Boku ga Boku De Aru Tame ni

Casts : SMAP, Ryoko Hirosue, Tsuruta Mayu, Asaka Seto, Takako Matsu, Honami Suzuki, etc.
Themesong : "Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni" by Yutaka Ozaki
Sub-themesong : "Fire in the Sky" by Cagnet

Broadcasted in Japan : January 3rd, 1997 - 9:03 to 11:30 PM - 1 episode special - Fuji TV

This is a New Year Drama Special and it bore great casts!! Tsuruta Mayu, Takako Matsu, Asaka Seto, Honami Suzuki, Ryoko Hirosue and 5 members of SMAP(Nakai, Kimura, Tsuyoshi, Goro, Shingo)!! The story is very well-written too! Tells the story of 5 high school bestfriends, but they're not the same persons anymore after 6 years. this drama, Kimura and Matsu were not being paired at all. Kimura paired with Mayu, while Matsu paired with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi.
With these great casts, I was worried that there would not be enough spotlight for some of them. But, my worries are all gone after I watched this! Each of them have enough spotlight, although it's obvious that the REAL main characters are Naruse(Nakai), Riki(Kimura) and Natsumi(Mayu). But, the others have their own story & spotlight too!
I love the subplots!!^O^ The main plot may centers around Naruse who accidentally falls in love with Riki's girlfriend, and how this affected their friendship. And later, also when one of them dies, and how it will affect the other 4's lifes. These are the plots and scenes I loooove ranked from the plot I love the most!!!^_^

1. Kinoshita(Goro) and Kawakami(Seto). It's a little difficult to explain these two relationship, they're not really friends and they're not even attracted to each other either(although I can see from the way they bicker with each other, leads them to somewhere...=P). They happen to be medical college mates. The way they first meet is quite awkward, you have to watch it for yourself^^ After the incident, they constantly keep meeting coincidentally. Kinoshita always says cynical things to Kawakami try to voice his opinion in everything she does. Kawakami always got upset listening Kinoshita's cynical opinion. 'Til at one time, she asks him, why does he want to be a doctor, he answers in an underestimating and annoying way, "My father’s a doctor, I can earn good money & I won’t be affected by any economic downturn…". Of course, by that kind of reply, he deserves a slap from her!!^^ It's exciting to follow the story of these two! Their chemistry is very good, too!

2. Riki(Kimura) and his father. This is a very, very touching subplot!! Riki despise his own father, coz he's only a farmer and in his opinion, his parents are good for nothing. Although, Riki's father hears all these, but he's still come back to see his son and give Riki something his mother made for him with one hand, b'coz her left part of body is paralyzed. His father already told him to go home, coz his mother is sick, but Riki just ignores him =(

3. Naruse(Nakai) & Yako(Hirosue)'s scenes are cute and funny! They looked like real brother and sister!!^_~

4. Naruse & Natsumi(Mayu). It's great to see Naruse can make her smile and having fun together! Something, Riki have never done or perhaps, could never do for her. I also love Naruse's nervous expressions whenever he face her ^_^ Kawaii!

5. Satoru(Shingo) & Sonoko(Suzuki)'s affair. This one is quite funny, coz they both lying to each other about their real condition. The way Satoru finds out that she's actually a housewife with a husband and a daughter is quite funny. The ending of this story is pretty funny, too!!^^ The way Satoru ends it all...just funny!

6. Etsuro(Tsuyoshi) & Muranaka(Matsu). Well...don't like but don't hate this story, either. Muranaka's parents against their relationship. Etsuro is a little upset with Muranaka, coz she always follow everything her parents said.

7. Riki & Natsumi. When their scenes comes up, I tend to fast-forward it =P Aw...c'mon! Their relationship is a failure from the start!! I can't believe it lasts for 3 years!O_o Their scenes will end up annoying, sad and misery for both...that's why I don't like watching both of them together. And maybe, also the fact that Kimura is paired with another actress...while, Matsu is standing right THERE!!!!*_*

Oh, prepares a bucket and a box of Kleenex towards the end! I just cried and cried my eyes out watching those sad and touching scenes...hiks...=( Why, oh why? He has to die? But, I guess...with one's death, it makes the other 4 better men....sooo touching...





Briefly synopsis, Riki and Naruse never get along. Even one day, Naruse meet Riki's girlfriend(Mayu), and attracted to that woman, without knowing that the woman is Riki's girlfriend.
Etsuro who wants things stay the same the way they were feels dissapointed, because everyone has changed and have their own life. Etsuro himself is having problems with his girlfriend(Matsu), Mizuro, coz their relationship is against by Mizuro's parents.
While, Satoru is attracted to an older woman(Suzuki), and little did he know that the woman has a husband and a daughter.
Kinoshita don't have the courage to talk to the woman(Seto) he likes, although they're at one faculty, and in the end Kinoshita try to talk to her in an odd way, which eventually offense the woman's feelings.

Spoiler ending?? At the end, one of them will get an accident and dies, and this is also which bring back Riki and Naruse as friends again.

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