I became a Smappy in October 2002, thanks to one of Malaysian Smappy^^ When I first became a Smappy, it was REALLY REALLY difficult to find another Smappy here in Jakarta...not even in the whole Indonesia. I felt lonely. I joined a mailing list called "Johnny's Ichiban", but none of them are Smappies, most of them are V6/KinkiKids/Arashi fans. However, I did find 1 Smappy here, but she's from Bandung, not Jakarta.
Then, I have also joined this Indonesian DoramaLovers community long before I became a Smappy, so I just spread the only SMAPxSMAP vcd I have (3 Jan 2000 episode) to this community. From this maillist, I found 2 Kimura fans, who are interested to get to know SMAP more.

9 January 2003, I decided to create a 'Smappies Gath' mailing list, so we have a place to talk LOTS and LOTS about SMAP. With only 4 members, the first time it was created. In 1 year, the number only developed to about 15 members, not only from Jakarta now, but also Bandung, Surabaya, even Lombok(an island next to Bali). Smappies are VERY rare in Indonesia. Japanese entertainment stuff is not so popular here...although it exist, but compared to Mandarin and Korean(which is really booming here now), what we have here on Japanese...is really nothing. We do have LARGE communities of Japanese stuffs, such as ANIME....and/or Laruku community. But, on DORAMA...it is still little number. Thus, of course, it is difficult to find Smappies here.

Finally, until now, the number of Smappies Gath I created, has reached 30+ members. Mostly, because...we, who already are members, poisoned them with SMAP vcds^^ If there's anyone started to get interested with one member of SMAP, we will act quick and poison them more with SMAP variety shows^^

One day, one of our member, thought of an idea, to held an event. In order, to spread the SMAP virus to more people. Well, we have heard many times about Laruku Night events here in Jakarta. So, we want to make something like that...although none of us has ever attend Laruku Night event, coz we're not fans of Laruku at all....so, we come up with our own ideas to make a SMAP event!

With only about 15++ members active in Jakarta, we formed the organizing commitee in one day, named SMANESIA. Then, work in an express mode, coz we only have 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks? haha...this is embarassing....coz, I'm afraid I cannot help and/or even attend the event, if it held later on...since my college schedule is tight. I've told them, that they dont have to mind about me. But, I was the starter of the community, ....so, they protested and insisted that they need me in this event xD Two weeks, also in a tight budget.

Along 2 weeks, it was really a hectic situation, yet fun! We start to bond with each other...we have few arguments, but that only made us tighter. We have to finish pamphlets and leaflets in 2 days. Many problems in booking Tomodachi Cafe, the place we are going to held the event at. Problems here and there...
Before this, we only gather, for like, once in few months. Or, lately, once in a month. But thanks to this event, we see each other alot^^ So, we start to get to know each other closely.....and the most fun part is....we found out similarities between Tsuyoshi-ichibans and Tsuyoshi himself! Ha! So, we...Takuya and Shingo ichibans frequently bullies Tsu-1bans! LOL! We have few Nakai-ichibans here, but coincidentally, cannot be a part of the commitee. NONE Goro-ichiban! xD There are only 3 Tsu-1bans.......but that night, when we bullied them, in one of the Smappy's house...it was only 2 of them there...everytime we commented on Tsuyoshi, how blur he is and all, 1 can only desperately smile, while the other 1 tried to defend Tsu or herself, but sometimes what she says is zenzen kankenai(unrelated)! xD haha!! Now I understand, why Shingo-tachi likes to bully Tsu!! It IS fun! LOL!

So, this is the brief yet long report of the SMAP event, that SMANESIA held (haha, the COMPLETE report is really longer than below! xD).

Name of The Event: What's Up SMAP!?

Concept: all programs in this event have the purpose to introduce the REAL identity of SMAP to public, and of course....TO HAVE FUN!!!^o^

Target: those who is interested to get to know more abt SMAP but doesn't know where to find, those who dont know at all about SMAP, those who only know Takuya Kimura but doesnt know SMAP, those who only heard of SMAP but didnt know what they are like, those who still think that SMAP is only another boyband.

Held at: Tomodachi Cafe, 18 September 2005, 11.00 AM - 16.20 PM, total there are only 51 people in this event, commitee and guests. But, that's really not bad, considering the only 2-weeks promotion^^ We almost invite some magazines, or TV people to come...but it was cancelled.

