Casts : Takuya Kimura, Takako Matsu, Hiroshi Abe, etc.
Theme Song : Can You Keep A Secret? by Hikaru Utada
Broadcasted in Japan : January - March 2001


The second drama with the best duo, Takuya-Takako, this time as partners. In this dorama, Takuya act as Kohei Kuryu, a prosecutor and Takako as the administrator, Maiko Amamiya which partnered with Kuryu who recently just join the office. At first, the other prosecutors and administrators dislike him, because of his relax attitude and seems not serious on his work, including Amamiya, who ask for a replacement from being Kuryu's administrator, coz she can't stand working with him. But, slowly, Kuryu's potential skill as a prosecutor revealed, and Amamiya is also getting more and more believe on Kuryu. In each episode, the drama will start with a new case and also with appearances of guest stars like, Ryou, Hikaru Utada, Iijima Naoko, etc.

Lots of non-Japanese viewers feels dissapointed with this dorama, coz most of 'em were hoping a romantic comedy type of drama, like Love Generation. Moreover, here, Takuya and Takako didn't share an on-screen chemistry as perfect as used to be in Love Generation. But, maybe that's also because of the script, coz they have to act as partners not lovers.

Frankly, I like this dorama!!^_^ Because, at first, I thought(from the reviews I've read), this a serious type of drama with no romantic scenes AT ALL, and surrounded with dark atmosphere!!>_< But, turns is far from what I imagined!! It is a ridiculous and light-hearted comedy, and there is still a romantic side of story although it's kinda blur. But, for sure there are lots of funny scenes that can make you laugh hard!!

Although sometimes the cases are boring, still there are interesting and entertaining scenes on every episode. There are even some quite great episodes! Like when their office was terrorized by bombs! And turns out, the person's target is actually Amamiya! One of my favorite episode!

There were also times when the administrators feels the prosecutors treat them like slaves. Then, they plan to form a firm of their own =P Very funny! And, what I luv especially from this dorama is the on and off chemistry between Kuryu and Amamiya! Trust me, you'll be very curious to see what happen next to Kuryu and Amamiya's relationship!!^^



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