Episode 5

Chiyo finally finds out about Reina and ask Takumi about her. Takumi tries to explain, but somehow everyone gets the wrong idea, since Takumi mention that she's a model. Everyone thinks Reina is a sexy and beautiful 20 yrs old girl ^_^

Meanwhile, Kotani-san, Chiyo's father have followed Chiyo and Ryunosuke quietly everytime they have a date.

Mrs. Hirao, Ryunosuke's mother, is having a vacation. So, Ryunosuke decided to spend the day with Chiyo in the house. Suddenly, a call from Ryunosuke's boss, he completely forgotten that there's a meeting tonight. Chiyo do not believe him, and thought he's out this night to see another girl. Again, they have a fight. Ryunosuke don't have much time and just leave Chiyo in the house alone.

But, later, Chiyo goes to Ryunosuke's room, and finds out some things which indicates that she really means something for Ryunosuke, that she's an important person for him. She immediately make some snacks and wait Ryunosuke to come back. In the office, Ryunosuke called her, ask her why she's not going home yet. Then, before hanging up the phone, Chiyo said, "Shigoto ganbatte(good luck with work),". Ryunosuke smiles.
In the morning, Kotani-san's trusted man, Yamashita-san, report to him that Ryunosuke REALLY was going to work last night.

Ryunosuke finds Chiyo asleep on the dining table with some snacks served on the table.

Later, Chiyo and Ryunosuke sits together on the couch, and she tells him, that from now on, she will always trust him. Ryunosuke is about to kiss her, when suddenly their cell phones rings.
In a hurry, they run to Aki and Chiyo's apartment, followed by Kotani-san and Yamashita from behind. There, they find Aki, Komatsubara-sensei, Eitaro and another one...Reina sits on the couch.

Reina apologize to Ryunosuke and Chiyo, because she don't know about Chiyo's existence all this time. She also tells everyone that Ryunosuke's mother have promised her a 'yakiniku' party plus, an engagement party. Everyone is in shock, including an upset Chiyo.

Aki: No way...Ryu, did you knocked her up too?
Ryunosuke: Aki!! What are you talking about?!?

Ryunosuke assures everyone, that there must be some mistakes. Suddenly, Kotani-san come into the apartment and ask Chiyo to go home with him. Chiyo just follow her father. Ryunosuke can not stop her.