Episode 4

Ryunosuke's mother, Mrs. Hirao, mistook Reina as the same person with Chiyo. She invited Reina for lunch, while Ryunosuke invited Chiyo. Chiyo came first, and when Reina comes up, Ryunosuke manage to get rid of her without Chiyo knowing anything ^_^

Once again, this time...Ryunosuke came with his mother to Kotani household to talk to Kotani-san once again, but apparently, still no luck.

Takumi revealed to Misato the real reason why all this time he don't want to do 'anything' yet with Misato. It's because his grandfather has passed him a message, to avoid these 'things', to avoid anything happen just like Ryunosuke and Chiyo. And he has promised his late grandfather that.

Aki is starting to date Komatsubara-sensei, since she had waited too long for Eitaro to take a step forward.

Ryunosuke and Chiyo have their first fight. Chiyo comes to the clinic for the lamaze class, but Ryunosuke absolutely forgot about it. Chiyo is upset, but then Ryunosuke got upset more, since she's not able to understand him.

Chiyo finds out from Mrs. Hirao, that tomorrow is Ryunosuke's birthday. Later on, in order to make up, Chiyo make a date with Ryunosuke on the Yokohama Stadium. Chiyo bring something for Ryunosuke, and give it to him, while saying, "Otanjobi omedetou!(Happy B'day!)". Ryunosuke opens it and turns out, Chiyo give him a steering wheel. Ryunosuke is really grateful and says he will definitely treasure it.
On the other hand, it's Ryunosuke's turn, and he give Chiyo a little box and tell her to open it. Chiyo opens it and reveal a diamond ring(btw, kireeeeeeiii!!^_~) inside.

Ryunosuke: ...sold...the car...
Chiyo: No way...
Ryunosuke: Oh, well...it's almost broken anyway...and I didn't make much money from it...but, I'll treasure this!(referring to Chiyo's gift)
Chiyo smiles.
Ryunosuke: Let's go!
Chiyo follow him stepping down the stairs.
Ryunosuke: STOP!

Ryunosuke takes the ring and looks around, and then slowly put it on Chiyo's finger. Chiyo smiles widely and goes, "Kirooong(a sound of shiny diamond, perhaps?)!!" while lifting her hand. Then, Ryunosuke quickly stepping down the stairs, followed by Chiyo. They're happily running around the stadium.