Episode 1

Ryunosuke, a 30 years old advertisement art director, is in the recording room with the assistant director and also his bestfriend, Takumi. Suddenly, his cellphone rings, turns out his other bestfriend, Eitaro, offer him a beach vacation.


Ryu and Takumi go to the beach where Eitaro, and his girlfriend, Aki, have set up arranged couples for them. Ryu meets with Chiyo, Aki's younger sister, and Misato, Chiyo's bestfriend.
"Ah! You must be models, ne?" Ryu flirt with the girls.
Chiyo and Misato are excited being praised that way. Ryu shakes hand with Misato, "Nice to meet you..."
"Pleased to meet you..."
"This one..." Aki push Chiyo forward.
"Ahhh! So desu ne....you must be....Yai-chan?"
"Ah!" Ryu laugh.


Eitaro, Ryu, Takumi, Aki, Chiyo and Misato are having great times together. Until one night, Ryu see Chiyo is looking at the moon.

Chiyo: What a beautiful moon...
Ryunosuke: (thinks of a line for a moment, then...)As beautiful as your eyes' shine...

They have a little chat. Then, Ryu gets up, and Chiyo gets up too, but falls down. Ryu grab a hold on her, they look into each other's eyes, and their faces are getting closer and closer. The screen fades out...^_~

Five weeks later...
Aki is so worried that she's pregnant. Chiyo and Misato suggest her to take a pregnancy test. Turns out Chiyo is the one who's pregnant.

Chiyo tried to talk to Ryu, but suddenly his cellphone rings. Chiyo hears a woman's voice and she gets upset.
"Wait! C--c--ch--...." Ryu picking up the phone but try to stop Chiyo from leaving.
"One more thing!" Chiyo said from afar.
"What?! What??" Ryunosuke fastly said.
"The name's not Yai, not Chika, not Chie...it's CHIYO!!!" Chiyo walks off.

In the apartment, Aki finds the sonogram photo of Chiyo's baby and for a moment thinks it's a photo of UFO *LOL*. She knocks on Chiyo's room few times but no answer, then she bursts in, caught Chiyo's eating noodles and see the instruction book of birth on the floor, "Chiyo! No way...you're..."

Eitaro+Aki: Ryunosuke's child??
Chiyo weakly nods.
Aki: Since when did you two get together?
Eitaro: Is it...on the beach vacation awhile ago?
Aki: Was it a mistake?
Chiyo: (panicking)Aaah...onee-chan, what should I do?!? I can't just give birth to his baby!!
Aki: So...you're...
Chiyo: (cuts in)By that time, I was just thinking how wonderful the atmosphere was and not because I lost my concious, moreover we looked like friends and that guy used to tease other people, right??? Am I wrong, am I?!? Am I?
Eitaro+Aki: (different expressions)Mm...no, no...no, you're not..you're not...no....you're not...
Chiyo: Ahh, but...oneechan-tachi(refer to Eitaro and Aki) are just like lovers, so I guess you two are obviously used to problems like this.
Eitaro is a little upset hearing Chiyo mentioned his blur relationship with Aki.
Chiyo: Anyway, I just got a job, so I was focusing there. That's why, I never think of special relationships. About marriage, of course someday I will get married ! But, actually there was still a chance for a better prince charming to come to me, with...and then...
Aki: It's alright, Chiyo! If you're waiting a prince charming just like me!
Eitaro: Eh?*startled*
Aki: You mustn't waste your life, you have to talk to Ryu. He probably not as good as (the prince) you hope to be, and maybe not too smart,....
Eitaro: ...can't understand women completely,...
Aki: ...can never reveal his own feelings,...
Eitaro: ...not too perfect car, but should be better than any other cars,...
Aki: ...this thing probably only comes once in a lifetime,...
Eitaro+Aki: (assure Chiyo) ...surely, he's not a bad guy!
Chiyo's getting more confused and look down weakly. Aki ask Eitaro to talk something out.
Chiyo: What if he hear this conversation?
Aki: Sou ne...
Eitaro: ALRIGHT! Leave it to me! I'll ask him about this. Just relax! Ha ha ha! *leaving*
Aki: (doubtful)Really...a man who believes in Rusian Roulette...(AN : gambling is Eitaro's hobby^^)

Turns out, Eitaro failed in trying to get to talk to Ryu. He told Ryu, that Chiyo wants to talk to him, instead. Ryu visits Chiyo in the department store(Chiyo's job is a department store's clerk). They walk outside to talk.

Chiyo: Have you heard anything about that 'thing'?
Ryunosuke: That thing? *confused* That one?
Chiyo nods.
Ryunosuke: Aa, that one.....which one?
Chiyo: So...you don't know anything?
Ryunosuke: Anything....you mean??
Chiyo: Ahhh...before we get to the problem, there's something I need to know about...
Ryunosuke: Eh, yes...about what??
Chiyo: Actually...since that night, I keep thinking about it...this head full with that thoughts!
Ryunosuke: What is it??
Chiyo: What am I to you?
Ryunosuke: You...you're...a good girl...
Chiyo: Good girl?? That's it?
Ryunosuke: Yes, of course, not just that... *nervous* hard to say...I mean...
Chiyo: That's it...
Ryunosuke: A pretty girl...a great girl....I guess so...
Chiyo: Ah, sou! Sou desu ka...
Ryunosuke: Yes. *not knowing what to say more*
Chiyo: How about....how about true love, frequent calls, go together eat in a good place, dan go together to other particular places. 'It's late, you better stay here for tonight.' 'Mmm...no, I better go home..' 'Then, I'll take you home, coz I'm worried of Chiyo'. Also, writing letters about special relationships... That kind of relationship? Is it??
Ryunosuke: You mean...love relationship?
Chiyo: Sou...
Ryunosuke: But, in love case...I can't...I'm too busy for that...
Chiyo: Pls, say it....say it honestly, see me as a woman!!! An adult woman!
Ryunosuke: Of course...
Chiyo: Really?
Ryunosuke: Yes.
Chiyo: Then, I will say it...
Ryunosuke nods.
Chiyo: I'll say it...
Ryunosuke: Yes...
Chiyo: Exist...
Ryunosuke: Eh? Say it once again...
Chiyo: Already exist....
Ryunosuke: Exist...who's exist??
Chiyo: Ah, no, not like that!!
Ryunosuke: So?
Chiyo: Here.....*touching her stomach*
Ryunosuke: (shocked)...no way....
Chiyo nods. Ryunosuke just stay still.
Chiyo: Pregnant...

