Episode 3

(These conversations happened in Eitaro's apartment & Chiyo-Aki's apartment. Pls, remember...the guys and the girls are in separate places. The guys in Eitaro's, the girls in Chiyo-Aki's, but somehow...their conversations are related^^)

Ryunosuke : I think you're right, my strategy to confront Ite-chan(note: Chiyo's father)...failed...
Ryunosuke take off his sunglasses and reveal his bruised-right eye.
Takumi : Ara...ara...ara....Ryu-san, that's...
Eitaro : I knew it...my 5th prediction...Hirao Ryunosuke, failed!

Aki: You think he failed, right? But, that's not really true.
Misato: Not true?
Chiyo: When father about to hit me, Ryunosuke-san tried his best...

Ryunosuke: I've tried my best to prevent him!! But, then he smacked me instead...it still feels hurt.
Eitaro: Wait a minute, he smacked me 4 times! Why did he only smacked you once?!? That's not fair!
Takumi: Perhaps...he don't like men with no manners.

Misato: A man with no manners!
Aki & Chiyo: A man with no manners?
Misato: Yes, I got it. He said that he want to marry Chiyo politely in front of Ite-chan.
Chiyo: Emm! While Eitaro-san never said that, he's the man with no manners!
Aki: Eitaro, a man with no manners...that's right...

Eitaro: Ee...but what happened is still the same...right? Your request to marry Chiyo is still rejected!

Misato: But, both of you have agreed to it, right?
Chiyo: For sure, of course!

Ryunosuke: Of course, for sure.
Takumi: By the way, what did you say when you propose Chiyo-chan?

Chiyo: .....proposal?

Ryunosuke: ...proposal?

Chiyo: Well...that's it, he said he want to marry me in front of father.
Aki: No, not that. What did he say when he proposed you?
Misato: There must be special romantic words, right?
(Chiyo nods, but then hesitate...)
Chiyo: Eh...?

(Ryunosuke looking up, thinking)
Takumi: Well...how is it? You don't remember?
Ryunosuke: Of course, I remember. I said I want to marry her!
Eitaro: Aaa'! I know...

Chiyo: I have to get married?
Ryunosuke: Yorokonde!!(it's my pleasure)

Aki: No way! That one?!?
Misato: Please!!
(Aki & Misato are laughing out loud, but Chiyo gets upset)

(Eitaro & Takumi are also laughing out loud)
Eitaro: Are you kidding?!
Takumi: That's just like what waiters said!!
Ryunosuke: (upset)What do you mean?!?

Aki: I'd like to order beers for people!
Misato: Me, me...I'd like to order spaghetti and today's special menu!

Eitaro & Takumi: Yorokonde!!

Aki: It's better if you just tell him.
Chiyo: So, I have to tell him to propose me with those words? ....ehh, that's impossible!!

Takumi: You'll probably regret it for the rest of your life!
Eitaro: Just start all over again!

Ryunosuke comes to Chiyo's work place and talk with her outside. Chiyo tried to hint Ryunosuke about the proposal. Ryunosuke gets it, and tell her that he'll try his best. But, Chiyo tell him that's not what she meant, if he did that, then it'd feel like she's the one who's asking to be proposed. Ryunosuke's confused and ask her what she wants. But she gets upset, coz she's the one who has to decide everything. Chiyo leaves Ryunosuke.

Well...another meeting in Eitaro's apartment for the proposal plan. Everybody's there except Chiyo, and this time, Ryunosuke's brother in law join in^^
According to Eitaro, the proposal should contains 3S, which are Simple, Sunaona kotoba(truth words), Sarigenaku(seems meaningless).
He starts giving simulations, with Takumi as a volunteer, he hug him from behind and whisper, "I'll make you happy, live together with me,". But, Aki and Misato disagree. Then, another one, is to say, "I'll give you my surname!". Aki & Misato still disagree. He give out another stupid words, "Wash my underwear!". Aki & Misato keeps getting more upset. Then, Eitaro said, this one should be good, "Carry my baby!".

Ryunosuke: ....already have....
Everyone: Yes, already have...

Everyone is about to leave, when Eitaro have another idea, he says, "How happy I am with you...", then continues by singing an old Japanese song. He looked back, and realized everyone has gone, except Ryu's brother in law, who join him singing the song ^_~

Meanwhile, in her apartment, Chiyo feels very noscious. She can't do anything comfortably.

