Episode 2

Ryunosuke: Wha---what's wrong?
Chiyo: Actually...you said all that because you're confused, right?
Ryunosuke: No such thing...
Chiyo: You think everything will be over if you said that?
Ryunosuke: Not like that.
Chiyo: You think since it's already like this, there's no other way, right?!
Ryunosuke: What are you talking about? I'm not like that...
Chiyo: Although you said you're not like that, but it feels like that!!
Ryunosuke: Then, it's just you're feeling.
Chiyo: You're sweating.
(Ryunosuke looks down)
Chiyo: On your nose!
(Ryunosuke touch his nose)
Chiyo: Ever since I was a little girl, my father told me, a man's words with sweat on his nose cannot be trusted.
Ryunosuke: You saw I was running!!! Aren't you sweating when you run?!?
Chiyo: Not always...especially, when I want to talk about something important...
Ryunosuke: Then, what should I do now?!
Chiyo: Proof it you're not like that!
Ryunosuke: Proof?
Chiyo: Ah, sou! Do you have the courage to tell my father about this?
Ryunosuke: Eh...
Chiyo: Do you have the courage to tell my father, that your baby is inside my uterus?! Really you're going to tell my father this?
Ryunosuke: I will. I'm going to tell him.
Chiyo: Really...
Ryunosuke: Aaaa...of course!! Although I know your father is an ex-police head, although he already beaten Eitaro couple of times, although we're not married yet, I WILL tell him! I will frankly tell him and tell him about our baby in front of him right now!!!
(Suddenly they heard someone's clapping, they both turn around to see who it is.)
Chiyo: Eh? Komatsubara-sensei?
(Dr. Komatsubara grab Ryunosuke's hand and congratulate him.)
Komatsubara: Congratulation!! What a touching story! This is why I can never stop working as an obstetrician! There's always a drama of the baby's parents! Ah, let's go, aren't you coming for a check-up??
Chiyo: Hai...
Ryunosuke: Check-up? ...e, what check-up?
Chiyo: What do you think?
Ryunosuke: A...right, check-up...
Komatsubara: Ah! Papa! We should check your blood, too, so we're sure the baby is healthy! From the conversation, you're not the baby's legal father, right? (pushing Chiyo)Let's go!
Chiyo: Aa'...



In Eitaro's apartment, the six(Ryu, Chiyo, Aki, Eitaro, Takumi and Misato) of them have already gathered. It is revealed that Eitaro got a bruise on his left eye. Aki told everyone that was her father who smack Eitaro. Then, Eitaro tells everyone his story with Aki using a white board with the cronology events related with his meeting with Aki and Chiyo's father. The first time he met Mr. Kotani, he was about to explain the reason why he wants to be together with Aki, but Mr. Kotani smack him. Second meet, he was quiet and didn't say anything, her father smack him again. Third time, he ran but his foot still got kicked. And recently, he didn't do anything, still got a smack on his eye. So, the conclusion is, what ever he does, Mr. Kotani will always use violence. Then, Misato comes up with an idea that Ryu and Chiyo should straightly ask for marriage since Chiyo have already got pregnant. Chiyo said she was only thinking about giving birth to the baby all this time, but she never thought of marriage. Afterall, she's still 20 years old, then she asked to Ryu, "...is it okay?"
"E?" Ryu's confused. Everyone is waiting for his response. Suddenly, he answered, with a comical expression and a very funny tone, "Yorokonde(it's my pleasure)!!"
(AN : I was laughing out loud seeing Yutaka's expression, soooo ridiculous!!)

Takumi and Misato are walking together at night. Misato is being all sexy again. Then, Takumi gets all nervous and told her he has to go back to work. Then, Misato's faking that she suddenly fall and hurt her thigh, Takumi's trying to help, but when Misato expose her thigh, Takumi just runs off! Misato keeps wondering...is she losing her charm....or, maybe...Takumi is a homosexual?!?

The commercial Ryunosuke made, is rejected by his boss. A love hotel commercial with a 'pornography' content looks terrible. Ryunosuke tries to persuade him and assure him, "Look at this!! Isn't this a good one?!". His boss got distracted a little to watch a man and a woman cuddling on the bed. "Wait..you can't say that to me," the boss said. The boss said the financial is being at the critical situation, so he wants the commercial to be fast, good and cheap.

Ryunosuke is trying to tell her mother that he's going to get married. When he's just about to spit out the word 'marriage'. His younger sister with her husband and three naughty little sons walks into the house.
However, turns out Ryu's mother hear the word 'marriage' and very surprised with this. Ryu's mom and sister keep asking Ryu is it for real.