Charged fee: Rp. 37.500,- (for the dining itself, we chose the menu and limited it for Rp. 33.000,- only). So, most expenses, we have to get from our own pockets (SMANESIA commitee), we did not charge everything to the guests. Reason being, SMAP is still not popular here, in fact...our purpose is to make SMAP more popular. So, SMAP's name itself wont enough to sell...not like Laruku, or Taiwanese boyband F4, or Bae Yong Joon....many people will pay expensive for those. But, who is SMAP here? Not many people recognize them. So, we have to decide the charged fee as cheap as it can. So, yes...the consequence is we suffer losses...well, we're not searching for profits, anyway, from this event. So, daijoubu^^


1. IRRASHAIMASE! -> welcoming guests who are coming, they were given nametag with their names already printed on it and souvenir bag. There are 5 COLORS for the souvenir bags: blue, red, pink, yellow, green...of course, representing our beloved SMAP members. Contents of each souvenir bag are:

-SMAP Mini Guidebook with 5 COLORS of covers too. Inside are Introduction, History, Profile of each SMAP member, SMAPxSMAP intro, Suma Iro Iro, Songs Lyric(Yozora, LionHeart, SekaiHana). We printed these ourselves, material written by me, xerox copied the black-white pages ourselves, pics searched by Yessi(in Lombok), then we combine the pages ourselves (1 day before the event), tied them together ourselves. Jaaaang~~ dekita!^.^

-Bistro SMAP~Tomodachi Cafe Menu Book. Well, this was actually a mistake...haha...
The person in charge of this, was only told to make menu cards so guests can easily tick on the foods they want and hand it to the waitress(as the limit price for the guests can order was only 33,000 rupiahs). But, turned out, she made it TOO NICELY, like below!! It became a book, with also 5 COLORS of covers! hahaha! xD
Felt like, we're eating with Bistro SMAP recipes...heehee...

-SMAP Compilation CD (compiled by me =P including some of their good solos)

-SMAPxSMAP~SmaCourt 30.Dec.2002 (with only 80% finished English-subtitle, coz we were after by deadline xD shouganai...)

2. Then, we also have collection display tables. We displayed magazines, SMAP dorama boxes, concert goodies stuffs, uchiwa, posters, etc, etc. ALL displayed were SMANESIA members' collections...and are not for sell.

We also made bulletin cartons....we stick SxS/Bistro/SMAP pictures on it. Some SxS Ending Talk translations, some SMAP articles, SekaiHana selling record, Best Jeanist info, Dorama Academy Award that SMAP members had won info, also a letter for Nakai from Kimura, back in 1996.

3. The show started on 12.30 PM. First of all, Lani, the MC and also the one who shout out this event's idea, introduced the Smappies' senpai here. First, was me. Then, Imel also from Jakarta. Then, Lita who live in Bandung. Last was, Yessi in Lombok Island, who cannot be here today(too far away! xD).
Oh, right! One of the guest is GORO-ICHIBAN!!! The one and only we ever find! So, we gave her long and loud applause!! hahaha!

First, I showed the presentation I made...contents are 20-mins clip of SMAPxSMAP(skits and Bistro). Then, start with SMAP Introduction...their history, their childhood photos, clips when they were still young. Profile of each member. Three biggest incidents in SMAP history: Mori-Kimura-Goro. 5-mins clip of Mori Finale. 20-mins clip of Goro Return. Clip of SMAP concerts from 1992-2000. Clip of SMAP special dramas and SHOOT movie. Clip of Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana compilation from Drink, MIJ, and Kouhaku03.

Most of the WMV clips I made were Indonesian-subbed 75% of it^^ Haha...my nihongo is still limited, dakara. This was presented while the guests having lunch.

After this, its quiz time! We prepared some photos as presents.

1. Tsuyoshi photo! Question was, "What is Tsuyoshi usually called by Shingo? Nickname!". "Tsuyopon!" ^_^

2. Shingo photo! Question was, "Shingo's color code!". "Green!!" ^_^

3. Goro photo! Question was, "Goro's hobby is to collect....???". "Wine!" ^_^

4. Kimura photo! Question was, "Who is Kimura's wife's name?". "What?? What kind of question is that? That question has no quality!"...LOL! Apparently, SMANESIA commitee who are Kimura-ichibans protested that question...haha! Gomen, gomen...most of us are anti-Kudo xD So, the question was changed to, "Who is Kimura's role's name in his latest dorama, ENGINE??". "JIRO KANZAKI!!!!"...wow! This gal have a powerful voice and so enthusiastic to get Kimura photo! xD