Eventually, Chiyo's mother come to Hirao's residence. And tell Ryunosuke, that although her husband still disagree, but she permit him to marry Chiyo.
Suddenly, the telephone rings, turns out it's Reina. Mrs. Hirao tells Reina that her mother is here, and they were just talking about her. Ryunosuke shocked to the very core. Then, he quickly hang up the phone and tell his mother, not to use Chiyo's other name. Then, Mrs. Hirao think it must be Chiyo's nickname in the model world.
Of course, this makes Chiyo's mother gets confused, she never know, Chiyo is a model. Ryunosuke tell her mother just to keep Chiyo's nickname and job a secret. Then, he tell Chiyo's mother, never to ask or mention about this to Chiyo.
Then, the misunderstandings gets more and more complicated as Ryunosuke's mother mention that she met Chiyo already, and what a healthy girl she is. Chiyo's mother said, she always think Chiyo is quite thin. Ryunosuke just keep quiet and don't know what to say anymore. Probably feel guilty and feel more confused. In the end of the conversation, the three of them just laugh...and Ryunosuke's laugh is more of a worried laugh.

In his office, Ryunosuke and Takumi's boss watch the advertisement Ryunosuke just made. He only say, it's not bad. This upsets Ryunosuke, coz his boss never praise him at all.

Later, Ryunosuke talks to Aki about this whole proposal matter. Then, Aki tells Ryunosuke her dream of proposal by a handsome man. She also said there should be a card which contains proposal lines inside the flower bouquet.

Ryunosuke order a flower bouquet in the flower shop. And instruct the shop guy to put the card inside and to bring the flower to this Italian restaurant at certain hour.

The special night, Chiyo just arrive, and after she sit down, Ryunosuke snap his fingers, the Italian singers and musicians starts to play. He snap his fingers once again, the wine comes and the waiter pour them to their glasses.

Chiyo: Why is everything so nice?
Ryunosuke: Just feels like creating a romantic moment...
Chiyo smile.
Ryunosuke: *lifting the glass* Let's have a toast, for our both future.
Chiyo: *touching her stomach* Three of us...
Ryunosuke: Ah, right! Future of the three of us!

Meanwhile, all along Eitaro and Aki are sitting nearby to make sure everything's go smoothly. As for Takumi and Misato, they're having a date. And when they were passing by a hotel, suddenly Misato said she's tired and would like to rest for a moment in the hotel. Takumi reject her wish, but she promise nothing will happen she just want to take a rest. Takumi keep saying 'no', but Misato just pull him in, by force ^_~

Back to Ryunosuke and Chiyo.
Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan, this is very delicious...
Chiyo: Ok...*felt nocious*
Ryunosuke: Any phone call from Ite-chan(note: Chiyo's father)?
Chiyo: If there's any phone call, I should've told you earlier...*take a deep breath*
Ryunosuke: Ah, sou...even with Okaa-san's support...ah, no, it's not good if we keep talking about Otou-san, let's talk about other things.
Chiyo: *feels very nocious* Excuse me...
Chiyo goes to the toilet.

In the hotel, Takumi admit that he likes Misato. Then, Misato thinks there's no reason for him to reject her, so she start to push him to the bed, and try to hold him. But, Takumi struggle and still reject in 'doing' it^^

Ryunosuke keeps knocking on the toilet door and ask how Chiyo feels, who keeps throwing up. All of a sudden, someone pat his shoulder from behind, unexpectedly, it's Reina! Reina said she knows Ryunosuke's here from Takumi. Then, Ryunosuke drag her outside and told her to go home. In order to get her in the taxi easier, Ryunosuke just say yes when Reina ask a promise of making a yakiniku engagement party for her.

Unknown to Ryunosuke when he's outside, the flower bouquet has arrived and the waiter mistook Aki for Chiyo. So, he give the bouquet to her. Aki is very happy, she thought Ryunosuke talks to Eitaro about her dream proposal. Eitaro just nods awkwardly and smiling not really sure of what's going on. Aki is even more excited, when she find a card inside the bouquet contains a proposal line. Eitaro is pretty shock reading the card. But, people surrounds them starts to applaud and saying congratulations. Just then, Ryunosuke walks in and realize that is the flower bouquet he ordered. Aki goes, "Ee'?!".

