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Reisei to Jyounetsu no Aida ~Calmi Cuori Apassionati~

Production Year: 2001
Rate: 7.5

Synopsis: Junsei is a Japanese student living in Florence, and is studying to become a restoration artist of old paintings and fine art. Though over the years he has never been able to forget Aoi, his true love that he had to leave behind. As his life slowly passes by, he remembers a ten year old promise he made to Aoi to meet her at a cathedral in Florence on her 30th birthday. As the day draws near, he wonders if she will show up as well, and what the future may hold for both of them.

Acting performances:

Yutaka Takenouchi as Junsei
Great appearance and great acting from Takenouchi-sama as always!!^^ What dissapointed me...that, Junsei's character is too plain, while usually Takenouchi acted interesting roles with specific and stands out characteristics...
His English and Italian are pretty good!!^^ I seldom hear his Italian, though...

Kelly Chen as Aoi
I actually don't really like her, but have to admit she's a language expert! She's a cantonese actress, yet she speaks Japanese, English and Italian fluently! Her acting is...okay, I guess.

First sight: Really, really interested to see Takenouchi speaking in 3 languages!!^^ And this is his first movie!

Comments: Goes really slow in the first half, if it's not because of Takenouchi, I'd go sleep^^ But the last half is pretty good!! I, especially, love the part with Junsei and Aoi's flashbacks back when they're college students! Their love story in college just feels so sweet, happy and cheerful!!^^ Love it!
I love the beautiful musics and all beautiful sceneries taken!!^^ I guess Enya's songs just add the plus points to this movie, coz her songs just feels so soothing^^
Overall, it's an okay movie, not great though.

Watched: once, collected the VCD

Likes: Yutaka, the scenery, musics, Junsei & Aoi's flashback stories^^

Dislikes: the slow plot in half of the movie

Saimin(Hypnosis) - The Movie

Production Year: 1999
Rate: 5.0

Synopsis: A hypnotist, Toshiya Saga, sets out to investigate a series of inexplicable suicides linked to Midori no Saru(Green Monkey). Yuka, a girl who is possibly involved in the case, has being hypnotised, leading her to have dual characteristics ... one is her real identity, while the other an outerspace alien. And during the investigation, it is also discovered that all the deaths are caused by victims under hypnosis via some means, resulting them in absurd behaviours, such as treating an accelerator as brake, treating fire as water to wash their face, thus ended up in an accident.

Acting performances:

Goro Inagaki as Toshiya Saga
Kakkoi!! Goro looks so kakkoi here!!!^_~ That's a plus point for the movie =P His acting is pretty good!

Miho Kanno as Yuka
She plays dual characteristics girl, and she's very good in acting it. She can irritate me, but also feels pity for her at the same time.

First sight: I'm more interested in watching the serial(Goro with Seto), actually. The movie's story is before the serial, the stories not connected to each other, though. But, since it's available...why not?^^

Comments: What a corny horror movie!>_< Not good! I'm not even sure if it's horror, coz there are no ghosts or demons. The scary parts comes from the scary and gross ways people died and also showed possesed people.
Goro and Kanno's chemistry is pretty good, I felt pity for them in the climax scene where they confess each other's feelings, but it turns out...the word 'love' is what gonna kill Yuka =(

Watched: once, borrowed the VCD from a friend

Likes: Goro's kakkoi appearance! =P

Dislikes: almost everything...esp. the scenes that made me almost puke >_<

Space Travellers


Rate: 8.5

Synopsis: 3 great pals that grew up with one another in an orphanage attacks the Cosmo Bank just before closing time. Their plan is to get the money and be out within 5 minutes but the bank manager and security guard locked themselves inside the safe. Unable to get the money, they plan to wait for the safe to open automatically the next day. Another security guard plans to escape and 2 police patrolling the vicinity saw him struggling with the 3 robbers and soon after, they heard gunshots. Thus the robbery had alerted the police. Within minutes, the bank's vicinity is surrounded by police car...

Acting performances:

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Tamo Sakamaki(Hayabusa-jetter)
He's sooo cool here!! I've seen soooooooo much of his Hongkong movies, so I can judge that he's a great actor!!

Andou Masanobu as Makoto(Black Cat)
Pretty good! And a cute guy, too!^^

Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Isao(Dragon Attack)
I dunno what to say, he don't have much dialogues here ^_^ But, I guess his expressions are great!

Eri Fukatsu as Midori(Irene Bear)
I guess her best performance is when Tamo and Makoto is about to give up and runs outside the bank...her sadness shock expressions is superb!!^^ The most touching scene, too, btw!

First sight: Obviously, because Takeshi Kaneshiro's in it ^_^

Comments: A pretty good movie!! It's just soooo ridiculous to see the police think they're a professional/international gank of robbers...while they're actually only three amateur robbers ^_~ But, I guess that's the interesting part! And, although, the ending is sad, but I don't makes more sense to me!!^^

Watched: thrice, bought the VCD

Likes: the casts, the story, the background musics, the ending!!