Ryu is in definite shock. Then, images of various kinds of women cross upon his mind. Next, he's in a dark room, and shot himself with a gun.

(Back to reality)
Ryunosuke: Sou...
Chiyo: Yes, it is.
(Ryunosuke looks confused, not knowing what to do)
Ryunosuke: Have---have you check to the doctor?
Chiyo: Yes, I have. I went to the clinic, where the magazine says, it's the most famous one. It's better to go there, right?
Ryunosuke: Sou da yo...
(Chiyo sits)
Ryunosuke: Then...what did the doctor said?
Chiyo: He said it's positive.
Ryunosuke: Souu...
(silent for awhile)
Chiyo: Ano...
Ryunosuke: E? What?
Chiyo: Isn't there anything else you want to say besides 'sou'?
Ryunosuke: Anything else?
(Chiyo gets upset and starts to get up)
Ryunosuke: Ah, sou ka! ....thank you...thank you...
Chiyo: (confused)...for what?
Ryunosuke: For...for telling me about this...
(Chiyo gets confused AND upset even more)
Ryunosuke: I--I mean...I'm glad you told me about this...
Chiyo: Ha?!
(Then Chiyo leaves Ryunosuke)
Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan, Chiyo-chan...

(Later in Eitaro's apartment)
Eitaro: Idiot! You thanked her after she told you?!?
Ryunosuke: I guess I said that, although I didn't realize I've said that...
Eitaro: Why did you do that?
Ryunosuke: I was really shocked, my head feels empty, I didn't realize anymore what I've said or what I've thought..
Eitaro: I told you, whatever happen do not be shocked, just follow the river's flow!
Ryunosuke: How should I know what you mean by then?! You weren't being clear!
Eitaro: You think it's easy to say anything about this stuff? Don't blame me!
Ryunosuke: ......what should I do?
Eitaro: I don't know the answer myself....but...you know how I felt, right?? Do you feel like winning a lottery right now?
Ryunosuke: I don't think so.
Eitaro: Don't you feel you're the only man facing this problem? All men in this world are enjoying their freedom!
Ryunosuke: I don't feel that way...
Eitaro: Don't you realize?! After this thing came, you will never be able to go out on a date. You will never be able to play or work for yourself! It's such a pity, right? Tell me the truth, is that relieving?
Ryunosuke: Well...sometimes, I feel I'm not the one who should be responsible for all that.....
Eitaro: Aaahh!!! An irresponsible man! You're despicable! A devil! Immoral!
Ryunosuke: Eitaro-san!!
Eitaro: That's what you've said to me, remember?
Ryunosuke: A..eh...you're right....
Eitaro: In any case, it's already happen, she's pregnant, that's the reality. The problem is, what would you do next. I can't help you much. The only ones who can solve this problem are you and Chiyo-chan, not just you...but, both of you....

At night, he cannot sleep at all, thinking what's the best thing he can do. Chiyo's also awake holding the Angel's Clinic card and have flashbacks on what happened earlier.

The next morning, Ryunosuke visits Aki and Chiyo's apartment. But, Chiyo's not there, Aki said Chiyo's going to the clinic.

"Clinic??!?" Ryu thought Chiyo is going to get an abortion, whereas actually Chiyo is only going to do routine check-up. Ryu runs off outside and just run as fast as he could.
"Chiyo-chan, don't do it!! I---...." Ryu stops, realized something and looks around.
"Eh?! Clinic??" still running, he dialed his phone, "Aki?! Where's the clinic? EE?? Where is that??"

(A.N : I love this scene...Chiyo is walking to the clinic, while Ryu is running to stop her, accompanied by themesong Is It You by HITOMI, just perfect!)

Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan! (when he see Chiyo is about to enter the clinic)
Chiyo stops and turns around.
Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan! (run towards Chiyo)
Chiyo: What's the matter?
Ryunosuke: Don't do it....don't get the abortion!
Chiyo: Eh??? What's wrong?
Ryunosuke: I've been thinking about it all night...yesterday, I can't think clear, perhaps because I was in shock....but now, I understand....when I was running, I understand that people want to be born, we're also....that's why...
Chiyo: That's why...what?
Ryunosuke: Give birth! Give birth to the baby, coz I will also work hard everyday...
Chiyo smiles.
Ryunosuke: Chiyo-chan....(smiles and about to hug her)
Chiyo: Actually, I---!!(she turns around)
Ryunosuke: E?(stop and startled)

Meanwhile, Aki and Chiyo's father(together with their mother, too), visits their apartment. And, there are only Aki and Eitaro there. Kotani-san rings the bell, Eitaro(with only wearing shorts) open the door. Kotani-san widened his eyes seeing Eitaro there. Eitaro is also in shock, "Otou-sama!", and he realized that he don't have pretty much clothes on, so he cover his hairy armpit, the only part of his body he can cover ^_^ (AN : I was laughing out loud watching this scene!)

~Thanks a lot to Yoji for helping me translating the dorama~