Outside the restaurant, Ryunosuke and Chiyo talk. Chiyo complains, she actually feels very nocious today, yet she still force herself to come tonight, in order to have a date with Ryunosuke. The truth is, she actually feels like eating 'rakyou', one of those pregnant woman's craving^^ But later on, she's upset with Ryunosuke, coz he always can not decide anything by himself, he always needs someone's help to make a decision of something, just like now, the all-planned proposal. She wants Ryunosuke to do the proposal spontaneously.
Then Aki comes, and told Chiyo to go home. Chiyo & Aki leave Ryunosuke alone with Eitaro, who's holding the wrecked bouquet, and some of the flowers are on Eitaro's head ^_^

Aki & Chiyo surprised to see someone's waiting in front of their apartment building. Aki thought it was Eitaro, Chiyo thought it was Ryunosuke. Then, the guy turns back, and it's, "Komatsubara-sensei!".
In the apartment, Aki serves tea for Komatsubara-sensei. He comes here to ask Aki whether she already has a boyfriend or not, he seems madly falling in love with her. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, both girls thinks it's the guys they love(Aki thinks it's Eitaro, Chiyo thinks it's Ryunosuke^^), so both don't want to open the door, they ask Komatsubara-sensei to check on who's coming. Komatsubara-sensei says he sees an old man. Aki and Chiyo peek from the peephole and it turns out, "No way....Ite-chaaan!!!". Aki and Chiyo hurriedly ask Komatsubara-sensei to go out from the window. Their father bangs on the door and demand them to open the door.

In Kotani household, the mother, Aki and Chiyo persuades their father to allow Ryunosuke and Chiyo's marriage, with various reasons, like what if the baby born as a cute healthy baby boy. But, Kotani-san still not allow them, coz commiting adultery is not a right thing. Chiyo defends herself, by saying that all of people are doing the same thing.
Chiyo: Haven't you done it, too?!
Kotani-san: NO!
Aki: Then how come we were born?! Was there a bird came carrying the box?
Kotani-san: YES!!! There was a bird carrying the box!!

Suddenly, Chiyo's cellphone rings, it's from Ryunosuke. But, Kotani-san grab the phone from her and turn it off.

Feels something wrong, Ryunosuke goes to Kotani household, also bought a bonsai tree in replacement for the one he broke. He tried to apologize to Kotani-san, but Chiyo's father told him to go home instead.

Aki tells Chiyo that Ryunosuke is still waiting for her, she know this because Ryunosuke just called her. Then, Aki lend her cellphone to Chiyo. Chiyo calls Ryunosuke.
Ryunosuke: Hello?
Chiyo: Ryunosuke-san?
Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan?
Chiyo: Are you really waiting for me?
Ryunosuke: Yeah...I'm all wet now because of the rain...I think I'm gonna be sick...
Chiyo: You lied..
Ryunosuke: E? How do you know?
Chiyo: So you lied...
Ryunosuke: But, I'm really waiting for you here...
Chiyo: Can I ask you something?
Ryunosuke: What?
Chiyo: Why do you bother to go through all the troubles? Is it just because I'm pregnant?
Ryunosuke: I'm not really sure myself, just feels like waiting for Chiyo-chan. Let's go home together.
(Chiyo touched)

At the middle of the night, Chiyo sneak out, and although her father caught her sneaking, Chiyo manage to run to Ryunosuke's waiting place.
Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan...
Chiyo: *panting* I did it!
Ryunosuke: (smile)What 'did it'?
Chiyo: I escaped from my father...
Ryunosuke: Is it alright?
(Chiyo nods)
Chiyo: ...forgive me for last night.
Ryunosuke: About what?
Chiyo: About what...for being upset and all...
Ryunosuke: I'm the one who can't say things very well...I'm the one...
Chiyo: It's okay....you already said it...when you said 'let's go home together'...I dunno why, but my heart beats faster hearing it. ....thank you.*placing her head on Ryunosuke's chest*
Ryunosuke: Let's go home together...*patting Chiyo's head*
(Ryunosuke & Chiyo walk away together)




~Thanks a lot to Yoji for helping me translating the dorama~