Dislikes: ...none...^_^

The Returner 

Production Year: 2002
Rate: 7.5
Scriptwriter: Takashi Yamazaki

Synopsis: In 2084....the earth invaded by aliens......only one girl can save earth's destiny, so she go back to the year 2002, to ask a man's avoid the alien's invasion.

Acting performances:

Takeshi Kaneshiro
Cool action scenes by Kaneshiro!!!^_^ He looks very kakkoi too, in this movie!!

Anne Suzuki
Hmm...I'd say, she's a potential actress.....looking forward to see her in more movies/dramas...

First sight: I've seen the CMs, and looked some kind of a Matrix movie^^ So, I'm interested!

Comments: Well....the story didn't impress me much....the usual typical alien sci-fi story...go back to the past to avoid alien's invasion....isn't this type of story is sooo 5-minutes ago?! Keke...oh well..thanks to the fabulous special FX and great action scenes by Kaneshiro...this movie is quite enjoyable!!^_~

Watched: once, borrowed the DVD from a friend

Likes: Kaneshiro's performance, special FX, the action scenes

Dislikes: the plot

The Ring

Production Year: 1998
Rate: 9.0
Scriptwriter: (based on the novel by Koji Suzuki)

Synopsis: Newspaper reporter Reiko Asagawa(Nanako Matsushima) attends the funeral of her young niece, Tomoko(Yuko Takeuchi). It is at the funeral that Asagawa first hears of the mysterious videotape that kills all who watch it exactly seven days later. Asagawa discovers that not just her niece, but also three of her niece's friends all died on the same day, and all at 10:00 pm. She finds that the four teenagers stayed overnight at a remote log cabin in the woods... and at that cabin, Asagawa finds the videotape itself. The rumors are true -- upon watching the video, Asagawa receives a phone call. She now has one week to solve the riddle of the tape, and with the help from her ex-husband, Takayama Ryuji, she tries to find where the videotape came from.

Acting performances:

Nanako Matsushima as Reiko Asagawa
Great performance from Matsushima!!! As always!^^ I really like her as the female lead! And she definitely suits the reporter role!!^_^ I think it's a profession that suits her perfectly, besides teacher and stewardess roles she has done ^_^ She's also great playing as the single mother^^

First sight: Accidentally found this showing on a TV channel after read an article on this before, and got pretty shocked watching this!! Never have I thought the movie to be THAT scary and made me had 7 sleepless nights!!>_< But after awhile, I realized The Ring is such a great and classic horror movie!!! I appreciated it very much, so when my brother rent this movie, I watch it again. But now, by closing my eyes on certain horror scenes esp. the climax!!! NO WAY I would want to watch that twice >_<

Comments: The Ring is definitely a great, great classic horror movie! It's a masterpiece!! I just love the story, both the present and the past stories!!! Full of excitement and tense watching this movie. My heart's going 'doki-doki' on the scary and tense scenes. Some scenes are just too scary for me >_< Esp. the climax scene!! This is what made me had 7 sleepless night coz I keep picturing Sadako's face! Yada! I just got soooo 'taken' with that -7 days- curse, coz technically we also watch the videotape, right??? =P
Actually, one of the biggest factor why The Ring is such a success is the MUSIC!! The musics almost give me a heart attack!!!>_< Sometimes, it comes so suddenly and loud and it just shocked me! Great horror musics!!!
Overall, The Ring is not only about the screaming and the ghosts, but the story itself is really, really good!!! That's why I respect this movie very much, although it made me can't sleep =P
Becareful, when you think it's all over, it's NOT!!

Watched: twice, watched on TV and rent the VCD

Likes: Nanako Matsushima as Reiko, the story

Dislikes: ...not dislikes, it's just...TOO scary!>_<

Additions: As for The Ring 2 and The Ring 0, I didn't watch it. Coz it's Ring movie is enough for me!!>_< However, I heard comments on it from my friends, and actually I watched glimpses of it when my brother was watching it =P

The Ring 2
Matsushima makes an appearance here, but she's not the female lead anymore, replaced by Miki Nakatani. The story itself is just too confusing and it is more a supernatural/ESP movie rather than horror, although the ghost still appear here(and she's still as scary as ever!).
But, it's just a little confusing, and not as tense as The Ring, coz there are no deadline dates here like the case in The Ring ^_^

The Ring 0
Produced in the occasion of 'The Ring' birthday. Tells the story about Sadako when she's still alive as a beautiful girl played by Yukie Nakama. The story's here is even MORE confusing! Sadako have a twin here, although it's not very clear, whether this is a cloning performed by dr. Ikuma or that twin really IS Sadako's twin sister, coz her twin is still a little girl, and if I'm not wrong, that twin is the bad character here. Still, not really clear about it >_< Oh, the movie ends with the scene where Sadako's father, dr. Ikuma, hit Sadako from behind and she falls to the well, and trapped there forever(just like how Reiko see the vision in the first 'Ring' movie).

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