Sma Smash - October 29th, 2001

Sma Smash is a segment in SmapXSmap show. Smap sings with famous singer, and together they sings the famous singer's songs. Usually, it continues with an Ending Talk segment with the singer. With this, Takako Matsu have 3 times already show up in SmapXSmap as guest!! I think she's the most often guest show up in SxS^^ I've only found that the other guests have only, at least, show up for the 2nd time, none of them have appear as guest 3 times like Matsu =P
I'm very very sorry with the blur pics!! The camera moves so fast and even Smap & Matsu themselves move fast, so it's a little hard for me to get a good and clear screencap...dakara, pls understand...^^

Sma Smash



Smap & Matsu sings Matsu's song entitled "Koishii Hito". Hmmm....let's see, with whom Matsu looks great the most?!^^ Regarding the blend voices...I think Matsu & Shingo voices blend quite well, Matsu & Nakai...yeaa...okay, Matsu & way!!>_< They blend badly...

 expected, having the most beautiful voice in Smap, of course Matsu's voice blend the best with Kimura!!! They sings greeeeeaat together!! Their voices blend very well! Plus, what makes it looks more cool, Kimura sings in higher notes! Sugooooi! we know, that they're the best duo in acting AND singing!!!^_~


Next, Matsu sings by herself. Her song entitled "Hada no You ni". Smap joins later on the chorus part.



Next, what a surprise for the audience!! Usually, with other singers they only sings the singer's songs, but here Matsu & Smap sings Smap's song, "SHAKE"!!!^_^ And what even more surprising, Matsu dance together with Smap! Kawaaaaii!^^



Mite...mite!! Kimura & Matsu bump their waists to each other. Cute!


Oh...gee, what a pair!! Look at them together!


Ending Talk








Nakai: Have you danced before...?
Matsu: It's my first time!
Nakai: First time?!
Matsu: This is big news!
Nakai: Why did you decide to dance?
Matsu: Well...I wonder? Because it's SMASMA maybe?
(Everyone laughs)
Shingo: I have a lot of Matsu Takako songs and stuff. I like it.
Nakai: I have one CD. But I like it also. You have a nice voice, don't you?
Shingo: Maybe for next year's concert solo, I'll pick this song(Hada no Youni - Matsu's new single)!*Matsu laughs* That's how great the song is. I've been doing some thinking...of what to do for my costume and stuff.

She has been in several dramas with Kimura before, and this is mentioned. Hero, LoveGen, LongVacation...
Shingo comments, "I feel as if there are more..."
And it is brought up that in "Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni", Matsu had played the role of Tsuyoshi's girlfriend, and also they had been in "Jinbee" together.

Shingo: You've been together! You're kidding! What? Why don't you talk more about something?
Nakai: How was it at that time? When you were doing "Jinbee"?
Tsuyoshi: We sang together, didn't we?
Matsu: Oh, that's right!
Tsuyoshi: Matsu-san's song. I have a song that I like. A song called, "Stay with Me."

Tsuyoshi had listened to Matsu's songs during the time when they had been filming their drama. Though he speaks as if they got along quite well with each other, Shingo doubts this...that they are very close.

Tsuyoshi: That's not true. Even today, when Matsu-san had time to spare backstage, I said, 'would you like to come and have some tea...?'
Nakai: Sounds like you're complete strangers~!

Nakai: How do you call Kimura-kun?
Matsu: Kimura-san.
Nakai: Not Kimura-kun?
Matsu: Well, he's older than me...
Kimura: But after the drama, with a little bit of alcohol...
Matsu: *surprised* Usotsuki!!(You're lying!) It's a lie~
Nakai: Takuya?
Kimura: Not including the "ya"...
Nakai: Eeeee?!?!? Taku?!
Shingo: Taku?!?
Matsu: That's not's a lie...*laughing*
Nakai: Image doooown~~ (meaning, your image just went down)
(Nakai lift his both arms and getting it down, but Matsu getting Nakai's both arms up again...funny!^^)

Kimura: Today, standing side by side like that, just singing the same part together is really...bimyo~
Nakai: Like the part where you go, "ira ira shinai~i yeaa~"
Kimura: In that part, I really let yay~!!
Nakai: Oh,'s really fun...seeing the two of you.
Shingo: It's exciting.
Kimura: But you know, when asked to do dramas, I think it's the same for you (to Tsuyoshi) also, but do you get close to the person?
Tsuyoshi: ......
Nakai: Nope!
Shingo: No...huh?
Nakai: So you're able to do that...
Kimura: Really, it was like a way of life...
Shingo: That's great...
Nakai: Wow...
(Both Shingo and Nakai are overreacting their reactions, to tease Kimura and Matsu)
Kimura: *waving to the camera, laughing embarassly* It's not that great of a feat...
Nakai: With dramas, I think being that way produces a better product.
Shingo: Better...I'm sure of it.
Nakai: What about you, Tsuyoshi? How do you call Fujiwara-san?
Tsuyoshi: kind of not really...
Nakai: What do you mean by that?
Tsuyoshi: Oh, by name?
Nakai: Well then if she is far away, how do you call her?
Tsuyoshi: Oh, sumimasen~
(Everyone burst out to laugh, Shingo fell off his chair!)
Kimura: (in english) Excuse me?!?

Matsu: But actually I'm quite the type that takes awhile to warm to people. But once I do, it's fun.
Nakai: I think it must be fun.
Kimura: You're the type that is shy around strangers?
Nakai: So, Kimura didn't have a sort of barrier or anything, so probably she didn't get that way.
Matsu: He's kind of...the type of person who removes those types of barriers...
Nakai: Ehhh???.....that's good! That's it!
Shingo: Ii ne?!? Eeee.....that's nice...!!
Nakai: So, you just open your barrier??*flapping his hands in front of his chest*
Shingo: Pls, open up!!!*also flapping his hands in front of his chest*
(Obviously, Shingo and Nakai are teasing Kimura and Matsu mercilessly here^^)
Kimura: I don't know about that... (murmuring and laugh embarassly)

Nakai: Your concert is starting, right?
Matsu: Yes, its my first concert!
Nakai: You don't dance(meaning, in concerts)?
Matsu: I don't dance!
Nakai: You should dance somewhere...
Kimura: You should dance.
Matsu: What??
Nakai: Now that it's on air today...
Kimura: You've done it today, so you can't hold back already.
Nakai: Like, Prrrrr~ha!
Kimura: No, Prrrr~ha! is impossible.

Domo arigatou to Kurenai who helped in getting the VCD of this episode!! And, domo arigatou to Kimi for the translations!! Hontou ni hontou ni domo arigatou gozaimashitaaaa!!!^O^