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Born To Act Together...


10 Years Chemistry of
Kimura Takuya & Matsu Takako!!

Irrashaimase! Welcome to KimuraMatsu Dorama Zone!!^^ I'm Yanie, a big fan of the legendary on-screen couple, Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako!!! That's why I dedicated this website for the best onscreen couple!!^^ Contains DORAMAs they starred in together!
Besides Kimura and Matsu I've also included few of my other favorite doramas!!^^ Pls....do enjoy yourself here!!^O^



The FORUM for KimuraMatsu fans to unite, is NOW OPENED!!! JOIN US! Let's get to know other KimuraMatsu fans and discuss further about the Golden Combi and also their individual careers!!



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October 10th, 2006: I just erased the KimuraMatsu Tribute Video links, since they are not working anymore. My friend kindly uploaded it to a free space server, for me. So it has expired limit. Apparently, no people has download it anymore in the last 30 days, so it has expired. To those who had requested to re-upload the videos again to me...I'm very sorry...but I can't re-upload it myself, coz the files are TOO big xD I don't have fast connection. And I cannot ask my friend to re-upload it again. So, if there's anyone here who had downloaded the videos and willing to re-upload it again for the other fans who haven't seen it, we would highly appreciate that!! Yoroshiku~! Just contact my email above, if there's anyone willing to re-upload the videos again^^


September 9th, 2006: I've opened a KimuraMatsu Forum discussion!! Join us! The link is at the top of this page!!^^

August 25th, 2006: I've added THE LAST PIECE of Kimura-Matsu Tribute Video!!!^0^ Check carefully the box above!!^.^ ENJOY!!

August 18th, 2006: Today is KimuraMatsu Dorama Zone's 5th Year Anniversary!!! Wow, I didn't realize I've run the website that long! And I'm really, very sorry for the lack of updates xD Hope the tribute videos could make up for it!!^o^ Do download it and kindly send me your comments to my email add!^_^

July 13th, 2006: Added Hero SP 2006 section!!! With synopsis and screencaps!

May 26th, 2006: I've added one section: BITS & PIECES. The link is below, scroll down, see the NEW logo??^^ Check it out!
Oh, I've just checked the guestbook again, and I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the visitors who has take the time to fill it in, even though this website has never been updated for 2 years. Thank you for all of your neverending support to this website!! I really appreciate it very much! And it has triggered my spirit to improve and update this website more!!^0^

I'll do my best to translate other Matsu's Bistro appearances to English, as many visitors requested in my guestbook ^_^

May 13th, 2006: Wow!! Finally, I'm updating this site!!^^ After 2 years! haha, I know I'm going to update this someday, it's only a matter of when....but didn't know it'll took 2 years xD
For now, I've only added Matsu's appearances in SMAPxSMAP, these last 2 years in a row...scroll down a bit, you'll find the addition pics...there are 5 boxes now^^ Only screencaps, and only bit translations of the show...enjoy!!^^

Oh, and I will try to revamp this site in the near future and add more things. There are 2 more variety shows which had Kimura-Matsu that I haven't put up, FNS 1997 and Sanma&SMAP 2003....you may look forward to that^^

I'm planning to create a Kimura-Matsu Tribute Video. So, lately, I've been re-watching HERO, LoveGen and LongVaca. I still looooove HERO to death, though this is the 6-7th times (in 4-5 years span), I think?? xD The more I watch it, the more plus points I found in it, ne...^_^
Re-watching LongVaca....wah, I still love it...esp. Sena and Ryoko's scenes...I love Minami too, she's so crazy!!^^ But truthfully, to me...although Sena and Minami make a good bestfriend, but they're not really compatible as lovers ne, heehee....but still I like Minami, she acts like a big sister for Ryoko^^
Re-watching LoveGen....aree....I'm not too enthusiastic anymore, as I used to be. Haha, probably I've watched this TOO MUCH, ne~! xD

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Bits & Pieces  

Long Vacation (April-June 1996)

Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni (January 1997)

Love Generation (October-December 1997)

Konya wa Eigyouchu (1999)

HERO (Jan-March 2001)

Chuusingura 1/47 (December 2001)

HERO Special (July 2006)  



!! SMAP !!

Dekichatta Kekkon/Shotgun Marriage (2001)

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