Mother: What kind of woman is she?? How old is she?
Ryunosuke: Tw--twe--twenty...
Sister: No way!!
Mother: Twenty?!?

Then, mother ask him why all of the sudden he wants to get married. Ryunosuke is about to explain it in a more soft way, but his sister already smells something's not right, smiles, and shoot right out, "Pregnant, isn't it?"
Ryu's mother is in shock and ask Ryu whether it's true or not. Ryunosuke's speechless. Then, mother starts to cry in front of her husband's photograph, regreting what happened.

(Chiyo is picking up a dress, when Aki suddenly show up on the door's room)
Chiyo: (showing a dress)Onee-chan, is this good?
Aki: Don't you have anything more graceful?
Chiyo: Do I have it....I'm confused....oohh, why do I have to be this confused and troublesome just because I'm going to meet my own parents?
Aki: Father believes you're still an innocent girl, you want that kind of image, right? So, to make you look innocent, you shouldn't wear something glaring!
Chiyo: Sou da ne.
(Chiyo's cellphone rings)
Aki: He's here!
(Chiyo answers the phone)

(Chiyo runs down and see Ryunosuke's little blue car^^)
Chiyo: Cute!
(Chiyo goes to the car and touch it a little too hard.)
Ryunosuke: Watch out!
(Chiyo startled)
Ryunosuke: (calmly and smiling)Don't touch it...
Aki: Mmh..so this is the car you bought with that high amount of credits?
Ryunosuke: Yes, you're right.
Aki: Eh? You're going to meet father with that tie?!
Ryunosuke: Yes, isn't this a cool tie?
Aki: Not at all...
Ryunosuke: So, this isn't cool? Then, what should I do?
Aki: According to Eitaro's logical thinking...
Ryunosuke: I'm going to be beaten...
(Chiyo tries to open the car's door)
Ryunosuke: Aa!
(Ryunosuke runs and open the door for Chiyo)
Ryunosuke: Please...
Chiyo: Thank you.
Aki: Just now, you were flattered, huh?
Chiyo: Ehh..not really, I...
Aki: Actually, he wasn't helping you, he just don't want his car to be touched.
Chiyo: (to Ryunosuke)Is it?
Ryunosuke: Of course not.
(Chiyo gets inside and hit the car's gear with her hand)
Ryunosuke: Aaa!! Don't...don't touch it...
Aki: (to Chiyo)Right?

On the car, Chiyo feels funny coz she's pregnant with his baby, yet this is like their first date.

Meanwhile, Misato is talking to Eitaro. Eitaro had the wrong impression, and thought Misato wants to 'play' with him. He said she has to keep this a secret from Aki. Eitaro said he's interested, too. Misato is confused, she said she's here to talk about Takumi. Then, Eitaro realized he must have misunderstood. Misato laugh a little and glad she hasn't loose her charm yet. Then, Misato asked Eitaro what's wrong with Takumi, he seems like a man who like guys more than girls.

Eitaro walk home to his apartment wondering if Takumi really is a gay. Then, he see Takumi's waiting for him on the stairs, "Eitaro-san!! I've been waiting for you!". Eitaro shivers a little.

Hirao's household. Ryunosuke's mother, Mrs. Hirao, is on the phone when the doorbell rings, then she open the door.

Mrs. Hirao: Yes...(a little surprised seeing a fat girl)
Reina: Is this Hirao Ryunosuke's household?
Mrs. Hirao: Yes, it is...
Reina: Ahhh, at last! I knew it was here!(walking in excitedly) Ah, are you his mother? Nice to meet you!! I'm Reina!
Mrs. Hirao: (more surprised)Are you Ryunosuke's...?
Reina: Yes!!
(AN: A little note, Reina is an annoying fat girl who had crush on Ryunosuke. In episode 1, we see her as one of Ryu's advertisement's model, and Ryu and Takumi try to get her away from the location, coz she's so inappropriate to be a model. She was also the one who rings Ryu's phone when Chiyo is about to tell Ryu about her pregnancy.)

