Episode 6

Ryunosuke's mother just got home and finds Ryunosuke sitting alone in the dark. She asked where's Chie-chan. Ryunosuke corrected her name is Chiyo and tell her that she has gone home sooner. She asked how come.
"How should I know?!? Oi, mother, how come I'm suddenly engaged with Reina?!?", Ryunosuke keeps pressuring his mother. She tell him she don't know anything and asking help from her husband's picture. Ryunosuke just sighed.

Later, in Eitaro's apartment, everyone has gathered except Chiyo. Eitaro starts with his logical chronology again, on how did all the misunderstandings started.
After mentioning, all the misunderstanding with Reina, Eitaro concluded, it's all Ryunosuke's mother fault, Kumiko Hirao. Everyone agrees until Misato interrupted. She thinks it's all Ryunosuke's fault himself, coz he never tried to clarify all the misunderstandings. Then, everyone starts to agree with Misato's opinion, including Eitaro: "So, it's actually all your fault! Well, my work here is done, I'm leaving...", Eitaro's leaving and so does the rest. Leaving Ryunosuke who keeps saying, "Wait! Wait a minute! Wait!".

Meanwhile, Ryunosuke keeps trying to call Chiyo, but Chiyo just switch off her cellphone. At the office, Ryunosuke and Takumi's boss tells them that the work proposal had been accepted this time. And gives them bunch of works to do.
Ryunosuke: It seems we won't be able to sleep even for a minute...
Takumi: No, not even for a sec...

In the restaurant, Aki tells Komatsubara-sensei, that although she's happy about his feelings, she can't possibly continue this relationship, because she has a boyfriend. But then, suddenly Komatsubara-sensei gives her such a big flower bouquet, and everyone in the restaurant applaud. Aki is speechless.

In her apartment, Aki asked Eitaro what if she's going to marry someone else, and describe how perfect that person is, a doctor and even all his siblings are doctors. Eitaro knows which person she mean. But when, she asked again...Eitaro just quiet, then suddenly, "Ah!! Cockroach! Damn cockroach! Where is it?!"...pretends to catch the cockroach^^
Suddenly, Komatsubara-sensei called and ask her if she already has the answer yet. But, she said she hasn't decide yet. Eitaro get a glance on her. Then, when Aki hang up the phone, he continue in searching the cockroach(still pretending^^). Aki just looking at him upsetly.

At Ryunosuke's office, Eitaro keeps bothering Ryunosuke & Takumi and tells them that he needs to talk to them. But they kept ignoring him, coz they're very busy at the moment and was in the middle of meeting.
Later, Eitaro ends up talking to Ryunosuke's brother in law, he tells him that he actually loves Aki, and really want to marry her, but he doesn't have the courage to tell her his feelings, etc, etc. Until he finds Ryunosuke's brother in law, dozing off.
Suddenly, Ryunosuke's sister comes with her three naughty sons and both of them asked Eitaro to take care of them for awhile, since they have plans for tonight.

Ryunosuke is just calling Chiyo again, when suddenly Reina shows up. Ryunosuke keep stepping back and begs her not to bother her again. But, Reina only wants to give him something. Ryunosuke opens it, and it's a baby shoe.
Ryunosuke: Reina-chan...this...
Reina: (turning around)Ii no!! Pls, don't say anything anymore. I can understand Ryunosuke's feelings. There's nothing you can do, she's pregnant already, and we can't be together. Next time, if I reincarnated again...I wish we can be together again! (turns to Ryunosuke)Congratulation...pls, be happy...and whenever you feel sad, you can always remember my face. Sore ja...(turns around and leave)
Ryunosuke: Reina-chan...what are you saying...

Chiyo in her room is holding her cellphone when her father burst into her room. Father keeps asking her, "Why isn't that guy coming? If he really wants to marry you, he should've come here! Even if he's busy with work, even if there's a storm...he should've come here! Why isn't he come, huh? Why, Chiyo?!"
Chiyo can't help it anymore, she's in tears, "That....I don't know...". Then she's crying even more, "How should I know?!?".
Suddenly, mother comes in and suggest father to meet Ryunosuke in person and talks to him. But father says, "Meet him?! Who do you think am I?!?", and storms out the room.

Ryunosuke's advertisement begins to shoot on a location. Everyone's looks busy preparing the shoot including Ryunosuke as the director and Takumi as the assistant director.
On one corner, we can see Chiyo's father is peeping. Suddenly, Misato comes close to him and mistaken him as one of the sponsor's director. And she also tells him that her boyfriend is right there, the one with the hat. Remotely, Chiyo's father looking at Ryunosuke, but then Misato corrects that she means the guy besides the one with the hat, then Misato runs off to Takumi and give him an 'obento'(lunch box).
Then, all the while, Chiyo's father keeps looking at Ryunosuke working and realized such a hard-working guy Ryunosuke is.

