Casts : Kimura Takuya, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Ayase Haruka, and Nakai Kiichi
Guest-appearance: Matsu Takako, Abe Hiroshi, Otsuka Nene, etc.

Broadcasted in Japan : July 3rd, 2006


DO NOT read or see the screencaps below, if you dislike SPOILERS.

It's been 5.5 years since Kuryu Kohei's transfer to the southern island. After that, he had been transferred to different places for about 4 times, and this time, from Sapporo, he is transferred again to a remote, beautiful, and peaceful little town called Nijigaura.

On the day Kuryu arrived on the town, there's a murder, a dead body found at the seashore and this was a murder ever happened in the peaceful town after 11 years. Kuryu was fishing at the seashore, and the police team mistook him as the murderer. (funny scene!^^)

From the police office, then he arrived at the Prosecutor office. His new law clerk is Tsugara(Tsutsumi Shinichi). There's also a young female prosecutor in the office, Izumitani Ririko(Ayase Haruka), who is so eager to work in Tokyo, and dislike the little town.

I won't go on details to the case. The murderer is a man who is very well-known as a noble man in Nijigaura, Takita(Nakai Kiichi). And later Kuryu revealed that someone set a trap for Takita, so he would do such crime. The one who set the trap is a politician, Hanaoka-sensei, who never appear until the end of the SP. Kuryu only talked to, and warned Hanaoka's right-hand man. The case is solved. Kuryu still decided to charge Takita for murder crime, though he know it was a trap.

In the Josai branch, Public Prosecutor office in Tokyo. Amamiya, Nakamura, Endo, Shibayama, Egami and Suetsugu...Kuryu's workmates 5 years ago, gathered in the TV room, watching the news together.

Announcer on TV: Tokyo Special Investigation team has failed to explicate the case.

Amamiya: No way....

Shibayama: The special investigation team lost?

Nakamura: I don't believe this...

Egami: So, the arrest is cancelled...

Suetsugu: That sensei is great. (i dun really get what he said...sory if I'm wrong^^)

Endo: Is there anything like this before...?

Amamiya: Aa...where's bucho??

Shibayama & Endo said something. No one answers Amamiya.

Amamiya: Ne! Where did bucho go?

In another office....
Ushimaru-bucho: This is really something, sir. I still can't believe we had to cancel Hanaoka's arrest. And we also can't just let The Special Investigation team humiliated like this, don't you think?

The Superior: Ushimaru-san...I've called him back...

Ushimaru: Aa?

The Superior: HIM...

Ushimaru: Him???

The Superior: YES!

Ushimaru: It can't be....

So, yup! Kuryu is transferred back to Tokyo and spent such a short time only in Nijigaura. On the train, Kuryu is also wondering while looking at the transfer notice... "I wonder why...(they called me back to Tokyo)".

In Tokyo, he meet his co-workers again...I will not go into details about this, you just have to see it yourself, coz its so funny when Amamiya see Kuryu^^ The screencaps below may help you to imagine the scene ^_^




The SP ended with the scene of Kuryu meeting Amamiya, Shibayama and his other co-workers in Tokyo.

So...I'd bet big bucks there's gonna be a sequel!!^^ Preferably, a 2nd series. Or another SP? Coz, for a movie...and if it releases next year...its just too long. This HANAOKA case looks like something that should be solved immediately xD

There's a movie news rumoured, but it is not confirmed yet.

Yoooshhh...I'm very optimistic that there's gonna be another series (or, at least a movie)!!p^o^q Kuryu and Amamiya only had 1-minute moment together, so hopefully, in the other sequel, Matsu Takako(as Amamiya) would be the lead actress once again!!