5. Nakai photo! Question was, "Who is Nakai's role's front name in Shiroi Kage? Naoe ....?" .........silence.... xD One guest said, "How about the female lead's name?". haha,..."okay! so, who is Naoe-sensei's girlfriend's name??". "Mmh....I mean, the actress' name,". The MC said, "wait a minute! how come you do the bidding??", "haha...fine! The actress' name is...?". "Yuko Takeuchi!!!". So, she got Nakai photo^^

6. Present is 1 set of SMAP members' photos. 5 guests are told to come to the front.
"So, what you have to do now...is to do the Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana's chorus sign perfectly! The audience will be the judges, the one who got most applause, she's the winner,". We started the SekaiHana clip. And there begins, the Sekai sign! The 5 contestants are not allowed to look at the screen^^ Then, we finally have the winner!^^

Quiz finished here.

We were going to show clips of qamS, Drink and MIJ concerts too, for 1 hour. But the time didnt allow(we started 30 mins late). So, we just went to SMAP variety shows. First, we showed Sports Batsu Game 15.Apr.2002.....the tension was really, really HIGH!! The laughing voice from all of us were SO SO loud! Not to mention, the screaming, when we see one of the SMAP member starts to slide down xD
We also showed Skateboys~Rollerskating, Utaban Amateur Singing Contest, SmaCourt~Kimura 'GIANT' Case.

Oh, along the time we watch these. We, the commitee members, noticed that the Tomodachi Cafe supervisor/managers kept approaching Lani(the MC). Then, they talked seriously. We were really worried....are we causing riot here? Are we gonna be kicked out?
Coz, there were alot of problems in booking this place before. Lani really hated one of the supervisor, named Ivan. She kept arguing with him on the phone, about booking the place. Even 2 days before the day, suddenly that guy called again insisted that we cannot fully-book the place. However....somehow, we solved this problem. Another supervisor/manager, is nice, named Santo, he helped us alot.

Lani told us the story. First, that Ivan guy approached her. She thought, what? Does he want to fight with me again? Suddenly he asked, "Excuse me, mam. May I know where to buy this group's songs CDs? The songs are really good...can I find it in regular CD shops?". WHAT??! LOL!LOL!LOL! Oh, my god!! xD
Then, the guy named Santo, also approaching her asking, "Ma'am....may I know how can I find this group's shows here? These are really funny...even funnier than Extravaganza(a popular comedy show in Indonesia)," LOL!!!
I was shocked when I heard this! hahaha! We suceed in contaminating 2 guys in their 30s with SMAP! xD
Lani said, they frequently keep asking her about SMAP, and really curious...like when we showed Skateboys, they asked, "What are they doing, ma'am?". haha!
Then, finally...we gave them the souvenir bags! LOL! They asked, "Wah...how much should we pay for this?". We said, "With 'thank you' will be enough,"...haha!! xD

Anyway, after watching SMAP shows, there are DOORPRIZES for guests and commitee members, too^^ SMAP Mp3 CDs, X'smap english-subs, some SMAP vcds, also...the GRAND DOORPRIZE was MIJ DVD^^

Well, finally we showed a bit of DRINK concert. Then, the last was CHEAP AUCTION. We sold photos in 6R, 7R or even 10R sizes (normal is 3R). This was actually unplanned. So, we were worried with the guests' reaction on this. But some of us said, lets take a shot. And....WOW!! Turns out, the auction was a success^^

Finally, we took pictures together. And, went home....

It is definitely an unforgettable 1 Day of SMAP event for all of us.
Oh, btw among us, there is 1 male, came with his wife...haha...apparently, he's a Shingo Mama fan!^^

Anyway....it was a really, really fun day we had!! I'd like to suggest to ALL Smappies in South East Asia, to held an event like this! Kimochi~~ desu yo! haha! For Smappies in Malaysia, Phillippines, Thailand! Start to gather Smappies in your country and spread the SMAP virus to public^^ heheh... For Singaporean Smappies, Im not sure...but since there are hundreds of Smappies there, perhaps you gals has held an event something like this?

My dream is for South East Asian Smappies to unite. Headquarter in Singapore. Then we'll have a gathering (like this "What's Up SMAP!?" event) once a year in different cities each year, Singapore, Jakarta, Kualalumpur, Manila, Bangkok. A dream that probably can never happen, unless we all can cooperate...haha!! LOL! Muri kana...xD

Jya....report from Jakarta, ijyou desu! Yanie deshita!^O^