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This is the place where you can find interesting bits on Kimura-Matsu. Similarities, coincidences...eerie coincidences xD
Okay then, let's just dive in to the bits!

Kimura and Matsu coincidentally released their first book (and I think still their only ones up 'till now, since I haven't heard they've released any other book beside these) in the same year, 2003.

Released: April 2003 (300 pages)
ISBN: 4087803775

Description: Contains articles or more of a diary/daily notes, from MYOJO magazine (since March 24th, 1995 'till March 2003). Many thought the articles were written by Kimura himself, but actually it was not. These are monologue/talk columns. Another person write it in the form of article. So, its more of a transcription in monologue form from monthly interviews with Kimura, and each has different topics.

The photos in KAI-HO-KU (a total of 134 photos), half of it were the photos published for the columns. Out of 134, there were 24 photos shot by Kimura himself.




The photos shot by Kimura were mostly sceneries. There is only 1 photo shot of human. This pic below:

~scanned by angelxu~

Yes! That is Matsu Takako! Kimura shot this photo during the filming of HERO's last episode.

There is another photo during HERO filming, shot by someone else:

~scanned by angelxu~




Matsu no Hitorigoto
Released: November 13th, 2003 (199 pages)
ISBN: 4023303321

Description: Contains Matsu's monologues, essays, photos of herself and photos shot by her.

In case, you didn't notice... This book was released on Kimura's birthday. What are the odds??^.^






Seems like Matsu return Kimura's favour^^ This is the photo Matsu took herself, in the dressing room during HERO filming break:

~scanned by sazhie~


With these, both of them has the distinctions of being the only female / male actors' pictures that was included in their own respective books ^_^



Kimura Takuya talking about Matsu Takako
~In his radio programme, What's Up SMAP~


What's Up SMAP ~October 19th, 1997~

Talking about his co-stars in Love Generation, first he started off with Matsu Takako.
"I have also worked with Matsu Takako-chan in Long Vacation, yappari hora, since she is Matsumoto Koushiro-san's daughter, people will have a 'lady' image of her."

At their filming set of Long Generation, whether it's morning or in the evening, they will all say "Ohayo Gozaimasu" to one another. Kimura said that many girls would say "Ohayo Gozaimasu", "Kyou mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu" but "Matsu-san is totally not like that ne. (She will say) "Ohayo~~~~" or "Oh..........zaimasu" (laughs) I said to her, "Hey you, you are not in your dressing room, be more "normal" and say the usual greetings! Though what you said is quite normal also, but it's totally not how a "lady" speaks, it's more like the feeling of a friend, although I don't dislike it ne.'s different whether you meet or not the next time. Not that I dislike it ne.

Maa, ano, Matsu Takako-chan's father? I'll say a bit about this today, actually I feel like I kinda know Matsumoto Koushiro-san (laughs). For eg, Aoyama's stageplay has just finished its run, and he will ask Takako-chan to pass a message to her father "Ah, pls help me tell your dad "Otsukare-sama". And Matsu will also tell Kimura that her father has a request for him, "(Kimura in a kawaii voice) Ano... my father really loves P-chan, please do P-chan again,".
And he will reply "Ah maybe ne, I will do it again soon, when I do it please ask him to remember to watch it". He then said that this kind of msg really makes him happy. (sounds like he suddenly remembered something and rattle this off) "A while ago, during SmaSma's Egg poker, I thought of asking him (Matsumoto-san) to join in this skit, but what Takako-chan conveyed back to me was that "Gomen, he can't / don't drink egg yolk", (laughs).........what a pity ne."
Kimura continued saying, he wished that Matsumoto-san would appear as a Bistro guest. Actually, before meeting him on the drama set, he said that he has met Matsumoto-san during his private time before. "Ah Doumo"........ and Matsumoto-san said things like thanks for looking after Takako-chan etc ....... Kimura and Matsumoto-san even drank 1 to 2 glasses of sake together. Hahaha... he must be drunk, coz he called him "Kou-chan" at that time of drinking! So daring of him!

*In 1998, Matsumoto-san made his first appearance in Bistro Smap ne, it was a live Bistro at that time. Heehee, Matsumoto-san was telling them that Matsu was in Osaka (if i didn't remember wrongly) at that time, and she said she would be watching SmaSma in her hotel room after her play performance. Kimura started waving at the camera and said in a very cute voice, "Riko!!! Riko!!! Ahhhhhh...natsukashii!!! (i.e. having a fond memory/ chotto missing something from the past)


What's Up SMAP ~April 5th, 1998~

Talking abt Love Generation Special.

"Matsu Takako-san, her hairstyle chotto ne, chotto ne! Her hair has grown longer. She had a soft perm, has a more 'grown up" outward appearance now. Havent seen her for a long while, am quite shocked by this."

(Talking about LG Special) Matsu will be alone, saying a lot of things about the show. Well, Love Generation's filming is over, what should we talk about it?
Hora, it's been 3 months since the filming for LG has wrapped up, honestly speaking, we can't go back in time. Teppei, eh Riko, what to say in what manner, what 'want to see part 2, part 3' (of LG), isn't it uncool?(to say/think these)

The plan (I presume the tv station's plan) was just for the 2 of them to sit down to act LG special out, [to use a real, un-made up Kimura, real, un-made up Matsu Takako, isn't this a good idea?]. Kimura said this is not impossible to do.
So, it turns out that what they have said are deemed "ok" by the producer. What he and Matsu have said at the moment, are just their thoughts on the show.

*There was this part where both of them were watching the scene where Teppei runs up the snow mountain to find Riko, because he was late for his promised date with Riko. Kimura said something along the line of "Gosh, I ran up a snow mountain in a suit.........a suit you know?" Matsu laughs. "I must have really liked you then, run like that up a mountain in a suit....................".


What's Up SMAP ~August 2nd, 1998~

The theme was about people around Kimura who had changed.

"Ano ne.........Love Generation co-star, Matsu Takako-chan. That fellow has changed. She listens to this radio program and then reports it to me, every time, every time. She always ne, leaves the messages on my cellphone.
[Ahh. Moshi moshi, it's Matsu. I have listened to the radio program. The album that you played this time which have gone on sale, the song "Hito Eki Arukou", I have heard it on the radio. I have stopped the car just to listen to it over the radio. It's a sugoii song ne. That's all.]" (Kimura laughs)

*When Ichikawa Somegoro (Matsu's older brother) appeared on Bistro SMAP 12 Feb 2001, Nakai asked Kimura, "Is this the first time you guys met?". Kimura said no, they have met many times at the film studio coz they are filming in the same building.
(Kimura filming HERO at that time, Somegoro filming Rocket Boys)

Kimura said that sometimes Matsu would tell him, "Today my brother is filming in the studio upstairs", Kimura would say, "Jya.. later during our break we can go up and find him". Kimura then said, once, after Somegoro's break was over, he needed to leave to start filming, Matsu called out to her brother and said "Itterasshaaai!" (see you later), Kimura said at that moment he felt so alone, so left out!
Then Nakai laughed and said "Well, of course, they are siblings!".

Haha...Kimura must really see Matsu like his own little sister, that's why he felt jealous with her brother^^

When Somegoro was interviewed by F2 for PRIDE, he said that Matsu told him that Kimura is very suitable for this kind of drama, coz Kimura has very good inclination towards sports. ..... ii ne! He's well aquainted with all members of the family!

~thank you so, very much to sazhie for the wonderful translations!!!~