Ryunosuke and Chiyo is parking the car on a spot.
Ryunosuke: Our first met?
Chiyo: Sou. If father ask us about that, it would be terrible.
Ryunosuke: Aah..right, so we have to make a scenario first?
Chiyo: Sou, this is the story I've thought, listen to it, okay?
Ryunosuke: Okay...
Chiyo: We met on this year's spring time...
Ryunosuke: Spring?
Chiyo: Right. Then, when I got a job in Tokyo, you were introduced by my sister, in a restaurant in Tokyo. Ryunosuke's attracted, as soon as he saw Chiyo's beauty. Then after that, both of them went out on a date.
Ryunosuke: Sou...ee'..
Chiyo: Mm? What's wrong with that?
Ryunosuke: Nothing...please, go on...
Chiyo: Touched by Chiyo's spirit and working hard, Ryunosuke thinks, this is the ideal wife. Then he asked her to go steady, to eventually get married. But then, Chiyo said, I have not think about getting married. Ryunosuke said, but I can only think of you, Chiyo-chan. Chiyo said, I understand you're feelings, Ryu-san. Ryu said, I can only think of you, Chiyo-chan. At first, Chiyo wasn't really attracted, but then they went steady, and Ryu keeps coming with a passionate love everyday, then eventually, Chiyo fell to Ryunosuke's arms.
Ryunosuke: It feels like a one-sided love and such an old fashion way, but it's fine...then, I should've bring roses everyday and give it to you, huh?
Chiyo: That's a good idea! I like pink.
Ryunosuke: No. Orange.
Chiyo: Pink.
Ryunosuke: Orange.
Chiyo: No, it has to be pink!
Ryunosuke: Don't be such a baby, if I say orange then it's orange, afterall your image already looks orange.
Chiyo: Why do you have to be so persistence? This is just a made-up story, afterall....
Ryunosuke: Hh..you're right, why do I have to be so persistence like that...so, what's then?
Chiyo: Then...this is the key, our love is like, a platonic love.
Ryunosuke: (nods) .....ee?
Chiyo: Ehh...and remember this, don't forget...we...haven't done anything yet.
Ryunosuke: Haven't done anything yet...sou, I understand...
Chiyo: Had never holding hands together, moreover kissing...
Ryunosuke: Kissing too?
Chiyo: Ee...kissing is alright, wait...no, no...better not...this is a scenario for my father. Since Ryunosuke really reeeeaaally love Chiyo, he even hadn't touch her hands yet.
Ryunosuke: Hadn't touch Chiyo's hands...
Chiyo: Sou. Now, this is the second key.
Ryunosuke: There's a second?
Chiyo: Listen...although Ryunosuke had already propose Chiyo, but she hasn't give the answer, that's why...they come to ask father's permission, what do you think?
Ryunosuke: Yeah, that's perfect.
(Chiyo smiles)

(Eitaro's apartment)
Eitaro: So, you can't date Misato-chan anymore?
Takumi: Yes...
Eitaro: Ehh, I want to be a lawyer, so I'll solve this logically.
(Jumping over the chair and avoiding Takumi)
Eitaro: So you don't like women, huh? E, I mean...you don't like Misato?
Takumi: No, it's not like that. I mean, if I don't really like her, then I can't grab her hands, not even to kiss her...I--I just can't.
Eitaro: But, haven't you did it when we were on the beach??
Takumi: What's with you? Of course I can't just do that with a woman...
Eitaro: (whispering)A woman...? (Loudly)But, didn't you tell me you wore 'two'?

Takumi: As for me, I wore two!

(Back to present)
Takumi: I was lying by that time.
Eitaro: So you were...
(Takumi sit besides Eitaro, Eitaro avoid him but Takumi keeps getting closer)
Takumi: I've told you, if I don't really like that person, then I can't do it...
(Takumi hold Eitaro's hand tightly)
Eitaro: (whispering)Hurt, hurt, hurt...
Takumi: Oh, yes...Eitaro-san. Tonight, can I sleep over here?
Eitaro: Sleep over?
Takumi: I want to talk with you all night...
Eitaro: Buttt....
Takumi: Gladly, Ryunosuke's not here, Aki is also working, so no one will disturb us!
(Eitaro shivers then gets up)
Eitaro: But, Takumi!! I have to study hard tonight!
Takumi: C'mon, Eitaro-san....we'll talk about love....
(Eitaro shivers again)

In Hirao's house, Reina is telling Ryu's mom about Ryu and her first met. Reina is also praising Mrs. Hirao's home-made cake, Mrs. Hirao ask her whether she has weight problem or not. She said she's just as healthy as ever. Then, Mrs. Hirao asked whether Reina's parents have already know about 'that thing' yet, obviously referring to 'the baby', Reina (of course^^) misunderstood and said her parents have nothing to do with this. Like always...Mrs. Hirao crying in front of her husband's picture asking what she should do.