Meanwhile, in Kotani household, Ryunosuke's mother, Kumiko explains the misunderstandings to Chiyo. And she also promised she won't do the same mistake again. She also tell her, that she used to have the same experience with her father in law whose name is Tomi Hirao. But, she always blurted out Mitsu...in her head, it's actually Tomi. But what comes out is always Mitsu.
She once again promised to Chiyo, "I promised! I won't mistaken your name again, Chie-chan!". Chiyo just smile and murmured, "It's actually...Chiyo...". Then she also says sorry for Ryunosuke coz he can't come here, since he still has lots of works to do.

The following morning, Chiyo is putting on her shoes. And, suddenly father ask her where she's going. Chiyo said to the hospital. Then, she also said, even she can't marry Ryunosuke, she stil WILL give birth to the baby. Father just keeps quiet then later...give Chiyo an umbrella. Chiyo said, "But it's a bright day...", but father force her to just bring it.

In Aki's apartment, Aki indicates Eitaro about marriage again, and she said if Eitaro really want to marry her, he should've change his life style and be a responsible man. Eitaro only said, "What are you talking about? Here...let me give you a massage,". But, Aki gets upset more.

Ryunosuke eventually finish with his works...and when he's about to sleep, Takumi comes in with Chiyo.

A while later, on the rooftop of the building...
Ryunosuke: Sorry....
Chiyo: For what?
Ryunosuke: Well...because I can't come to your house...
Chiyo: All this time, my heart felt empty, I reeeallly felt lonely...
Ryunosuke: That's why....sorry....
Chiyo: But...I guess there's nothing to worry about...
Ryunosuke: Eh?
Chiyo: Although cannot move yet, and cannot speak yet....but it's here...(touching her belly)
Ryunosuke: ....
Chiyo: This child...is mine and Ryunosuke-san's...
Ryunosuke: While I was working...I kept thinking...
Chiyo: About what?!
Ryunosuke: How much I want to meet Chiyo-chan...
Chiyo: ... (touched)
Ryunosuke: That, when everything is over I'd get to meet Chiyo-chan...that's why I've been doing my best!
Chiyo: ... (smiling)So...how was it?
Ryunosuke: What?
Chiyo: Your job...
Ryunosuke: Hmm...not that good, actually...
Chiyo: Eh?
Ryunosuke: But it's interesting.....takusan haitemasu.....Tappurin......
Chiyo: (laughing)Looks like such a weird job!
Ryunosuke: Yeah, but I like it very much!
Chiyo: Ah! (getting something from her bag) this..... (pull out a book from a big envelope) I got this...although unmarried yet...but I always felt like I'm married already(shows him a mother & child notebook).....so I took it!
Ryunosuke: ah... give me it..
Chiyo: E? (giving the book to Ryunosuke)
Ryunosuke writes something on the book and give it back to Chiyo. Chiyo reads 'Chiyo Hirao' on the cover, she smile widely. Ryunosuke also smile.

Later, Chiyo call her house and her mother answered. She tells her mother, that she and Ryunosuke will come there. Mother asks father if it's alright, but father didn't answer. So, mother thinks it's okay and tell Chiyo that.
When Ryunosuke & Chiyo are walking, suddenly Ryunosuke's cellphone rings, it's Eitaro. Eitaro is begging them to talk to Aki, prevent her from wanting to marry Komatsubara-sensei. Ryunosuke & Chiyo are about to ignore him, but seeing how desperate he is, they decided to help Eitaro.

Ryunosuke & Chiyo are in Aki & Chiyo's apartment now, they try to convince Eitaro that he should talk alone with Aki. But, Eitaro tries to make them stay. Then, Aki said, "This is JUST what I hate from you, Eitaro!! You can never solve problems by yourself!". Aki said, Eitaro has never want to change, and have always dissapointed her over and over, one of the reasons why they have broken up for 5 times. She said, she's better off marrying a man who will absolutely think and plan a future for himself and for her too. That's why, he wants to marry Komatsubara-sensei. Eitaro, Chiyo and Ryunosuke just stay quiet.

Ryunosuke & Chiyo are running near the station. Suddenly, Ryunosuke feels dizzy and pass out, Chiyo keeps calling Ryunosuke's name. While, Mr. Kotani is very worried and decided to go to the station to look for them.