on my local TV! Japan dramas immediately become very popular in Indonesia since TLS showing!^^;

Comments: The most legendary dorama, indeed!!^_~ I just watched this one again on VCD....and yappari, it is such a great dorama!! I love the love story between Kanji and Rika....and definitely, what made my eyes stuck to the TV, is Rika's character! Such a great character! The story and the scenes are also great!
Its just such a nostalgic drama for me!^_^ And I still love it 'til now! Althou, it's not this one, that made me collecting doramas...but, this drama is definitely what has started it all!!!^____^

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: the story, Kanji and Rika's scenes, Rika's character

Dislikes: Satomi, the girl who gets in the way between Kanji and Rika! Grrh...-_-

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