(Ryunosuke and Chiyo visits Kotani household first)
Ryunosuke: This is too morning, are you sure it's alright?
Chiyo: It's alright!
Ryunosuke: On what time did you make a date with your father?
Chiyo: eh? I didn't mention the time...
Ryunosuke: eh?
Chiyo: But, don't worry!! It's Sunday, he's suppose to be home...yosh!
Ryunosuke: What do u mean he's suppose to be home?? Wait a minute, you DO have already tell your father about me a little, right???
Chiyo: ... (not answering)
Ryunosuke: No way!! You haven't?!?
Chiyo: ... (stupid expression)
Ryunosuke: Ma---ma--marriage is what we're going to talk about!! There's suppose to be a preparation!! (starts to panic)
Chiyo: Don't worry, I'll introduce you later...as long as we stick to the plan, slowly everything will go smoothly....
Ryunosuke: What smoothly!! How do you think I can just talk smoothly to a father who had beaten his daughter's boyfriend 4 times in ten years?!?
Suddenly, they hear someone's yelling in the backyard.
Ryunosuke: Wha---what's that?
Turns out, Chiyo's father practicing kendo.
Chiyo: ...what will he slash today...
(Then, Chiyo is going to get into the house)
Ryunosuke: Where are you going?
Chiyo: The front door...it's more polite if we get in from the front door than the back door, right? Come on.
Ryunosuke: But, wait!
Chiyo: Eh? What's wrong?
Ryunosuke: About the scenario...
Chiyo: Ehh?!
Ryunosuke: I think we should fix it again...
Chiyo: Why? Everything's perfect.
Ryunosuke: The scenario...it will be very scary in the end.
Chiyo: It'll be fine! We're already here, so come on! Yosh!
Ryunosuke: But, you know...today my tie is also not too good, I don't want to make a bad first impression...
(Suddenly there's a deep voice...)
Mr. Kotani: What's wrong?
(Ryunosuke freeze for a quite long time, then...)
Ryunosuke: I'm a wine seller!! I want to deliver this.
(Ryunosuke just put the wine bottle on the grass and leave the yard running)
(AN : one of the funny scenes, too!! I laughed hard!! ^_^)

(Ryunosuke park the car at some place)
Chiyo: Why did you say you're a wine seller?
Ryunosuke: That's the only thing came up in my head...
Chiyo: You...
(Chiyo unintentionally touch the car's gear)
Ryunosuke: Aaa'..that's!! ..........don't touch it...
Chiyo: Hhh...what we're gonna do?? What should we say, when we eventually come over?!
Ryunosuke: Don't blame me! It's you who's the one not telling your father first about me.
Chiyo: So, it's my fault? Everything is my fault!
Ryunosuke: A'..no...I don't mean to...sorry...
(Silence for a little while)
Ryunosuke: Ah! Sou! Today, I'll introduce you to my mother!
Chiyo: Mmh...really it's okay?
Ryunosuke: Of course it's okay! I've already told my mother about you, so about this...
(suddenly Ryu's cellphone rings)
Ryunosuke: Yes?!..aa'...mother? I was just going to talk to you....ee'? A guest?
Mrs. Hirao: Yes, you're guest...it's Reina...your Reina-chan.
Ryunosuke: You're kidding, right?!
Mrs. Hirao: I'm not kidding....it's better if you go home right now, she's been waiting for a long time.
(Reina gets closer to Mrs. Hirao and indicates she wants to talk to Ryunosuke, Mrs. Hirao give the phone)
Reina: Hello? Ryu-kun? It's Reinaaaa!
(Reflexively, Ryunosuke cuts the phone off)
Ryunosuke: We can't do it today for sure!
Chiyo: heh....why?
Ryunosuke: Because...because...your house or my house, we still need a scenario! ....sou!! A deal! We haven't make a deal why we're going to report that we're going to get married this soon.
Chiyo: What? A deal? What are you talking about? Why are you suddenly talking like an executive?! I don't understand!!
(Chiyo gets out from the car and slam the door)
Ryunosuke: Aaaaaa!!! My precious car!
Chiyo: Between your car and me, which one's more important?
(Ryunosuke don't answer)
Chiyo: You know this, right?? We just met! Then, everything turns out like this...we haven't get to know each other yet. I only know a little from what my sister know...about who you are. You also only know a little about me, you don't know anything about me. I'm just a girl who's nothing compare to that girl on the phone.
Ryunosuke: Her name is Reina....she's...
Chiyo: So her name is Reina? What a cute name. I'd really like to be born with that name. I'm going home...
Ryunosuke: Fine! Then, it's up to you! I've already come to meet with your father, but you're like this now. What should I do now?
Chiyo: You're afraid. You....do you really have the intention to marry me?
Ryunosuke: E?
Chiyo: If you really do have it, then you're suppose...suppose to...
Ryunosuke: What? Suppose to what?!
Chiyo: Never mind! I'm going home!
Ryunosuke: Agh! What's wrong...
(Ryunosuke is about to slam the door shut, but then realize when it's about an inch away...then shut it very slowly...but then he see Chiyo's stomach is in pain from the mirror)

