Dekichatta Kekkon
~Shotgun Marriage~


"Eh? Say it once again..."
"Already exist..."
"Exist...who's exist??"
"Ah, no, not like that!!"
"Here....." touching her stomach.
" way...."

Then, Yutaka Takenouchi's expression goes indescribable!! SO FUNNY!!!

Dekichatta Kekkon(literally translated : Pregnancy Marriage) is one of the BEST drama in last season drama in Japan, July-September 2001 ago, on FujiTV.
Starring Yutaka Takenouchi and Ryoko Hirosue, the drama's ratings have no problem. Not to mention, the great storyline. This on-screen couple is pretty unique since Takenouchi and Hirosue are actually apart 9 years ^_^ And, in the story itself, the characters they played are apart 10 yrs.

Takenouchi and Hirosue have starred together in 3 dramas before. First, was Long Vacation...Takenouchi as Shinji and Hirosue as Takako Saito(Sena's student). And, second, in Beach Boys...Takenouchi as the quiet Kaito Suzuki while Hirosue as Makoto...also co-starred Takashi "GTO" Sorimachi. Third, Ryoko Hirosue guest-starred in Seikimatsu no Uta(The Last Song), where Takenouchi played as the main lead, and she played the role as Takenouchi's love interest on the first episode.
Now, for the fourth time, starred a drama together, but for the first time paired as the main leads in Dekichatta Kekkon, a ridiculous comedy yet heart touching drama!!^^ The themesongs are also great!! "Is It You?" by HITOMI and "Your Eyes Only" by EXILE(previously known as 'J-Soul Brothers').

How do you feel as a man that never once think of having a family and responsible for them and have an easy-going life by dating women and just focused on your job, when suddenly a girl that you barely knows comes to you and reveal that she's having your baby?

Ryunosuke(30) and Chiyo(20) were on a vacation with their friends. And, they accidentally did a "one night stand". Unknowingly, that 5 weeks later their lives will change forever!!



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