Casts : Takuya Kimura, Tomoko Yamaguchi, Takako Matsu, Yutaka Takenouchi, Izumi Inamori, Ryou, Ryoko Hirosue, etc.
Theme Song: La La La Love Song by Toshinobu Kubota with Naomi Campbell.
Broadcasted in Japan : April 15th, 1996 to June 24th, 1996 - 12 episodes - FUJI TV

Long Vacation! The most popular dorama in the late 90s! Don't tell me you're a J-drama fan, if you haven't seen this one!!!^^ The casts, the story, the music are all good in a perfect composition!

This is where for the first time, Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu first starred a drama together. By that time, I've already like Takako Matsu and wish her character will end up with Sena. Especially, because I'm not really fond of a relationship whereas the woman is much older than the guy =P That's why, I'm sooo excited when they're dating in episode 5, although it was only for one episode ^_^ I enjoyed it...coz, their date is so awkward..hehe...I find it funny.

But then after Sena and Ryoko broke up, I don't know why, although I love following the story which full of conflicts and interesting, I didn't watch it with emotions...since I don't feel anything for Sena and Minami. I mean, it's like, if they end up together, good, if not then it's fine. But, for sure...I reeeeaallly like the themesong!!! And really suits the drama itself.



Long Vacation : The Complete Synopsis


"What's the matter?"
"You called me yesterday, right? I wondered why you called..."
"The telephone call...ah, I wanted to know the name of this particular song," Ryoko played few notes on her piano. "It's Erik Satie,"
Ryoko smiles, "That's right! I didn't know the name of the song and really wanted the song sheet. I called Kurata-san, but he wasn't home yet. That's why I called you. I finally called Yamayoshi-san and he knew."
"I see..." Sena and Ryoko just exchange stare for a moment, then Sena continue, "Did a woman answer the phone yesterday?"
"Yes, that's right..."
"Aa'...she has nothing to do with me..."
"What do you mean?"
"She's like a relative's sister..."
"Ahhh..." Ryoko smile and nods her head.
"I'm sorry why don't you continue! See you again.."
Sena turns around. Ryoko bows and smiles.
Sena open the door, but his friend is there pushing him to finish his words.
"Are you free tonight?"


"Concerts are great, but amusement parks are great, too!"
"Um..." Sena nods.
"There are many places where I can't go alone, it's hard to go to an amusement park alone,"
"I guess,"
"My girl friends all have boyfriends and won't go with me, there are places you can't go with a male friend," Sena and Ryoko stare each other.
"Ah..let's go.." Ryoko walks off.
"Friend?" Sena pondered.

"I don't know how to explain it, for example if it's simply taking me home, then I'll have someone to drive me home, but if we drive over 20 kilometres and go to a lake, then it's like a date. Going to Disneyland is like a date and...this is like a date,"
"Aren't we on a date?"
"This is a date?"

"I....I...." Sena said to Ryoko.
Then he gathered his courage, "Stay here....stay by my side. Please don't go anywhere," Sena hug her.
Sena realized what he has done, "Ah...gomen..." he let go Ryoko, "'s someone else's lines,"
"Someone else's lines?"
"I panicked...I don't know what I'm doing, I'm truly sorry,"
"Senpai.." Ryoko smiles.

"Don't worry about it...forget it. Just go, you'll be late for your part-time job!" Sena turns around leaving Ryoko.
Suddenly, Ryoko yells, "I'll stay here!!"
Sena turns back.
"I'll...stay here," Ryoko walk towards Sena, "I'll stay by senpai's side,"


"I liked the part where the heroine hit her heels twice when she parted with Paul," Ryoko smiles widely.
"Was there a scene like that?"
"Sure there was! She wore the pink heels, he bought for her birthday," Ryoko put a full spoon of foods into her mouth.
"Ah! I remember the pink heels! But I don't remember the part where she hit it twice,"
Ryoko smiles uneasy, "I guess it wasn't a very inspiring scene,"

"I like the scene where Michael looked at Paul to see whether he should win, and Paul made the 'okay' sign," Sena did the actor in the movie's attitude, "...that was funny!"
"I thought that was unforgivable,"
"That was a coward's attitude,"
"Paul was so serious the whole time and at the scene he made a silly face, he had the charm of a child,"
"Sou desu ka.."
Sena feels uneasy, "But, it was're was cowardly,"
Then, awkwardness starts to fill the air ^_^

"Thank you very much for today," Ryoko smiles.
"Not at all, lets...make another date,"
"Yes...ah! But, I'm playing at the Norosawa Chopin Competition this month,"
"Ah! applied to play at the competition, you'll be busy practicing..I'm sorry,"
"But...when I have time, I'll call you,"
"Um," Sena nods, "I'll be waiting,"
"Ja," Ryoko tilts her head a little and so does Sena.

"I'm sorry...I know it's really late at night,"
"Don't worry,"
"There was something that I had to talk to you about....pls, come in,"
Suddenly, Sena pulls Ryoko and hold her tight. Ryoko starts to tears, " came here really fast,"

"Sorry...sorry," Sena let Ryoko off, "What did you want to talk to me about?"
Ryoko doesn't answer.
"What's the matter?" Ryoko just look down, Sena smiles, "Look at me..."

"I'm sorry......I'm so sorry," silence for a second, then Ryoko continue, "I love someone else,"