In the clinic, Komatsubara-sensei told them there's nothing to worried about, everything is handled. Suddenly, Aki bursts into the room.
"Chiyo! Are you alright?" Aki turns around, "...ah! Doctor? The child in Chiyo's womb is...?"
Komatsubara-sensei is just staring at Aki lovingly, it is love at the first sight!
"Eh? Urmm...you are...?"
"Ah...I'm Kotani Chiyo's older sister, Aki..."
"Oh, onee-sama(the sister), I see..."

Outside the room, Aki talks to Ryunosuke about Chiyo. She said, since Chiyo was a little girl, she's been very well raised and educated. She's a good girl and have always tried to make his father happy. So, in a situation like this, of course it's not easy for Chiyo to tell her father about this shocking matter. But, she determined to do so. So, Ryunosuke have to help her and through this together with her, coz only Ryunosuke who can take care and protect Chiyo. Then, Aki give him the sonogram picture of their baby. Ryunosuke get inside Chiyo's room, Chiyo pretend to fall asleep, Ryunosuke whisper that he's sorry.

Another day, Ryunosuke decides to try again. So, he and Chiyo goes to the Kotani household once again. Chiyo's mother is being so nice to Ryu. Ryu is about to praise her beautiful as a flower, accidentally, touch a cactus' torn and accidentally broke one of Mr. Kotani's favorite plant's stem. Everyone is in shock. "What's wrong out there?!?" Mr. Kotani yells from inside.

Ryunosuke and Chiyo waiting for Mr. Kotani, a little long. Probably, because he's fixing the plant first. But then, he eventually showed up, both Ryu & Chiyo bow.

