Casts : Takuya Kimura, Takako Matsu, Risa Junna, Norika Fujiwara, dll.
Theme Song : Shiawase na Ketsumatsu by Ohtaki Eiichi
Broadcasted in Japan : October 13th, 1997 to December 23rd, 1997 - 11 episodes - FUJI TV


Perhaps in THIS dorama, Takuya and Takako performed the best duet as lovers. Also in this drama, Takako Matsu reached her top success and we can also see her maximum performance here.
Tells you about Teppei Katagiri(24 yrs old), an advertisement designer, got transfered to the marketing departement. He feels uncomfortable with the working atmosphere there. But, this departement is also where he meets Riko Uesugi(22 yrs old), the Office Lady of the office.

Since both characters are stubborn and selfish, it makes this drama so interesting. Coz, usually in stories, pair of lovers always have the opposite characteristics. If the girl is cheerful, then the guy is quiet or vice versa. That's why, Teppei and Riko always have these cute funny quarrels which will make the viewers laugh!
Aren't two people with the same characteristics rarely can be together? Coz, usually couples that lasts are couples with different characteristics, so they can complement each other. So, what will happen to Teppei and Riko?

In this dorama, there are two things which symbolized Teppei and Riko's love story which appears over and over in the drama that sometimes can be annoying >=P Which are :

1. Crystal apple : There is only one true love, Adam and Eve...which symbolized by the apple =P Why crystal? Crystal is fragile, and if we see things through it, everything will look upside-down. All these things symbolized Teppei and Riko's relationship.

2. True Love Never Runs Smooth : This sentence is always on the advertisement board which appears over and over in the dorama : square park, Teppei's fridge door, even at Riko's hometown(Nagano)!!^_^ This sentence DOES suit in symbolizing Teppei and Riko's relationship.

Did U Notice?

In the end of the finale episode(11), things we see through the apple is not upside-down anymore!!^^



Love Generation : The Complete Synopsis @ CJ Morikai's Page


"You can come over to my place to drink, but don't get drunk. I won't look after you."
"I know"
"Do you really...?"
"Being a salaryman is tough huh! But being an OL is tough too!"
Teppei says to her, "So young....don't talk like you're that old! In any case, you're just day dreaming every day...."
Riko running into the street says, "That's mean!"
Teppei says, "Watch it! It's dangerous!"
Riko continues, "There are times when I feel like quitting too....but there are times when I think I'm really lucky to be alive in this world...."
"There are times when you feel lucky?"
"Of course!"
"Like when you're drawing cartoons or collecting Hello Kitty things...."

Riko starts laughing really weird & Teppei says, "Why are you laughing like that? Really scary!"
"That's.... that's...." says Riko climbing on the railing.
Teppei tells her "Watch it! That dangerous! Get down!"
Riko sings "That's a secret no one knows...."
Riko loses her balance as Teppei says, "Watch it!" & grabs a hold of her. Teppei smacks her on the back of her head, "I said it's dangerous!" & walks ahead, Riko looking at Teppei, the look on her face saying she's in love with him.
Riko says, "I'm going home!"

Teppei stops & turns back, "Why?"
"It's terrible when I get drunk....& recently I seem to get drunk easily....getting old I guess...."
"What are you saying?"
"Going back to what we talked about earlier....the times I feel lucky....I'll tell you!"
"Ah, what?"
"When there's someone I like!"
Teppei thinks for a second then walks up to her saying, "Ah! There's someone you like right now!"
Suddenly Riko points up into the sky, "Ahh!"
Teppei looks up into the sky & Riko stares at him.
Teppei turns back to Riko, "huh?"
Riko says, "Only an idiot would look! Bye! Goodnight!" waving as she walks away.
Teppei looking at her, waves, a smile on his face....


"What are you mad about?"
Riko pouts, "This is the first time in my life that I've made onigiri....wanted to leave put one on the kamidana (household Shinto altar) for display...."
"That's ridiculous! It's only onigiri!"
"You don't know fear of food backfiring on history, there was a war that started over one onigiri...."
"What's that?"
"War of monkeys & crabs!"


Teppei stares at her, "You should go to the hospital....there must be bugs in your head...."
"Is that the way to speak to someone who helped you? To make it up for it treat me dinner on the way home or something!"
"Treat me to dinner!"
"Sorry, I can't do that."
"My grandmother said never to eat with strangers."
"Grandmother?! What are you saying?! I was the one that called you this morning or you would have slept til the afternoon....& then gotten another tongue-lashing from kachou : 'Katagiri! What do you think you're doing!'..."

Teppei finally says, "Alright! Alright! Treat you to dinner! Treat!"
"Full course French dinner...."
Suddenly they hear Kurosaki shout, "Hot!"
The guys give him some beer, "Here, here!"
"What sort of onigiri is this?!"
Teppei sees & says to her, "You'll be fired...."
Riko just smiles.....