The Perfect On-Screen Couple

The very first time Takuya starred a drama together with Takako was in Long Vacation. Which is also the very first time for Takuya to play the leading role in a drama. Takuya played as Hidetoshi Sena, which has a major crush on his piano class junior, Okuzawa Ryoko(Matsu Takako) in the beginning of this drama. After Minami taught him how to express his feelings to a girl, at last he got the courage to tell Ryoko about his feelings, and unexpectedly, Ryoko except his feelings. But, unfortunately, they were only dating for like, one episode(ep. 5), and in the end of that episode, Ryoko tell Sena that she's in love with someone else =(((
Ironically, I, myself, find Takuya and Takako really suits each other, when I watched the scene where Sena and Ryoko broke up, and then Ryoko was crying in Sena's embrace ^_^ Which actually, by that time, I'm not really fond of Takuya nor Takako yet. Maybe because their characters here are just too quiet, and innocent...that's why I'm not too attracted =P
Long Vacation is one of the MOST successful and very BIG drama in Japan. But, for's not too great. Personally, I REEAALLLY love the opening themesong AND the opening sequence, which match with the song VERY well, LUV IT!! I also like the bright and cheerful atmosphere very much, ALSO the chemistry between the characters. But, from Sena and Minami's love story itself...I don't quite like it...I don't know, it just don't hit you, y'know! Afterall, I'm not really fond of relationships whereas the woman is much older than the man =P Gomen nasai...pls, no offense to the fans!!^^

They were being paired for the first time, both as the leading male & female characters in Love Generation! The most beautiful love story EVER(according to me)!! =P This is the drama that made me a HUGE fan of Takuya and Takako!!! They're just soooo perfect for each other! And they have the greatest on-screen chemistry here! Also, what I love the most from this romantic comedy drama is that, every precious moments were made soooo beautiful. Y'know the combination of beautiful backgrounds musics, the beautiful and deep meaning dialogues, plus the expressions of the characters!! Just perfect!
Unfortunately...the supporting characters' story isn't that well-written, unlike Long Vacation. Also, despite it's a happy ending, I find the ending scene isn't that satisfying. Oh, well...I still think this is the BEST written love story!!^^ Especially, because both of them, Teppei and Riko are sooo stubborn, so there are lots of funny scenes occur! And, I dunno why...but from Takuya and Takako's appearance you can just tell that they really suits each other ^_~

Next, for the third time, they played together in a one-episode drama entitled Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame Ni, which is starred by ALL members of SMAP. Unfortunately, Takuya and Takako were not being paired together. Takuya was paired with Tsuruta Mayu, and Matsu Takako played as Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's character's fiancee.

Next drama they both starred in is...also a one-episode drama, Konya wa Eigyouchu. The drama tells the story of people that works behind the scenes in a TV station. Takuya played as the director and Takako played as the time-recorder.
Just so you know, Takako only appear in TWO scenes =P To sum it up, Matsu Takako IS only a guest star in this drama.


For the 2nd time they were paired, Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako played in the most successful drama which actually nailed the highest rating record 'of all time', which is 38%-40% for EVERY episode, entitled HERO. Tells a story of the life of prosecutors and their administrators, this drama really attracted lots of viewers in Japan. Not sure about the reason, but perhaps because Takuya-Takako pair or the way how they shoot the scenes, which is a little different from other dramas. Anyway, for me...there's still some minus points in this drama, coz I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed GTO(one of drama that was NOT focusing on the romantic side). The only flaw that really showing up is the boring cases, sometimes I even don't understand what the case REALLY is O_O But, seriously, other than that, this drama is great!! Especially, the comedy, those prosecutors could make me laugh non-stop! They're sooo ridiculous!!^^ It IS a pretty good entertaining drama. Plus, I'm really excited watching the on and off chemistry between Kuryu and Amamiya ^_~

The last time they starred a dorama together, is in the latest FujiTV's taiga dorama, Chuusingura 1/47. Takuya's role is one of the member of the rebellious clan, Ako...and Takako as the girl from the enemy's side which will fall in love with Takuya?!? Hehe....unfortunately, that's not it =P Takako's role is the first lady of the Ako clan, she's The Lord of Ako's wife. Takuya's character really respect her here. And, believe it or not, you can still feel their on-screen chemistry here!^_~

Now, there are only two wishes left for me : they produce a single together(since both of them are singers^^) and play together in a movie!!

But, anyway let's wish Takuya and Takako good luck in their career, and let's wish Takuya good luck in being a good husband AND father!!!^_____^

Ganbatte, Kimura-san to Matsu-san!!^O^