Itetsu: So...you're asking me to approve your marriage with Chiyo?
Ryunosuke: Ye...yes!
(Itetsu is smiling. Ryunosuke, Chiyo and Aki feels a green sign and can't help but to smile happily, but suddenly...)
Itetsu: Don't be happy that fast!
(They're shocked)
Itetsu: It's obvious...you made up that story...
Ryunosuke: E...yes, e..no, I mean...does it sound like that?
Itetsu: Your story is just similar like a person who wants to make up an alibi....you made up such a perfect story.
Chiyo: What are you talking about, otou-san?! That's the truth!
Aki: Sou!
Itetsu: There's sweat on his nose...
Ryunosuke: A..I'm sorry...
Chiyo: Otou-san, you want to say that a guy's words with sweat on his nose can't be trusted, right?
Aki: This is summer, of course he's sweating, aren't you sweating too, otou-san?
Itetsu: No!
(Suddenly, Chiyo's mother, Yoshiko, come into the room)
Yoshiko: Ah, otou-san...it's meal time, everyone, let's eat...Ryunosuke-san, you too!
Itetsu: Eat? We just meet this person, and you ask him to eat with us?
Chiyo: Otou-san, you've already met him before...when...
(Itetsu startled and look at Ryunosuke immediately. Chiyo realized her mistake)
Itetsu: The wine seller?!
Ryunosuke: I'm sorry, actually...my job is directing advertisements on television. That time...that time..
Itetsu: You don't have to lie!!
Ryunosuke: I'm sorry...that time, I can explain...I was...
Chiyo: Was just looking, right, just looking around the situation...
Ryunosuke: Yes! I thought, I have to prepared everything first...
Itetsu: So, you lied?!?
Chiyo: Otou-san, what do you mean! So, you suspected us?!
Aki: You think we hide something?!
Chiyo: You think we made up the story?
(Everyone is looking at Itetsu intensely, except Ryunosuke who's looking down. Then suddenly, Itetsu slam the table.)
Itetsu: I'm not giving you permission!!
(Ryunosuke and Chiyo startled)
Itetsu: I will never approve your marriage! You hear me? ...now, go home...go home!
Yoshiko: Otou-san, it's enough. Long ago, you were also being too hard on Eitaro.
(Aki is nodding, agree on what her mother say)
Yoshiko: But, I was also dissapointed, he deserved to be hit.
(Aki startled and puzzled)
Yoshiko: Because he's such a bad person, he keeps having this on and off relationship with Aki, but he never have the intention to marry Aki. Moreover, he failed over and over with his lawyer tests, keeps going on like that, 'til our daughter is now 30 years old. It's all Eitaro's fault, that our daughter didn't get married till now. And just then, Eitaro lied he already made Aki pregnant! It's just terrible, ne, Ryunosuke-san?
Ryunosuke: E? Yes...that's not right...
Yoshiko: Ahh...just like I thought all this time, Ryunosuke is such a good man. He also has a good job.
Ryunosuke: Yes, my job is only...
Aki: Sou nee...different with Eitaro, Ryunosuke is such a fine young man, and his love is just as similar as platonic love.
Ryunosuke: Ehh, thank you..I'm touched...
Yoshiko: You also said this, right? Dating is not just for fun, but for marriage.
Chiyo: Sou! He said he wouldn't date if it's not for marriage...
Aki: If I'm not mistaken, Ryunosuke have also never touch Chiyo's hands, ne?
Yoshiko: Is that so?
Ryunosuke: E...yes...
Yoshiko: Ahh, I'm so happy! Coz, it's rarely to find men like you nowadays...I'm very happy! You hear that, otou-san? He's very matured, approve him to marry Chiyo!
Aki: Sou yo, otou-san!
Yoshiko: If we ignore him...then, probably Chiyo will never get married either, just like Aki, 30 years old and still unmarried.
(All this while, Itetsu is only listening, but we can see his angry and upset face)
Yoshiko: (to Chiyo)You like him, right?
Aki: Sou ne?
(Chiyo nods)
Yoshiko: You will not regret it, if you later marry him, right?
Aki: Will not regret it, right?
(Chiyo hesitated a little but then nods)
Itetsu: What do you know!! How do you know, that you won't regret marrying this wine-seller man!
Yoshiko: Otou-san! I'm sorry, Ryunosuke-san. But, Chiyo is not even 20 yet, and just got a job in Tokyo. Otou-san looks frightening because he's worried about Chiyo. Get married in 20 years of age is really too soon, so the more he's worried the more he looks frightening. However, whatever otou-san say, I will support you. I can't say anything, but I feel I can entrust Chiyo to you. I'm very sure, coz you're a very nice man. ....Ryunosuke-san, you look care very much about Chiyo, although she's not a very good girl, but please, take a good care of her.
(Yoshiko bows to Ryunosuke)
Itetsu: What are you doing?
Yoshiko: I think it's alright, it's my opinion...
Itetsu: I'm the father!
Yoshiko: But, I'm the mother!!
Itetsu: SHUT UP!!!
(Ryunosuke has been feeling uneasy all the while...then he looks determined to do something...)

Ryunosuke: Okaa-san, I'm sorry....but, I'm not the man you expected. No, actually...I'm trying to be that type of man. Otou-san, okaa-san! What the actual truth is, I'll say it........in Chiyo's womb......
Chiyo: Ryunosuke-san!
Aki: Don't do it!
Ryunosuke: ....she's pregnant with my child....
Chiyo's mother: Child?
Ryunosuke: Yes, the real reason for asking marriage is because pregnancy...although, when or how, and I'm still not sure it is me who impregnate her or not...
Chiyo's mother: Impregnate?
Ryunosuke: The previous story is a lie, the truth is...I, myself, still don't understand about getting married this fast...
Chiyo's mother: Don't understand?
Ryunosuke: Just like Chiyo said, we only had a short relationship. But, one thing I can tell you that I'm willing to get married comes from the deepest bottom of my heart. That day, when I run to the clinic, it's not because I feel being forced to do that. But, I really really want to take care my...no, OUR child. After we get married, although with only short income, but I'll try my best and be responsible to raise our both child!
Chiyo is very touched and tears flowing down her face.
Ryunosuke: That's why, please allow me to marry Chiyo! I beg you!!*bow deeply*
Chiyo: Ryunosuke-san...
Ryunosuke: Onegaishimasu(I beg you)!!*bow even more deeply*

Everyone is quiet, until Chiyo's father slam the door and he slowly reach Chiyo and grab her collar from the back and take her outside.

~Thanks a lot to Yoji for helping me translating the dorama~